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    Did the Golden Reverberator knock your Strymon/SA off your board?

    UAD plugins only work on UAD hardware. You can't use them without the hardware. I have an X4 and UAD-2 Satellite Octo
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    I have 2 Lovepedal MK12 with 2x OC76 and NKT212 germanium transistors. Sound real good. Also have a variety of the BBB pedals and a lot more.
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    Comprehensive List of Delay Pedals

    Mythos Oracle Analog Echo
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    What Pedals Have You Bought in 2021?

    Greer Lightspeed King Tone MiniFuzz GE Dunlop Gypsy Fuzz LPD Pedals 87 Chase Bliss Automatone Wren and Cuff Blue Violet Caprid Mad Professor Big Tweedy Lovepedal JMP Eleven Lovepedal Sleeper Big Box Amp Eleven Expresso FX Buzzabout Electro Harmonix Rams Head MXR MC401 Fulltone OCD V2 Walrus...
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    Lovepedal Hermida SNS Appreciation Thread Part Deux--The Ham Sammich Lives!

    Got a JMP Eleven. What the heck. We shall see.
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    How many pedals do you have?

    I need to have them listed in a proper database so I can get a count. Looks like at least 100 brands. Then I need to multiply by pedals per brand … Some brands have a lot of categories. My guess is less than 1000
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    What are the GOOD online Pedals retailer?

    Not about the specific pedal but I have bought a LOT of pedals on sale from Prymaxe. No problem. I once preordered several JAM pedals. Took a long time. But guess what? The prices were great and I got the pedals. No complaints. Lately Sweetwater has been good for me. That is because I bought a...
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    Duties/taxes Pedal from Australia to the US

    I bought a few pedals from Klinger in Australia. Never any surprise charges.
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    Looks like Lovepedal is back in business?

    I have at least 40 Lovepedals. Ordered a new Sleeper Big Box Amp Elevon from the custom shop page several days ago. Guess I haven't had problems with Lovepedal. I can post when it arrives. Supposed to be a couple weeks. A lot of people complained about Prymaxe. I have bought a lot of pedals...
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    What is your favorite analog delay?

    Blue SIB Echodrive is fun. Have a Moog MF-104MSD and MF-104M and other usual suspects. Guru Echodrive sounds good and AD900 and old Memory Man Deluxe and and Fulltone TTE and T-Rex Replicator and Walrus Audio Bellwether ...
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    Line 6 M9 vs HX Effects

    Just get the HX. Otherwise you will be wondering why you didn't get it.
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    Best currently available MKI tone bender

    Dangerous topic. I ended up buying a Klinger MKI on Reverb.
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    Which analog delay do you prefer?

    For 600 ms the Maxon AD 900 is a good basic sounding analog delay. The Walrus Audio Bellwether is an analog delay people seem to ignore. I have a lot of them. They can all sound good on a good day. Yeah, I have a Moog 104M SD and a 104M and Blue SIB Echodrive and EXH Memory Man with cord and...
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    TGP Year One = 60 Pedals (Suggestions Welcome!)

    You still are missing delays pedals such as SIB Echodrive and old Memory Man pedals. Echolution: good one. There seems to be a deficiency of vintage style fuzz pedals: Tonebenders, Fuzz Faces, Big Muffs Have you gotten a Universal Audio OX yet? That is a must have combined with a couple nice...
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    Be careful buying from Prymaxe

    I have bought a lot of stuff from Prymaxe. It has all worked out well. A couple times I had to wait a long time to get a product but the prices were great. That was JAM pedal stuff mostly. I won't complain about those pedals. Bottom line. I have no problem buying products from Prymaxe.
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    EHX Mel-9 boot issue fix (no output)

    I have one with that problem. A #%^ nuisance.
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    A Positive Word for USPS.

    I have never had a problem with USPS. Got a lot of pedals through the mail and several guitars. Even an $8K guitar by overnight USPS.
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    Gibson SG Junior 2018

    I still have the 2018 SG jr. Great guitar. I have quite a few other electrics including a historic reissue LP jr with fat neck and a reissue 61 SG. I would rather have the SG jr instead of complaining about the price. It is a well done quality instrument. I have gotten to like the slim neck.
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    Does anybody know what happened to Lovepedal?

    Lovepedal needs to put back the pictures and descriptions of all the old pedal versions on their web site. I need to figure out which ones I have. Example: I have a Purple Plexi Custom 2013. I don't remember which purple plexi it is. I forgot to list color and description of looks in my database...
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    Does anybody know what happened to Lovepedal?

    OK. Here is the big problem with Lovepedals. If you have too many of them, it can be hard to remember or figure out which is which. Those in the know will know.
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    Does anybody know what happened to Lovepedal?

    Thanks for your reply Jack! I bought one of the E6 Black on Black pedals in 2015 based on your endorsement. Still have it in the pile of Lovepedal pedals. Also have an Eternity from 2007.
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    Does anybody know what happened to Lovepedal?

    Anybody have any really good Lovepedals? I have 3 MK12's with NKT and Mullard germanium transistors. Sound great. Oh and 6 old BBB's, a few really old COT's, a pile of Purple Plexi's and a lot of the other usual suspects … Too many to count. Good stuff.
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