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  1. John Bell

    Sold Ibanez AZ224FM

    Guitar is in brand new condition. Not a mark on it. Plastic is still on the guard and back plate.Topaz burst finish on flame maple.Roasted maple neck, with stainless steel frets. Not your typical thin Ibanez neck. Has a new set of D’Addario NYXL 10-46 and plays great. Exceptionally well-made...
  2. John Bell

    Sold MJT VTS (Mike Landau Vibe)

    MJT “strat” Swamp ash body Black w/ lots of cool checking. Maple/rosewood neck .830-.960 60s Taper Tall frets that have been professionally leveled and dressed. 10” radius Lambertone pickup assembly.Triple shot singles and The Crema Humbucker. Guitar weighs 7lbs9oz on my scale. This is a pro...
  3. John Bell

    Sold Phenomenal roasted flame maple neck.

    5A roasted maple.Easily comparable to Xotic museum grade. Professionally finished with boiled linseed oil, then finished with gunstock oil/wax. Feels as good or better than Musicman necks. Rolled edges. 6150 SS frets. 1 11/16 nut width. Boatneck shape. 2 piece vintage modern...
  4. John Bell

    Sold Fully loaded relic strat body

    Real Life Relics swamp ash body in candy apple green nitro.Callaham Vintage narrow trem and Seymour Duncan YJM Fury assembly. All you need is a neck and strap buttons. Pick shows complete guitar.....(neck not included)SOLD
  5. John Bell

    Sold Suhr Classic Pro Fiesta Red $1,650

    Suhr Classic Pro Fiesta Red Tinted maple w/ rosewood board 1.650 nut width .840-.950 medium C neck V70 pickups SSCII When I got it, it didn’t come with the Suhr gig bag or spec sheet. I have since purchased a Fender FG1225 bag which is actually much nicer than the Suhr bag. Only other change was...
  6. John Bell

    Sold Area 61s and Injector

    I have 2 Dimarzio Area 61 pick ups $40 each. Injector bridge model.$40 All three for $100 White covers. Text 410-733-9749 If you need pics
  7. John Bell

    Sold Dimarzio Custom Shop Chopper

    This was a custom shop special order with nickel plated rails instead of black. Looks better IMO and sounds better. I would say P90 like tone and matches up with singles better than a humbucker. It has a parchment cover and full length wire. Text for pics. 410-733-9749
  8. John Bell

    Sold Dimarzio Injector

    Bridge model. White, black and parchment covers. Comes in original box with hardware. Leads shortened for strat bridge position. $45
  9. John Bell

    Sold Friedman Golden Pearl!

    Awesome OD pedal that works equally well with clean amps as well as overdriven amps. Plenty of great demos on YouTube of this pedal. Good condition with a little wear from being used. Non original box Sold! https://i.imgur.com/ODykkcX.jpg
  10. John Bell

    Sold Friedman Runt 20 combo

    Amp is in like new condition. Footswitch included. $950 shipped is more than fair with current day shipping costs. Might consider a trade, but would prefer to sell outright. SOLD!
  11. John Bell

    Sold Buzz Feiton neck

    This neck came on a parts strat I purchased a few months ago. Exceptional playing neck. 14” radius. Jumbo frets. Approximately .910 at the nut and I believe it’s 1 5/8 nut width. The nut is a Feiton shelf nut, meaning the slot is standard so if you don’t want to use the Feiton it can be easily...
  12. John Bell

    Sold Suhr ML&Thornbucker assembly $160

    2 ML classic singles neck and middle with a Thornbucker bridge. Wired up with a 5way super switch,auto split,volume and 2 tones.Also Toneshaper treble bleed.Mounted in pickguard as shown in pic. Ready to drop in your guitar. $160 shipped w/PayPal 410-733-9749
  13. John Bell

    Sold Full-Drive 3 $75!

    Excellent condition with box. $75 shipped w/PayPal or Trade for Xotic SP Compressor.Serial#2353
  14. John Bell

    Sold Ibanez AZ Prestige SOLD!

    https://rvrb.io/2018-az-2204-prest-lnvf7h Sold
  15. John Bell

    Sold Xotic pedals

    RC Booster V2 Chrome finish. Very good condition. Have original box.$120 shipped w/PayPal BB Preamp Custom Shop Midboost version. Good condition with some user wear on the top. Have original box. $90 Shipped w/PayPay Both Sold.
  16. John Bell

    Sold Dimarzio 36th anniversary PAF

    Dimarzio 36th anniversary PAF F spaced Bridge model with chrome cover.Like new in box with plenty of lead. 50. Traded!! Body and bridge are sold.
  17. John Bell

    Sold Sold!

    Suhr black SSV+ bridge 53mm in original box. Leads have been trimmed but plenty left for any guitar. Sold Custom ordered Injector bridge model w/flat pole pieces. Sounds awesome. No more wimpy bridge pickup in your strat. Leads are cut for a strat, but I can easily extend them.White, black and...
  18. John Bell

    Sold Celestion Creamback 65 8ohm sold!

    Good condition in original box.Only small marks at the holes from being installed. Great speaker for small 1x12 combos. Great bottom,sweet high end and much less beam than many speakers. Sold!
  19. John Bell

    Attack of the Hawaiian shirt.....

    I stand before TGP to accept my punishment..... zh412YSB3js&feature=youtu.be
  20. John Bell

    Rockin' out with my trio.

  21. John Bell

    Live blues clip

  22. John Bell

    So...... I get a little carried away sometimes....

  23. John Bell

    The Gibson SG turns 50

  24. John Bell

    Who can build me a head and cab for my Lonestar Special?

    I've been looking for a while now with no luck.I love the amp,but would rather have a separate head and cab.Any suggestions? Thanks in advance.
  25. John Bell

    Video of me with my new trio.

    It's been a while since I've posted anything.Just did this this past Wednesday. <object width="560" height="340"><param name="movie" value="http://www.youtube.com/v/5l9kTe6S3WY&hl=en_US&fs=1&"></param><param name="allowFullScreen" value="true"></param><param name="allowscriptaccess"...
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