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  1. Matt Novak

    9/10th scale NRFB (ish) build

    Hi all, I hope you're well. Been a while since I posted on TGP despite being a member for over a decade! Thought you might get a kick out of a lockdown scratch build I've almost finished... I have a ton of pics from raw wood to almost complete, but here's a couple of recent progress shots. If...
  2. Matt Novak

    Epi Joe Bonamassa Firebird 1

    Could be interesting.... no pics available yet though: Epiphone Ltd Ed 2016 Joe Bonamassa Firebird-I Outfit, e-guitar, mahagony body, neck thru neck, rosewood fretboard, Dot Inlays, thomann 1963 Firebird neck profile, Original-Style Kluson® Banjo tuners, Wrap-Around Stopbar bridge, Alnico...
  3. Matt Novak

    Kauer on the BBC

    Heya - no affiliation at all but was checking out Glastonbury pics on the BBC and saw a Kauer. Thought I'd share. [/img]
  4. Matt Novak

    Got covers? Post 'em

    We do a pretty neat version of Money (Beatles, not Floyd) https://soundcloud.com/the-flying-aces-uk/money-the-flying-aces Anyone else?
  5. Matt Novak

    The Flying Aces - 50's rock and roll demo

    Really pleased with how these turned out. https://soundcloud.com/the-flying-aces-uk/money-the-flying-aces https://soundcloud.com/the-flying-aces-uk/too-much-monkey-business https://soundcloud.com/the-flying-aces-uk/solider-of-love-24bit
  6. Matt Novak

    50's rock and roll - a demo by my band

    https://soundcloud.com/the-flying-aces-uk/too-much-monkey-business https://soundcloud.com/the-flying-aces-uk/money-the-flying-aces Really happy with the way these turned out. Just thought I'd share :beer
  7. Matt Novak

    Incoming NGD - first ES335!

    To be delivered before noon tomorrow - a Gibson Memphis ES-335 Dot Reissue Plain Satin Cherry. Worlds longest model name? I'm aware there was a model without the neck binding, but mine looks like this which is remarkably similar to the Warren Haynes model: [/img]
  8. Matt Novak

    AMT Stonehead 50w SS head - any users?

    Looks pretty cool, wondered if anyone had tried them? [/URL][/img] '' AMT Stonehead SH-50-4, amplifire for electric guitars, 50 watt, 4 channels with tube simulation, CH1/2 (clean/chrunch, switchable) with separate thomann controls for gain, level and high, controls for bass and mid, CH3/4...
  9. Matt Novak

    Who are you?

    Cool studio film - Keith keeps messing around, looks like they were having a blast: PdLIerfXuZ4 As an aside, the soon-to-be Mrs Novak custom made me a shirt like Keiths for my birthday last year: [/img]
  10. Matt Novak

    A quick one (while he's away)

    Phenomenal performance! Filmed just after an American tour, so they were on top of thier game. No wonder the Stones didn't release the footage until a few years back. a6PgUcATPyc
  11. Matt Novak

    MIJ Fender Tele - help with accurately dating

    So, a local pawn shop has a sunburst Telecaster '62 Custom. At the heel of the neck is a 'Made in Japan' decal, and the neckplate is stamped FENDER - no visible serial number to be seen on the headstock, neck plate or bridge. They have it advertised as an '85 model, I wanted to double check that...
  12. Matt Novak

    Digitech Whammy IV - which songs / artists?

    Hi - I've been offered a Whammy IV in a PX deal; I'm aware of its features but not sure I'd have ause for it... could anybody help with some common applications or none-too-obscure songs I could check out which feature it? As an aside, the guy wants to swap it for an old Line 6 Flextone II...
  13. Matt Novak

    Vox Escort Lead 50?

    One of these has come up for sale locally.. 70's / 80's transistor, there's a couple of youtube videos of it, sounds pretty good. Any thoughts?
  14. Matt Novak

    Anyone know which 60's Vox this is? Potential CL score

    Ok, not actually CL - but a UK equivalent. Am heading to check it out after work (assuming he still has it, he said he'd let me know if its gone by then). I assume its SS but wanted to ask if anyone knew which model it was? I guess for £50 it's worth it as a piece of furniture anyway...
  15. Matt Novak

    What's on your workbench?

    This is on mine: [/img]
  16. Matt Novak

    The Faces - I'm losing you

    Can't stop listening to this at the moment - great live version; Ronnie Wood's tone is awesome too. m4PXMCCTMwM
  17. Matt Novak

    Les Paul X?!

    Haven't seen this posted here yet... I guess they had some hardware left over... to be honest, I don't mind the way it looks.. [/img]
  18. Matt Novak

    Possible pawn shop score? (vintage Orange and Vox content)

    Heya. Bit of a stranger to this area of the forum but as the soon to be Mrs Novak is working today I did the rounds of the pawn / guitar shops. In the last pawn shop there was the following: 1) an AC50 head - 60's as advertised. It was up for £500 (not sure if they'll deal) but said it...
  19. Matt Novak

    NGD - Greco Zemaitis content

    Ordered on Saturday; it crossed the Irish sea last night and arrived today: [/img] [/img] [/img] [/img] [/img] Crappy shots I know; in my defence its 23:30 and dark here! Will get some better ones over the weekend. Quick rundown: Greco Licenced by Zemaitis, MIJ. 1/4'' flame maple...
  20. Matt Novak

    Incoming NGD - Greco Zemaitis

    Just ordered this - my guitars are spread across 3 different locations at the moment (we moved countries 1.5 years back so some are in storage - and we're moving again this summer). Haven't got anything here LP-ish; I tried out the 2012 Gibsons from the £600 70's tributes to £2700 Customs and...
  21. Matt Novak

    New Malmsteen/Blackmore-esque Strat day

    OK, this isn't quite finished yet - I'm waiting on a new Wilkinson bridge and I plan to lose the middle pickup but just got sent some pics of the progress so far so thought I'd share :) I already have this: [/img] Which was built about 4 years ago... I've played about 300 gigs with it...
  22. Matt Novak

    The Darkness, Isle of Wight 2012

    Full gig! Sounding great. mW6xqMwibzY&feature=related
  23. Matt Novak

    New 1973 Telecaster Day! **PICS ADDED**

    I posted here yesterday about a local ad for a ''70's Telecaster'' at a very low price.... the description in the ad was obviously cut-and-paste from Fenders marketing for the recent 70's reissues.. but the blurry pics showed what appeared to be a standard tele with 2 added mini humbuckers -...
  24. Matt Novak

    Value of early 70's tele with mods?

    Heya - I'm going to look at what appears to be an early 70's standard tele advertised locally at what seems to be a great price. It has, however, undergone a few mods and I wondered what the general feeling was regarding impact on value. The good: Black body (can't tell if refin by the pics)...
  25. Matt Novak

    N 80's GD!

    Picked this up from my local Craiglist equivalent - the seller told me it had been sitting in his closet for 20 years! Got a fitted 'Made in Canda' hardcase for it too.... [/img] [/img] [/img] Its a Hohner L 59 T (for trem). It has the scratchplate, trem bar and allen keys too. Anyone...
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