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    IMHO Bad Advice Jazz Improv method

    I received a spam from Jamey Abersold. While I was checking out the description for a book called "Target Tones" I came accross a new jazz improv series called "Know Before You Blow" . In the description of the method is this sentence>> "Every student eventually realizes the need to reduce the...
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    Field Recorder for Acoustic?

    Has anyone used one of those small portable field recorders for recording an acoustic guitar? Like the Olympus, Sony, Zoom etc Can they capture the acoustic tone decently? (Using the built in mike not direct from a piezo) Not for making real demos or anything but for capturing a perfromance...
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    60s reissue strat electronics question

    I tried a couple of new "60s" Strats (MIM) and a couple of Road Worn strats (which I also think is supposed to be model after 60s). When I tried the first one I thought there was a problem, the tone control did not work on the bridge pickup. Then I found on all 5-6 I tried at different stores...
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    What are you paying for strings per pack(electric)?

    just curious what people are doing with the economy being crap.
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    GC "Kid's today" rant (and es339 content)

    So I am the local GC this weekend and they finally got an es339 in, I wanted to try it. It was above the Fender amps, I take it down and plug into a Fender amp below it. Plop myself down on the stool there and start playing. I have played for maybe 20-30 seconds when some high school kid (he...
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    So far I see no evidence of economy effecting guitar prices

    I would have thought there would be deals on used gear everywhere. Even on new I would think stores would be getting nervous about their in-stock levels. I really don't see any delas perculating up around my area (CT) I live in an area with many big ticket item stores (furniture, appliances...
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    I can not justify buying these pups but they look so cool

    http://www.seymourduncan.com/products/electric/humbucker/progressive/prails_shpr1/ demo on youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fZhJXcSVnfs Sounds like a great idea, was considering trying them in my Reverend Rocco (would be an ultra easy upgrade) but as I already have a P90 guitar, I...
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    Fender Baja Tele

    Opinions please How is the soft V neck feel? How are the neck and bridge pickups? Overall quality worth $800 Thanks
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    Eastwood Guitars Opinions

    Anybody own Eastwoods? What do you think? I was intrigued by the sound samples on their website, especially of the Airline Tuxedo. There is a dealer local to me but they don't have that particular one in stock. When I get a chance I will head down to try them, I want to see if the necks are...
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    Just started trying this out and gettting into it. It has only been a week. Any recommendations on people to listen to who use DADGAD? I know Richard Thompson, Eric Roch and Lawrence Juber.
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    String Recommendations for Acoustic?

    Looking for string recommendations for: Gibson Advanced Jumbo Old Guild F20 (smaller size acoustic, I string it with XLight guage, I do not think I can put heavier on it.) Not interested in Elixers Thanks
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    Gibson Les Paul BFG

    Saw one in a local store at lunch hour, did not have time to try it, looks interesting. Anybody try one? Thought? I kind of like the idea of a p90 neck and HB bridge pups on a Les Paul. Weird finish.
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    PRS Pickup Rings

    I would like to replace the black pickup rings on mye PRS with creme ones. I don't see any parts, aside from pups, in the PRS online store Could I just use standard humbucker pickup rings like Gibson parts?
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    Maj7 chord notation, triangle from Coltrane?

    I was reading in a book that the triangle used to notate major7 chords originated from John Coltrane. Is that true? I always thought it was a Berkely thingy.
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