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    Why are no modelers building in amp feedback (ala the FreqOut) into their devices?

    I play a Fractal FM3 with a Digitech FreqOut. I use the FreqOut because often times I monitor with Iems and want to simulate the amp feedback that one gets standing in front of a cranked amp. Even when monitoring with an FRFR, this is hard to achieve without something like the FreqOut. Why do...
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    Fender Tone Master amps: Possible updates and functions for ‘hidden’ USB Jack

    I have owned my Fender Tone Master Deluxe Reverb about 2 months before I realized it has a USB jack. Watching and reading a lot of reviews on the amp, I haven’t seen this mentioned once. In fact, I’ve seen reviews lamenting the lack of a USB jack. Now that I’ve found it, I’m wondering...
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    Looking into battery powered options for powering my AX8...

    I'm looking into getting a battery powered option for powering my Fractal AX8. The unit says is 20V but I see nothing on it, or in the documentation on amperage. Also, any ideas on what I could use? Pedaltrain used to make the Volto but I'm not sure if it's still on the market or whether or...
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    NGD: Ampli-Firebox - some not so obvious observations

    Yesterday my new Ampli-Firebox arrived. I'm a former Amplifire owner and pulled the trigger on this as a backup for my Fractal AX8, which incidentally fritz's out on me for outdoor gigs, producing hum. Fractal is sending me a new power supply that I'm going to install to see if it fixes the...
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    Headrush: What is the RB-01 amp?

    Headrush: What is the RB-01 amp modeled after?
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    Less overdrive for louder volumes even for a modeler?

    When I used tube amps, I found that as you turn up the amp, because of power tube saturation, you'll get more gain and as a result you might have to dial down some gain. But have any of you found this to be true for your MODELERS as well? I played an outdoor gig yesterday and it seemed that...
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    Best options for bass modelers?

    Best options for bass modelers? Go!
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    Blackstar Artist 15 chan 1 for Power Engine type Monitor

    I used to own a Tech 21 Power Engine so I have an idea of how they sound... I normally use a Xitone FRFR with my Amplifire but wanted to share a discovery that I made with my Blackstar Artist 15 amp. Channel 1 of this amp works great with the Amplifire. I think it is because it is a very purist...
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    Convolver SW suggestions

    What is the best convolver software to use for mixing IRs? Are there any good free solutions? BTW, even though I've purchased loads of IRs from Redwirez, 3 Sigma and Ownhammer, my favorite cabinets are the free Marshall 1960A G12Ms mic'd with an SM57. I'm looking to play around with mixes with...
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    Amplifire Bug - FIXED!

    I love my AF but this is twice it has done this to me: Thankfully, the bug is VERY intermittent. The last time it might have done this was maybe 6 months ago. Like the first time, I can fix it just by powering it off and back on again. I wasn't doing anything to trigger this. The first time...
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    Amplifire's power amp mode for acoustic tones

    I've loaded a 3 Sigma Taylor acoustic IR that I like and have been trying to use it live with my acoustic to model the sound of the guitar being mic'd. I get some feedback at reasonable volumes. Today I noticed that the amp section in the editor has the power amp section under it. I was under...
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    EQ Questions

    Do I remember correctly that the general rule for parametric EQ is to use a narrow Q for cuts and a broad Q for boosts? Also, am I correct that the larger the Q number, the narrower the Q is?
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    Modeling: how do they do it?

    So how do the manufacturers model amps? I know with IRs they run signal noise generators through mic'd speakers and record the audios, but how are the models crafted (not asking about profiles like with the Kemper)?
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    Mp3 jack on Amplifire

    Has anyone tried to use the Mp3 jack on their Amplifire? I recently tried it for the first time and could not get any audio. I was expecting to hear it play back mixed with the audio already routing through the auxiliary XLR outs. Any ideas?
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    Modeled feedback as an effect

    Is there any reason a modeler couldn't have an effect parameter that we could turn on and off that would model the way an amp might feedback ? it would be really cool if one could turn such a thing on and off and adjusted for intensity as an example. Such a thing might be cool to even leave on...
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    Troubleshooting ideas for Amplifire not accepting an IR?

    I have an Amplifire and am trying to load a banjo IR that I found here to it: https://ccrma.stanford.edu/~jiffer8/420/source/mic_banjo.wav The file is obviously a .wav but Amplifire won't load this. Any ideas as to what I can do or try to get it to load?
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    Amplifire compressor: pedal vs studio

    What is the difference between the pedal and studio versions of the compressor on the Amplifire? I can't honestly hear a difference & the controls seem identical....
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    Amplifire: Does anyone use the restore saved backups regularly?

    I've used the Amplifire's backup utility as a fail-safe but I've honestly been a little scared to even test the restore. Fortunately, I haven't needed to but I was wondering.... does anyone regularly use it? If so, how well does it work? I ask because I can see myself potentially using the...
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    EQ volume compensation

    So I'm realizing that I need to adjust the volume levels on my EQ settings to compensate for volume increases. If I boost x hz by +3 db, I simply cut the volume of the EQ by 3db right? If so, then if I have an 8 brand graphic EQ, if I raise every frequency by 3db (no reason to do this, just a...
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    Tips for tweaking tones for outdoor venues?

    I played an outdoor venue last Sat & although the mix was clear, I found my tone thin and dry. The dry thing is kind of expected since I normally minimize verbs for indoor tones. I can compensate there by creating separate patches in my Amplifire while wearing headphones. However, what kind of...
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    Wireless IEMS as FRFRs?

    I hear a lot of talk about speakers for FRFRs around here, but I'd like to hear about success/failures, opinions of wireless (or wired even) IEMS as an FRFR alternative. I just ordered a wireless IEM and am planning on going to the gig with just my Amplifire pedalboard and the wireless IEM...
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    Difference between multi speaker vs single speaker IRs that are not multi mic'd

    IR question: If an impulse is of a single close mic'd cabinet, what would be the difference sonically between a single speaker and a multi speaker IR? Since there's only one close mic, it seems that it wouldn't pick up much if any of the multiple speakers to make a difference between a 1x12 vs...
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    Amplifire EQ questions

    I know the difference between shelving, hpf and lpf parametric EQs and I understand band pass to mean that you can cut or boost dbs centered around a specific frequency. But what does gain only' mean for the PEQs. Does this mean that it is only EQ'ing the distortion portion of the signal or...
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    Amplifire Ground Loop fix?

    At a recent outdoor gig, I had my Amplifire 1/4' out plugged into my FRFR monitor. As soon as I connected the XLR to the house feed, I got a ground loop buzz. The fix was for me to split the 1/4' via a DI box. But I'm wondering.... if I were to be using a grounded power supply box like the...
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    Wireless IEM options for modelers?

    Has anyone else tried using a wireless IEM for your modeler rig as opposed to either an amp or an FRFR? I have two other interesting thoughts to add to this idea: 1. Some IEMs have ambient ports. I've never used them before but they basically are supposed to let you hear the room without...
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