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  1. Blueswede

    So What's Your Claim To Fame?

    I was in a nationwide Snickers commercial back in the early 80s…
  2. Blueswede

    Sold Carr Merc V

    Very cool…
  3. Blueswede

    Sold Lazy J J10 LC EX

    How about the foot switch for the reverb and trem?
  4. Blueswede

    Sold Lazy J J10 LC EX

    Also, does it have the attenuator?
  5. Blueswede

    Sold Lazy J J10 LC EX

    Where are you located?
  6. Blueswede

    Guthrie Govan: Regret #9 Solo Recorded in One Take

    I'm not a prog rock fan, but that was fantastic!
  7. Blueswede

    Mike Zito…..where have I been?

    Been listening to a lot of Mike Zito lately. I have not been real familiar with his playing. I heard a tune on Sirius the other day and loved it. Found a bunch of his stuff on Spotify and it’s on quite a bit these days. Absolutely great player!
  8. Blueswede

    Creamery Pickups.....anyone familiar with them?

    I had Ron Thorn install a set of Creamery P90 sized humbuckers in my Thorn. They’re great pickups.
  9. Blueswede

    Tuners on a Lincoln Brewster strat...

    Why is it a concern to you how long I've had it? How about contributing something actually useful? Have you never changed your mind or had a different opinion on something after a while? Just so you know, yesterday was the first time that I changed the strings as they were new when I bought...
  10. Blueswede

    Tuners on a Lincoln Brewster strat...

    I haven't had it for 2 years .....but thanks for the handy tip...
  11. Blueswede

    Tuners on a Lincoln Brewster strat...

    Yes they are locking tuners. I changed the strings yesterday. Not real impressed with how they function. I have a couple of other guitars with locking tuners that have the thumb screws that work so much better, IMO. I’m thinking of swapping the Fenders out to a different style. Just my preference.
  12. Blueswede

    Tuners on a Lincoln Brewster strat...

    So in 2019 I picked up a LB strat for a really good price. I am a big fan of LB and his signature strat had a lot of very cool features. I have been playing it quite a lot lately....my only concern is the standard tuners. They just seem a bit stiff and I’m constantly tuning it. Has anyone...
  13. Blueswede

    Leslie West, co-founder and guitarist of pioneering hard rock band Mountain, has apparently died at age 75.

    So sorry to hear this.....LW was a killer guitar player, singer and songwriter. RIP, Leslie...
  14. Blueswede

    Sold Rick Kelley Nashville Telecaster...

    Very nice example of Ricks work. Asking for SOLD!, all fees included. Shipping to CONUS. Here is a link to the original Reverb ad. Everything is the same today... https://reverb.com/item/1534070-rick-kelly-tele-nashville-wiring-double-bound-sunburst
  15. Blueswede

    Show Me Your Knaggs

    Got this about a month ago and been using it every Sunday at my church. Talk about bell-like tones....this has it in spades!
  16. Blueswede

    NGD....my first Lowden...

    Truly an inspiring guitar! The tone right out of the case is spectacular! And for a 17 year old guitar......Just perfectly in tune...Also came with the LR Baggs Lyric pickup.
  17. Blueswede

    NGD....my first Lowden...

    It is supposed to arrive later today. I will definitely post some pictures...
  18. Blueswede

    NGD....my first Lowden...

    I"ve been really getting into playing the acoustic these days and finally pulled the trigger on a Lowden. It's a 17 year old F25C. Really looking forward to getting it.....
  19. Blueswede

    Just discovered Andrew White...

    Don't know much about him, but he sure is good.....
  20. Blueswede

    Quarantine Acoustics - Post Them

    What is that beauty in the lower left row?
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