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  1. mrbluetone

    How come Jeff Beck never became a household name like Hendrix, Clapton, and Jimmy Page?

    Saw Jeff on tour two weeks ago and it was a great show he is the Picasso of guitar players. Has he impacted the development of modern and contemporary music with unparalleled magnitude and became a household name? Not really but he is prolific and a tireless innovator of sorts. On the tour with...
  2. mrbluetone

    Jeff Beck at Wolf Trap ... Holy Crap

    Saw Jeff last night he says " I am going to do some Hendrix for you but I'm going to do it my way because doing Hendrix like Hendrix is impossible." great show
  3. mrbluetone

    You Pedal Guys Are All Worthless And Weak!

    The old days of Harmony Central arises and so it begins.
  4. mrbluetone

    La Grange is back...and it’s a fire-breathing monster

    It is a nice sounding pedal that acts like an amp. I just wish they would have put the full EQ section on it like the ol tube kings had and it would have been perfect. The boost is really good and the La Grange does play nice with others. Mine has no issues and I hope it stays that way. The...
  5. mrbluetone

    Led Zeppelin - Greta Van Fleet: A Poll

    Fast forward to 2050 the lead singer and guitar player will have fallen out of sorts a bit of family feud and the lead singer will find a country/americana female singer who is 20 and together they will sing soft/rock country tunes and win a grammy and earn a track on Jurassic Ultimate Universe...
  6. mrbluetone

    Satriani’s “Love Thing”- a Masterclass in Tone and Phrasing

    Great guitar work, the other cool thing is Joe keeps releasing new music and touring to support it.
  7. mrbluetone

    Monsterpiece Appreciation

    Some of the best fuzz on this rock you'll ever discover!
  8. mrbluetone

    TC Electronics Goldblum

    Tone breaks free, it expands to new territories, and crashes through barriers painfully, maybe even dangerously!
  9. mrbluetone

    Turning a band down/quitting because of beliefs?

    If you don't want to be in Ted Nugents band just say so.
  10. mrbluetone

    New Keeley - Germanium Amplifier Limited Hand Built Edition

    It is a really good simple tone enhancer. Glad RK made it down here to Florida. Now as far as Java Boost goes this is how it's done
  11. mrbluetone

    Saw Eric Johnson last night...AMAZING

    Loved the Smoke on the Water piano joke and the Stairway joke a smoking show for sure
  12. mrbluetone

    P&W Rigs/Pedalboards

    My current board for P & W just added the Keeley Germanium Amplifier Pedal what a great boost
  13. mrbluetone

    I'd like to take this moment to thank Robert Keeley

    I just velcro a Keeley in each wheelwell on the way home from gigs that way my car tone is the very best and I can cruise the hood.
  14. mrbluetone

    Eric Johnson concert review

    Looking forward to seeing the tour when he gets to Florida.
  15. mrbluetone

    BK Butler tube Driver alternative?

    I use the US Ibanez Tube King I put an old RCA tube in and it gets the Bassman/Old Marshall45 sound which is close enough for Gilmore and the really overlooked thing about that box is the big power it needs or it will sound fizzle. 175 or so..your good to go! The 3 controls for EQ make it a...
  16. mrbluetone

    Bogner XTC Mini Blue and Red

    Yes but the boost side is worth the extra space for me it really is usefull.
  17. mrbluetone

    WARNING: 3 Broken Bogner La Grange in a row!!!

    Mine has been flawless and I think of the boost side as magic mojo sauce.
  18. mrbluetone

    Anyone retired from work, and THEN really improved as a player?

    I retired in 2012 Moved to Florida I teach 7 spin classes a week Play out every Thursday Go out on the boat once a week Disney on Wednesday's Out by the pool everyday(Grandboys over several times a week) Practice/Play every other day 2 hrs sometimes more. I thought I would get more writing and...
  19. mrbluetone

    Keeley D&M fan thread

    Robert Keeley Dilly Dilly
  20. mrbluetone

    Opinions on Joe Bonamassa latest statement about pedals?

    Joe is a freaking smart dude with some attitude Look at some crowd shots for his shows and the BBC shows, it looks just like a gun and knife show crowd. That age group controls plenty of money and will pay big to see him and it's no big deal. In the mean time he does not need or want a hit song...
  21. mrbluetone

    After 20 years, I decided to run STEREO

    Running a DECO in wide mode in stereo is a blast
  22. mrbluetone

    Tape Echo Options

    But an EP and a boat to maintain, the EP will seem like nothing compared to a boat.
  23. mrbluetone

    DECO: So I spent some quality time at my local pedal peddler today...

    I use the Saturation side on a driven amp and it is my main OD. It likes Hummers and P90's very much. The flange/chorus is good enough for me. It got my pedalboard very gig friendly and easier to move/carry. When at home goofing around in dual amps the wide mode creates a big stereo field one of...
  24. mrbluetone

    Short and sweet....Bogner Blue vs La Grange?

    The independent boost on the the LG is fantastic and very good for clean sounds or into a low gainer. The blue could never get me into the really older Marshall sound.
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