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  1. bubs_42

    Sold Jenson 10", Celestion Greenback 12", Celestion 30 10"

    Greenback Pending, Celestion 30 Pending.
  2. bubs_42

    Sold Lovepedal

    Only one left!
  3. bubs_42

    Sold Lovepedal

    To the top, now were are moving some stuff. ;)
  4. bubs_42

    Sold Jenson 10", Celestion Greenback 12", Celestion 30 10"

    Speakers, you gotta have them right? Shipping and PayPal included Jenson 10" P10R 25 watts 8ohms, in perfect working order, It came to me loaded in a cab and I was just after the cab. So out it goes. $75 Celestion Greenback UK Made Early 2000's: 8ohms, I bought a pair of them and only needed...
  5. bubs_42

    FS Gator Power 5 Supply and Korg Mini Pitch Black

    Both new in the box, I started building a board that started out small and by the time I was finished I overran the power supply and didn't need to use a mini tuner. LOL Same old story for everyone I guess. All prices included shipping and PayPal Gator Power 5: $60 Pitch-black Mini: $50
  6. bubs_42

    Sold Lovepedal

    I have some pedals on the shelf betting no love, so off they go to greener pastures. Only trade I would be interested in is a Timmy and a Vanilla Zendrive. I pretty much use those two pedals 98% of the time. Shipping and Paypal included in the price. Lovepedal Tchula Gold SOLD Lovepedal Tiki...
  7. bubs_42

    Sold Eminence Ramrod 8ohm FOUND THANKS!

    An older one with the old logo would be cool, hit me up!
  8. bubs_42

    Sold Lovepedal CHAMP

    Champ is the only thing left standing for this round.
  9. bubs_42

    Sold Lovepedal CHAMP

    Just an FYI Folks, I’m on Vacations and any sold items will not ship until 8/8.
  10. bubs_42

    Sold Lovepedal CHAMP

    I have another OD11 with no box, Naked Version, velcro on the bottom, just like the one pictured. How about a Package Deal $125 for the OD11 and the Champ? Lets move these to a better home where they can get some love.
  11. bubs_42

    Sold Lovepedal CHAMP

    Somehow I ended up with three of these Naked OD11's so i'm giving one up. This is the only one with the OEM Packaging. It does have velcro on the back. SOLD Shipping and Paypal Included. ADDED: Lovepedal OD11 Naked, No Box, Velcro on the bottom. Looks like new SOLD Shipping and PayPal included...
  12. bubs_42

    Sold Lovepedal Jubilee Plus (PLUS A BONUS)

    I have a Jubilee Plus, with the original box. Some light wear on the bottom from the previous owner. NO velcro or previous velcro. I absolutely love the COT side of this pedal, and i'm not sure if Sean did anything to these different but the top end comes through clear, its just a little more...
  13. bubs_42

    Sold Lovepedal BOA V1

    What do you get when you put an Amp 11 and a Kalamazoo in one box? A Box of Awesome that's what! Two great overdrives that sound great apart and stack super well, you can even change the order. Price included shipping and Paypal. $150 It is the purple/blue one on the left. Non original box...
  14. bubs_42

    Sold Dr Z Z28

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