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  1. Keef Wichards

    Favorite Member of The Band

    On a huge Band kick right now, they really are incredible. Anyways, who's your favorite member of The Band? For me it's tough, Rick Danko has probably the least traditionally "good" voice in the group, but the songs he sings lead on are some of the most memorable to me. Manuel is hard to beat...
  2. Keef Wichards

    Any Jim Croce Fans?

    Just recently got into him, but man I don't know why I didn't sooner! He was a real talent. It's very sad he was lost so prematurely. I Got a Name is an incredible song, among many others.
  3. Keef Wichards

    The Sheepdogs

    This band is just so so incredible. I can't wait to see them live. I truly believe they're the greatest band to play in 40 years. Nothing I wouldn't give to spend even a couple days with them. They just exude the vintage flair that is associated with their style of music so effortlessly. It...
  4. Keef Wichards

    Very Specific Jimmy Page tone question

    I am chasing what may very well be my absolute favorite guitar tone ever. For a brief few seconds at the very beggining of a version of "You Shook Me" on Led Zep's BBC sessions album, page plays this opening lick with an absolute scorching tone. Shortly afterwards, the guitar is pushed way down...
  5. Keef Wichards

    Fender is to Gibson as...

    ...Cats are to dogs. People get really passionate over which is better, but at the end of they day if you treat em right, they'll get along just fine.
  6. Keef Wichards

    What if...

    I was thinking the other day... What if when the Beatles were breaking up, John Lennon left, but the Beatles took on billy Preston full time and recorded and somehow convinced Harrison to tour again? Not only that, but what if Lennon took on the dirty Mac full time and they recorded and toured...
  7. Keef Wichards

    Played a few guilds the other day...

    ...and they blew me away. Took a trip to a mom and pop music store, tried a bunch of guitars, including the guild s100 (sg lookin one) the t-50 slim, the x-175, and the m-75. I wasn't a huge fan of the s-100, just didn't really do anything for me, but my god the hollow bodies were just amazing...
  8. Keef Wichards

    The most "Rock n' Roll" guitar

    I was gonna make a poll, but there would be to many options so we'll go without one. Which electric guitar screams Rock n' Roll the most to you? Not rock and roll, not rock, not hard rock, I mean legitimate rock n' roll. Like if you're about to see someone step onstage and play Star Star, Sweet...
  9. Keef Wichards

    Blues Bands that use Hammond organ

    Recently I've become obsessed with how cool of an instrument the Hammond organ is. I think it fits perfectly in blues bands. With that in mind, I don't know of many blues bands besides the ABB and Freddie King's band that have a Hammond. What are your favorite blues groups with one of them?
  10. Keef Wichards

    Help me with a school project

    Hey all, I'm doing a project for school right now where I must come up with a business idea and make a plan for how you would market it and start it out. I'm doing a business that ships out boxes every few months to musicians who sign up for it, filled with goodies that a musician might...
  11. Keef Wichards

    POLL: How many of you mod your guitars?

    Just curios, it seems like most have at some point. I'll define mod as changing anything that was stock when you bought the guitar, except for strings (duh). I, for one, have not, then again, I've only ever owned a couple guitars.
  12. Keef Wichards

    The Bigsby Checklist

    I'm toying with the idea of getting a guitar (sg maybe) and installing a bigsby on it, but in the process I've learned there are many other nuances that go along with it. Here's a checklist of the things it looks like you'll be wanting if you want a bigsby: 1. The bigsby vibrato unit of your...
  13. Keef Wichards

    PSA: Price increase on MIM standard strat and tele

    I don't know if this is old news, but on the fender website, and some big retailers (I haven't checked them all yet) the standard stratocaster and standard telecaster (MIM) are now listed at $600 USD instead of $500. This saddens me, I was considering checking one out sometime within the next...
  14. Keef Wichards

    Vintage Les Paul special or standard, any difference?

    I'm not in the market for one, but I notice how pre 1957 les Paul standards go for (a lot of the time) $30k+. I also notice late 1950s single cut specials going for around $7.5k. Is there any big difference (aside from cosmetics) between the goldtops and the specials? Are the pickups any...
  15. Keef Wichards

    Why the $150 difference on Casinos???

    I was perusing sweetwater today, looking at some Casinos (my GAS target right now) and noticed that the standard Epiphone Casino is $600 in the three best looking finishes (Vintage Sunburst, Cherry, and Natural) but only $450 in the Goldtop. Now I get that the goldtop doesn't look as nice, but...
  16. Keef Wichards

    What are you listening to right now?

    I'll start Whipping Post, Live at the Fillmore East - The Allman Brothers Band
  17. Keef Wichards

    Let's see Teles with strat necks

    I don't expect many people to fall into this category, except for tele custom/deluxe owners, but let's see them. I think they usually look weird, but kinda cool. ALSO, If you post a picture of a tele with a 50s style (non big CBS headstock) headstock, you win the thread and my thanks for...
  18. Keef Wichards

    What do you know about MIJ 72 Thinline Tele Reissues?

    Hey All, I recently (yesterday) got a 1993/1994 Made in Japan 72 thinline telecaster, you may have seen my NGD. I was wondering what you all know about it? I can't find much general information on it online. Just some starting points, what is the fretboard radius? I'm not sure if it is 7.25 or...
  19. Keef Wichards

    NGD: MIJ Thinline Tele

    Hey all, Got a sweet new axe today, it's a mouthful. It is a Fender 1994 or 1993 Made In Japan 72' Thinline Telecaster Reissue. I didn't realize it was 21 or 22 years old until I looked up the serial number, I was pretty surprised to say the least. It plays great, with all the things I really...
  20. Keef Wichards

    How does an open mic blues jam usually work?

    Hey all, I want to find some sort of jam where you can just show up with your guitar and play the blues with other people, and I was wondering if this is what an open mic blues jam is. Are they usually like that, or do I need to have an entire band ready and I get a time slot to play with them...
  21. Keef Wichards

    How many play directly into an amp- no effects?

    I really only play directly from my guitar to my amp, mainly for three reasons: 1. It keeps the signal strong going into the amp for superior tone 2. A lot of my favorite players from the 50s-70s didn't use em 3. I'm too poor to afford them That being said, I do own a couple, I just rarely use...
  22. Keef Wichards

    Why did The Who need session musicians?

    I remember hearing a rumor at least that Jimmy Page was a session musician on Can't Explain. Regardless of whether or not this is true, It raises the question, what was done on the early Who records that Pete Townshend couldn't play himself. I mean, he's not the best guitar player in the world...
  23. Keef Wichards

    Standby Switch Question for Bugera

    I'm pretty new to tube amps, I got my first last week and I have a question. I have a Bugera V22 Combo, and I was wondering how to use the standby switch. In my research, it seems like turning it (the standby switch) on would mute your sound and stop the tubes from actually sending a signal...
  24. Keef Wichards

    NAD: Bugera V22

    I just got this amp yesterday, used from a pawn shop. I actually ordered it off eBay, but it was for local pickup so I had to go retrieve it. It's a Bugera V22, vintage style, 22 watts. It's all tube and I love it so far. No major problems except it smells of cigarettes a little bit. The first...
  25. Keef Wichards

    Question about Blues Jr./Deluxe

    I have a quick question for those interested. I'm in the market for a new amp, and I'm really torn between the Blues Junior and the Blues Deluxe. I was looking for a V22 for a while but I'm having bad luck finding any. Anyway, I can find a used Blues Junior for well within my price range, and...
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