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  1. cbpickin

    FS RATS!: 1981 DRV (Stormtrooper), Mr. Vermin

    1981 Inventions DRV $275 shipped I just paid $332 off of Reverb for this one, but I have too many RAT style pedals. It comes with everything as new. ***function fx Mini 4 knob RAT $145SOLD*** Excellent condition with box, velcro on bottom. Awesome RAT with a 3 way switch for LED's, Silicon...
  2. cbpickin

    FS Tremolos: Spaceman Delta II, Quaverato, and Mr. O phaser

    Spaceman Delta II $175 shipped Excellent condition with box. Does harmonic and regular, amplitude tremolo. Lots of features in a small box. Zeppelin Labs Quaverato (built professionally by BMF Effects) $185 shipped Basically brand new with box. BMF Effects built this and it is has a unique...
  3. cbpickin

    Favorite Pedal for Each Effect Type

    Overdrive: Red Snapper Distortion: RAT Fuzz: Monsterpiece Ge Delay: Analogman ARDX20 Reverb: True Spring Chorus: Analogman Vibrato: Phaser: '74 MXR Phase 90 Tremolo: Matthews Effects The Conductor v1 Univibe: Roger Mayer Voodoo Vibe TC Flanger: Compression: Analogman Octave: Chicago Iron...
  4. cbpickin

    Proco Rat Big Box Reissue - talk me out of it

    The big boxes sound the same as the RAT2's. All USA RATs are great, and each sounds slightly differently due to parts tolerances. I am probably not the guy to talk you out of owning more than one RAT. I sold all of these except the '86 in the middle top row, but I also own a Fat Rat, Rattler...
  5. cbpickin

    How does the JAM Harmonious Monk compare to the best?

    No. It didn't honestly last that long for me. It is a really good tremolo, but I am not much of a harmonic tremolo guy. I keep tryimg them though. For normal trem, my two favorites are the Matthew Effects The Conductor and the Powerglide. I like a good fat sine wave, but I do own seven...
  6. cbpickin

    Heritage H-137

    I have an '07 H137 that is a great guitar. The Lollars sound great in it, but I had to change the tuners to Tone Pros after about 6 months when a couple of the stock tuners failed. I also have an H530 that I picked up recently that is another great guitar. It is well made and very playable.
  7. cbpickin

    Which of these three ring mods would you recommend?

    I really like the Randy's Revenge. It is easy to dial in great sounds and has a great sounding tremolo, as does the Moogerfooger, but it is available and is small with a 9v jack.
  8. cbpickin

    I need a smooth low to mid gain OD that cuts through the mix.

    Barber Gain Changer SR fits the bill as well. I have been using a lot more lately live, and it cuts through with great harmonic content and a little compression.
  9. cbpickin

    WTB Reinhardt Willard

    I had one years ago and keep looking, but just missing them, so I thought I would put up a WTB ad.
  10. cbpickin

    The RAT - In praise of one of the coolest dirt sources!

    Lol, yeah on my phone, and I left out the fan part. I ain't no dirty rat, I tell ya.
  11. cbpickin

    The RAT - In praise of one of the coolest dirt sources!

    Not sure what you mean. It IS an incredible RAT pedal, but I needed money for a guitar at the time and had plenty of good RAT options.
  12. cbpickin

    The RAT - In praise of one of the coolest dirt sources!

    I am a big RAT fan I am and have owned a bunch of them, but the ones I currently have are my original '86, Rattler, Chicago Stompworks Vermin, Black Secret, and a FaRat. I wish I would have hung onto my EarthQuaker Lifepedal; it was a great RAT.
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