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  1. 73watermutt

    Shipping guitar question

    I have a guitar on Reverb and the buyer is in Qatar but says he has a New York address that he wants it shipped to which makes me a bit nervous. He says it will be shipped to him in Qatar when it arrives in New York. Any potential issues with this?
  2. 73watermutt

    4x12 cab vibration or some issue.

    I have a cheap Dime 4x12 cab that I leave at my bands practice space and today at practice volume I noticed a terrible vibration noise that kind of sounds like wohm wohm and it drowns out the guitar. Any ideas on what is going on here besides the fact that's it's a cheap pile of garbage?
  3. 73watermutt

    What type of solder to use?

    I'm about to change out the pups in my old Les Paul and I want to be sure if what I have will work. I have some very old Radio Shack .50 2 oz. 97/3 rosin core lead free. Will this work or what should I get? Thanks
  4. 73watermutt


    Just received this 57 hot rod strat today. So far I really dig it. It covers alot of different styles and looks and plays great. I was worried about the neck carve since I didn't have a chance to play one before ordering but it feels good. I can't put the thing down! I hope I still feel the same...
  5. 73watermutt

    How is the finish holding up on American hot rod series strats?

    I just ordered a new 57 hot rod strat and I hear the finish is on the thin side. So all of you that have these guitars please chim in and tell me how its holding up and post up your pics if you have any. Also give me your thoughts on it's quality. It looks great on paper so I hope it works out...
  6. 73watermutt

    NGD! USA EVH Wolfgang

    Just got it yesterday and so far I love it! I have had a Music Man Axis and four USA Peavey Wolfgangs and while this one feels different it still has a familiar feel. Great quality guitar overall. The neck is a bit thinner then my Peaveys but plays great! I LOVE the pups in this guitar.
  7. 73watermutt

    Recommend an amp that can do clean to hard core metal for no more then $1,000

    I sold everything off a few months back when I was in a funk so now I need an amp. I have looked at alot of different ones but how about some recommendations? I am looking for an amp that can go from clean to Hate Breed like distortion for around $1,000. Any recommendations would be great. From...
  8. 73watermutt

    Flying V guitar kit on the bay. Anyone buy one?

    Anyone on here buy one of those cheap flying v kits on the bay? If so how was it overall? Got any finished pics? Here is a link to one. http://cgi.ebay.com/Unfinished-Electric-Guitar-Kit-Flying-V-KIT-/290574066892?pt=Guitar&hash=item43a79064cc
  9. 73watermutt

    Help with dating this strat

    I just picked this 79? strat up for a decent price since it has some mods. I know based on the S9 number it can be between 79-81? Please check these pics and see if anyone can help me find the exact year. Thanks
  10. 73watermutt

    Is my Floyd Rose mounted crooked????

    I recently bought this Tokai EVH mutt with a new USACG neck and the Floyd looks like it is mounted crooked. Check out these two pics and tell me if this is an issue.
  11. 73watermutt

    EVH guitar appreciation thread

    This is an appreciation thread for ANY EVH or EVH inspired guitar. Charvels, Kramers, Music Man EVH/Axis, Peavey Wolfgang, Fender EVH ect. Post em if ya got em. The red Peavey Wolfgang Standard I still own and the rest I wish I would have kept.
  12. 73watermutt

    Splawn guitar?

    I know of the Splawn amps but I have never heard of Splawn guitars. Are these any good and what are they worth? I have my eye on this one but don't want to overpay.
  13. 73watermutt

    Music Man Axis I just picked up

    I just picked this '02 Ernie Ball Music Man Axis up on Sunday and I have to say that this is one REALLY nice guitar. I had never looked at the Music Man guitars in the past but these are some top notch high quality guitars. I was told that the raw maple neck needs to have and oil finish...
  14. 73watermutt

    My first atempt at a relic strat

    Please don't be too harsh as this is my first attempt at a relic finish. This is a 1993 USA Fender Standard Strat. The neck wear is natural and from years of use but I did darken it up a little with some kiwi brown. The body just would not age so I stripped off the original black finish and...
  15. 73watermutt

    Hello from Ohio

    Hello all, I have been playing guitar on and off for about 10 years and I have been really getting serious about it for the past year. I play anything from blues to metal and my current setup is a Fender Cyber Deluxe, 3 Fender USA Strats, Gibson Les Paul and a Fender Talon. I have been reading...
  16. 73watermutt

    new guy here and a pic of my guitars

    Hi all I just found this forum and it looks like a really good place for info. Here is my collection so far, left to right are 1996 Fender USA Standard Strat, 1993 Fender USA Standard Strat, 1988 Fender USA Strat Plus Deluxe, 1991 MIJ Fender Talon, 1981 Gibson Les Paul XR-1(precurser to the...
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