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  1. TheSmeeze007

    Sold My Helix + cash for your guitar

    You can find pictures of my Helix in the digital emporium. Looking to trade my Helix and Helix backpack + cash for something along the lines of: *friedman vintage t with humbuckers *suhr classic antique pro hss *prs singlecut type with 2-piece bridge *2013 or later Gibson les paul standard...
  2. TheSmeeze007

    Sold Line 6 Helix with Backpack

    Hi Guys! This was purchased last December from Sweetwater. I purchased it to use as my pedalboard but after having it for a while I've decided that I like collecting analog pedals more and that I'm not using all of the features of the helix enough to justify keeping it. I only used it at a...
  3. TheSmeeze007

    How to Clean a Charvel GG

    Hi Guys! I bought a Charvel GG not too long ago, and I was wondering the best way to clean the neck and fingerboard, and even the body. The neck finish is hand-rubbed urethane gel and the body is satin lacquer. Thanks in advance for your help! Aaron
  4. TheSmeeze007

    Cleaning the Neck and Body on a Charvel GG

    Hi Guys! I bought a Charvel GG not too long ago, and I was wondering the best way to clean the neck and fingerboard, and even the body. The neck finish is hand-rubbed urethane gel and the body is satin lacquer. I've always used lighter fluid to clean guitars in the past, but I want to...
  5. TheSmeeze007

    Sold Free the Tone Gigs Boson overdrive

    Free the Tone Gigs Boson overdrive in pristine condition with box and manual. I am looking to trade for a univibe clone or octave fuzz type pedal. I will add cash if needed. Trade value is TRADED LOCALLY. Not looking to sell, but to trade! Thanks! Aaron
  6. TheSmeeze007

    Sold ESP Eclipse II standard in distressed cherry sunburst

    2007 ESP Eclipse II standard (made in Japan, NOT LTD.) in distressed cherry sunburst. Mahogany neck and back, maple cap, and rosewood fretboard. Thin, U-shaped neck, 12" radius tonepros bridge, Seymour Duncan humbuckers (jb in the bridge / '59 neck). The guitar is in great shape, and plays...
  7. TheSmeeze007

    Friedman 4x12 cabs

    So I am in the market for a 4x12, and I am interested in getting a friedman vintage 4x12 with the greenback / v3o combination. How is the build quality? How does it relate to other boutique 4x12s like the bogner or stone age? How is the combination of speakers different than running all...
  8. TheSmeeze007

    Best 2x12 cab and speakers for hard rock with friedman pink taco

    I have a Suhr 2x12 with an oval port in the back and G12-65s. It's smooth, but I want something that sounds better for hi-gain rock, like van halen, guns n roses, alice in chains, etc. What 2x12 cab and speakers do I need to get a more aggressive, distorted tone? Does anyone have experience...
  9. TheSmeeze007

    Fulltone Solid State TTE

    Anybody heard any updates? Is it still in production? Any estimated time frame?
  10. TheSmeeze007

    Any Love for Gibson Les Paul Classic Custom?

    I've owned many Gibsons throughout the years, but my goldtop Les Paul Classic Custom is awesome. It just plays like butter, and the quality just seems better than what I've experienced with the other Gibsons that I've owned. I recognize that a baked maple fretboard on a les paul is controversial...
  11. TheSmeeze007

    Xotic Wah - WHEN IS IT COMING OUT?

    Anybody have a release date on the Xotic wah? It's been in the works for years, but it's taken forever for it to come out. What the crap is taking so long? I WANT ONE DARN IT!!! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=W2c9s_xGAdc
  12. TheSmeeze007

    Friedman Dirty Shirley vs Reeves Super 78

    I'm interested in adding one of these amps to my arsenal, but I don't have the opportunity to play either one before buying. I've seen YouTube clips, but I'd like to get opinions from you guys on the forum. How do they differ tonally? I know it's subjective, but if any of you have played...
  13. TheSmeeze007

    Power Scaling

    For those of you that know, how well does power scaling work? Can you really get a cranked amp sound at low volume? Does it work better than a master? How difficult is it to add power scaling to a vintage plexi-style amp? (amp already has mods for master volume and effects loop). Thanks...
  14. TheSmeeze007

    Follow My Guitar blog on Tumblr!

    Hi Guys! I just started up a blog on tumblr that will feature reviews of gear and guitars. Im just getting it off the ground, but it would be awesome if you guys would would check out the blog and follow me. I could use your support! http://aaronlincolnsmith.tumblr.com/ Sound demos...
  15. TheSmeeze007

    Removing 1 layer of paint on guitar headstock

    Hello all! Let me preface this by saying that I know nothing about stripping paint from a guitar, and I'm hoping to take advantage of everyone's knowledge! I have an Ernie Ball Music Man Axis (actually for sale in the emporium, though I'm thinking of keeping it). The previous owner had the...
  16. TheSmeeze007

    FTR 37 vs. OD100 classic

    Hey there again dudes. Thinking about selling my CAA OD100 and getting a Divided by 13 FTR 37. I know the specs on the amps, but I've never played an FTR 37 before and I'm just wondering what I can expect from the FTR 37, if I were to go that route. Obviously, the OD100 will have more low...
  17. TheSmeeze007

    Suhr/CAA OD100SH conversion to classic+

    Hey there Gear-Pagers! Quick question for you guys that are familiar with the CAA OD100SH and classic+. I have an OD100SH (which is basically an early version of the classic, has EL34s, plexi tranny), and I'm considering sending it in to Suhr to have it converted to a classic+. I just want...
  18. TheSmeeze007

    Aaron from KY

    Hello all! My name is Aaron Smith and I'm from Louisville, KY, and I just got back in March from living in Japan for about 6 years. It's great to be back home! I have hardcore GAS, and I just love to play. I've been a member of the Gear Page since I was in Japan, but I just became a...
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