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    Humbuckers Inferior to Single Coils

    Thanks? Each type has their place. i dont understand the point of threads like these.
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    david Torn is one of my favs.
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    Who does not mind the single coil hum?

    I dont mind it really. It some situations i actually prefer it.
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    Guitar teachers in Nashville, TN

    Hehe, george Gruhn comes into the vet clinic i work at a couple of times a month, usually. I cant believe i havent thought to ask him. Guitarguy, does John pell do private lessons or does he strictly teach through the university?
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    Guitar teachers in Nashville, TN

    Does anyone know of some really good ones?
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    Anyone else irritated by clone builders?

    I guess im just old school in that I miss the days where things were completely handmade. There is something special about that to me, even if the product isnt something that i desire. Theres just something very warm and appealing about a guy putting everything he has into something without...
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    the "Definitive" small co. luthier photo thread

    Those versouls are gorgeous!
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    Line6 Tube Amp

    Found this on Harmony Central. Seems to be from mister John Z.
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    Line6 Tube Amp

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    New Gibson John Lennon LP Special!

    The price is retarded, but that's Gibson for you. The one I played at Guitar Center was killer, though.
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    Scabies (with Marc Ribot)

    whoa. thats some awesome stuff. What did you record with?
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    I've been ruined by a $100 guitar

    Its seriously always the ones that you dont expect. I picked up a BC Rich at Guitar Center tonight simply because I didnt think I had ever actually cared to pick one up before. Well, I did and it had the best damned neck I have ever put my hand around. Congrats on the guitar. People seem to...
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    Ebony availability.

    That Blackmachine top is exactly what I am looking for, and that very guitar is what got me onto an ebony kick.
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    Ebony availability.

    Looks, and nothing else. Nathan Sheppard wont even do a veneer. Solid, carved tops only from him. He actually just built a guitar out of a solid block of Ebony. It looks killer, although Im not sure how that would sound. What other options would there be?
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    Ebony availability.

    I really wany something dark. African Blackwood would be prime, but Nathan Sheppard quoted me 1,000 GBP just for a top. I am not sure about the prices for ABW, but that just seems insane. Here is a sample of gaboon ebony that is exactly what i am wanting: or: I really dig the dark red and...
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    thoughts on trading dr scientist RRR for a verbzilla?

    Radical Red Reverberator. I really have no business in replying to your thread considering I have only played the verbzilla, but I have talked to a couple of people who have said that the Verbzilla is a bit more natural sounding than the RRR. Regardless, I still want to try the RRR.
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    Ebony availability.

    Thanks for the reply, jack. All I want is a veneer or extremely thin top. I just want it for aesthetic purposes only.
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    What do you think of Warrior guitars?

    i really dig the guitars they made for Sam Ash. I also think the signature is one of the coolest looking doublecuts ever made. I love the way they carve their tops.
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    Ebony availability.

    Is an ebony top even an option these days? According to some builders I have talked to, it's not. What's the deal with it?
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    New delay from Empress Effects is overdue.

    From their website: July 19, 2007 "As for the delay, it's a little behind schedule (we said we'd have it out by now), but we are just putting the finishing touches on it."
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    Show your ARTINGER!

    Please do. How much does it run, if you dont mind me asking?
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    Show your ARTINGER!

    That is definitely the sweetest take on the singlecut I have ever seen. damn.
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    Your favorite PRS

    As far as current models go, my favorite is the SC 245 or a standard in vintage Mahogany. As far as my favorite goes for all time, I would have to say a standard in the now discontinued stained walnut finish.
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    Artistic Guitars

    www.pheoguitars.com http://www.garageguitars.com -Spalt http://www.specimenproducts.com/ - just a lot of cool, weird stuff. www.kollguitars.com - Although a bit more conservative than the others that I listed, they definitely have their own vibe going. Kind of retro, kind of modern. I really...
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