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  1. kevinhifi

    8 Different Sounds from 3-Pickup Les Paul

    Some of you may find the way I have my 3-pickup Les Paul wired interesting.
  2. kevinhifi

    Looking for a small set-and-forget fast Leslie sound?

    Here's a teaser video showcasing one of the many sounds that can be had with our new no-knob chorus pedal. Discounted pre-orders available at our website (in sig).
  3. kevinhifi

    New H-BOMB Fuzz from Henretta Engineering - a pedal with knobs!

    Here's the first in a new line I'm rolling out. The circuits are based on the circuits in our line of little no-knob pedals. This one has aspects of both the Purple Octopus octave up pedal and the Bluebird fuzz. It's nasty and abrasive, but you can still play multiple note licks and complex...
  4. kevinhifi

    11 Hand-Built effects in one big box - THE CONSOLE

    I put this together for a customer recently. It was a fun one to build and test!
  5. kevinhifi

    Video Demo - 2in1 Compressor Overdrive/Distortion - Henretta Engineering

    This is currently for sale at Reverb.com at a discounted price of $175. These are typically custom made-to-order and usually run $215.
  6. kevinhifi

    The Heisenberg - pre-order SALE! - new full-sized pedal from Henretta Engineering

    While continuing to develop our line of small no-knob pedals, we will also be rolling out unique combinations of our circuits into standard sized pedals like this one. The Heisenberg plays on the Breaking Bad (popular TV show from several years ago) inspired Mr. White tweak boost and Pinkman...
  7. kevinhifi

    Small reverb pedal with no knobs? Sure, why not!

    The latest addition to our line of no-knob pedals - the Moody Blue reverb!! You can achieve a wide variety of sounds with internal controls for Effect Blend, Dry Volume, and Reverb Decay. The box is bigger than the original no-knob line (to accommodate the reverb "brick") but the jacks are all...
  8. kevinhifi

    Introducing the MOODY BLUE Reverb pedal - another no-knob from Henretta

    Introducing the next Henretta Engineering No-Knobber. It's slightly larger but packed full of tweakability, and it sports the same no-nonsense, set-and-forget format as the others. The MOODY BLUE Reverb pedal! Actual pedal will be blue with white labeling. Photo also shows the original...
  9. kevinhifi

    PRE-ORDER - Henretta Engineering Filter Sweeper -audio clips inside

    We're releasing a full-sized pedal with lots of knobs and switches! Introducing the BIG ZAPPER Filter Sweeper. The circuit is based around our little no-knob Green Zapper auto filter, which is becoming a pretty popular little envelope filter know for it's musical sound and responsiveness. The...
  10. kevinhifi

    FS: SOLD Lawrence L290 TL-E tele bridge pickup

    SOLD $15 including shipping to USA. Pickup is fully functional. I drilled holes in the bottom plate (you can see them in the photos) to mount it in some whacky way per my usual antics. It's a nice middy pickup with a lot of character. As I've read about a lot of the Lawrence pickups, it can...
  11. kevinhifi

    Help me shop around for a 36W Marshall-esque head

    It's impossible to search for 36W, so please send links to exhaustive threads on this issue if they exist. I have an 18W Marshall inspired (simplified version with just a single tone knob and no trem) head that I absolutely love. It's perfect for gigs and banging around at home. I want to...
  12. kevinhifi

    Demo Video - GREEN ZAPPER Auto Filter

    Tim did a nice job making this little box quack. Happy Labor Day! L4pNcCWFlvc
  13. kevinhifi

    Some Great VIDEO DEMOS from Chicago Music Exchange

    Chicago Music Exchange has been doing a bang-up job demoing my little 2x2 no-knobber pedals. J9xMy3mZtCI 3g1CZuYJh4s -taa5_pjvOk 82yCUh2ugaI hK1RMmdyoa4
  14. kevinhifi

    My first Sovtek Mig 50 experience - Wow!

    I've been playing with a new group of guys here in the Twin Cities, and they have a couple Mig 50 heads in their rehearsal space. I played through one of them a couple times during my "tryouts" but was too much in the mode of being a new guy who is self-conscious and trying to figure out which...
  15. kevinhifi

    Please help me find this preset pedal I found online once

    I should have bookmarked the page, and now I can't seem to find the right search terms to get to the page again. It's an all-analog box that lets you hook up four strings of pedals, assign the strings to any of four different presets with little dip switches. The box is square-ish in shape and...
  16. kevinhifi

    Nice cheap way to get noise-free Strat neck and middle

    Grab some of the Mighty Mite rails pickups that can be had for as cheap as $18, including shipping, on Ebay. I'm sure they're coming from the same overseas supplier as everyone else's cheap rails pickups. Anyway, put them in the neck and middle positions, and wire them in parallel - Blue+Black...
  17. kevinhifi

    Who made necks with 1.5" nut width.

    My number 1 guitar has a non-labeled neck that I got from a rack at a random Music Go Round. I happen to love everything about it but the nut width. I prefer the typical 1.65" nut, and this one is more like 1.5" or 1.55". It gets hard to do sus4 or anything fancy down at the low frets. *EDIT...
  18. kevinhifi

    Just installed a full set of Hot Rails and discovered a great configuration

    I picked up an old set of Seymour Duncan Hot Rails for one of my Strats. The bridge measures at 15K! The middle is around 11.5K, and the neck is around 10.5K. I put them in like this at first and had a blast playing the bridge, but it didn't need to be that hot. The others were OK but tough...
  19. kevinhifi

    My #1 is now a plywood Strat with unknown pickups!

    I never would have put this guitar together on purpose, but this is how things happen sometimes. I pickup up a beater old Indonesian Kramer S-style for close to nothing at a local place. I was actually after the neck, which was in decent shape and felt really nice. I put the neck on my Tele...
  20. kevinhifi

    A little praise for Tech 21

    As a USA consumer, it saddens me that it's considered such a novel achievement when a USA engineering and manufacturing company can persevere in the current business climate. But that's the truth of today's world. Tech 21 out of New York is one of those companies, and I've recently migrated...
  21. kevinhifi

    A pretty one with no wanking...that's right, NO WANKING

    Here's one I did a while ago that I'm revisiting to see if I can find someone to write some vocals and a nice vocal melody for it. It's one of the few where I left a decent amount of room for vocals. There isn't any wanking in it; it's more of an exercise in guitar melody and mood...
  22. kevinhifi

    Pure nickel strings and ceramic pickups???

    I'm experiencing interesting results with this combo. Is it just anecdotal, or have others experienced it? Shrill is what I get. It's more Balanced with regular nickel wound strings.
  23. kevinhifi

    All (gasp) Solid State Rig - first time in...18 years.

    My instrumental project did an in-studio at Saint Cloud State University a few weeks ago. I used a pretty unconventional all SS setup, and, well, it still sounds like me. It may not be the sound everyone is going for, but it's exactly the sound I want with this band. And it's almost...
  24. kevinhifi

    Is the 'smaller builder selling direct' model a bad idea??

    For the last year or so, the old ban on "deals gone bad" threads has been lifted, and there have been several threads about small builders that seemingly get in over their heads with orders, get sloppy with correspondence, get sloppy with product quality, and ultimately get a big black eye...
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