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  1. J

    Is this an authentic Klon or no?

    I bought an early unit from Bill when they first came out, It had a very loud hum and I sent it back. When it arrived back it had no serial no. The original board did.
  2. J

    Guitar tech in Detroit area

    Tom Pellerito.
  3. J

    Pickups currently not in use

    Ron Ellis 50/60 Ron Ellis mid sixty strat Lollar blonde Duncan Lipstick Fender Broadcaster, Twisted Tele neck pickups
  4. J

    Lovepadal Retailers

    Motor city guitar in Waterford Mi carries some of their pedals. I am headed there tomorrow to get the Lovepedal super six SRV mod.
  5. J

    Detroit area guitar stores.

    Motor City Guitar in Waterford.
  6. J

    School me on the Harmony Rocket

    These are great sounding and playing guitars when setup properly. Yours looks like the non trussrod model. I own two of these and have had no neck problems. These goldfoil pickups are very good sounding.
  7. J

    Peavey T-60 - Certain years better than others?

    I had one of the natural T-60's, sounded good but was very heavy.It was one of the very early ones
  8. J

    When I heard_________I had to get a wah!

    Season of the Witch, Stephen Stills from the Super Session album with Al Kooper.
  9. J

    Who's your biggest musical influence?

    Michael Bloomfield.
  10. J

    anyone have the Don Mare supersport tele bridge pu. ?

    I've got one in one of my Tele's. I use it for a variety of styles and it sounds great to me. No icepick.
  11. J

    Songs with great Fuzz Pedal tone

    Don't bring me down. Eric Burdon and the animals.
  12. J

    Lipstick Pup in Strat. Where?

    I think all positions sound good but I like the bridge the best. I have the Duncan calibrated set.
  13. J

    Who makes the best lipstick pickups?

    I think the Duncans are A-6,they sound very good and I have them in a parts guitar I did.
  14. J

    top 3 strat neck builders?

    I've been very pleased with the necks i have from USACG.
  15. J

    top 3 strat neck builders?

    I,ve never tried Musikraft but I have three USACG necks and they are all great playing necks. The other one on a parts Tele is Allparts, also very good.
  16. J

    Favorite boutique pickup maker?

    Ron Ellis, Don Mare there are a bunch of great pickup winders out there.
  17. J

    Tele bridge pickup for jangle/chime - suggestions?

    I think Don Mare does a pickup called English Guard or something like that, and it is meant to do the chimey, jangly Ric thing.
  18. J

    Killer SRV Tone from this set

    The pickups sound great. What amp was he playing through?
  19. J

    What is your list of amps you still want to try out?

    Redplate Blackverb, and some of the Two Rock amps.
  20. J

    "Sleepwalk" - Swart AST - Airline Tuxedo

    Love that song,beautiful playing and tone.
  21. J

    Vintage Harmony guitars...

    My wife picked me up a two pickup Harmony Rocket at a church rummage sale for 20.00. The pickups sound really good but it is hard to play. I'm still debating if I want to sink money into it or just use it for slide.
  22. J

    Danelectro - Why should I buy one? UPDATE (I bought one)

    They really are a fun guitar to play and the lipstick tube pickups have a very unique sound.
  23. J

    Rocknroll Amps Reverb Deluxe 40w combo

    Nice Merle Travis style. Saturday night shuffle?
  24. J

    Ron Ellis pickups rule

    Can you elaborate a little bit on the difference the Raw vintage springs make?
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