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  1. Gridlock

    Anyone else own a Gibson Les Paul Custom Lite?

    2014 Gibson Les Paul Custom Lite. I did’t know these existed until a few months ago when I found this one. Guess that this model ran a few years in the 80’s and the another run in 2013, 2014, and 2016. Cosmetics like a Custom, to me, it sounds like a Standard. A nice beefy neck, the body is...
  2. Gridlock

    NAD 1962 Fender Vibrolux-Amp

    In amazing condition, all original except for speaker (‘63 Jensen), new filter caps, and 3-prong plug. Tolex, cab, faceplate, and chassis near mint. Grill cloth good condition. Photo’s forth coming. Grid
  3. Gridlock

    Valve Art KT66 -Installed Height from Base?

    I recently purchased a 1972 Marshall combo and I want to swap out the EL34’s with KT66’s. Clearance is an issue, I have a matched pair of Marshall branded KT66’s that only gives me about a 1/16 of an inch clearance (measures 4.450” from the base installed or 113 mm). I’ve been helped on another...
  4. Gridlock

    Marshall 1973x 18-watt (2x12) Speaker Help Request

    I recently bought a used Marshall 1973x and I’m back ito the 18 watt club again. The amp is in almost new condition except it was missing the two original 20 watt Greenback Speakers. In place of the Greenbacks was a G12H30 Vintage Series and a G12-35XC. This combination actually sounded pretty...
  5. Gridlock

    Marshall 1973x Dimensions

    Just bought a 2014 model on line. Just curious about the size of the cab. I cannot find dimensions online. I’ve owned a couple of 1974x’s and a vintage 1969 Marshall 1930 converted to an 18 watt so I know what to expect sound wise. I’m hoping that the 2x12 version of a 1974x adds a little more...
  6. Gridlock

    Redplate Blackverb -Experience & Comments

    I have a lead on one of these that seems to be in mint condition and at a good price (comparing the same amp used online). Not really looking to buy another amp, but this amp has me curious, and semi-interested in pursuing it further. Note that this is the first Redplate amp that I’ve ever...
  7. Gridlock

    NCD Two Rock

    Bought a mint Two Rock 1x12 cab with white tolex today. It has a TR12-65B speaker inside. From what I’ve read, it is Two Rock design Warehouse Speaker. I’m guessing similar to a Celestion G12-65. A really nice cab and I’m planning on using it with my two Marshall Astoria combos. Primary with...
  8. Gridlock

    Two NOMAD (New Old Marshall Amps Day)

    I picked up these two Marshall’s today in a gear trade: - 1972 Marshall Mercury 2060 (red tolex) combo - 1979 Marshall JMP 2104 MKII Master Lead combo Both amps show their age, but are in pretty good condition, and should clean up well with minimal restoration. The JMP has the original...
  9. Gridlock

    OD Pedal for Marshall 1962hw Bluesbreaker

    Sold my 1962hw about six months ago and recently bought it back. Sold the BB mainly due to not finding a decent sounding OD pedal to use with the amp. I think that the BB will work fine without an OD pedal for some of my band's songs, but some songs need medium overdrive (GNR style of...
  10. Gridlock

    Mesa Lonestar 2x12

    Bought one of these for cheap, for about 1/2 price of what I normally see used. I have not picked it up yet but did get a chance to test it out for a short time. The amp is in good condition and even has the foot-switch included. I really don't need another amp but I could not walk away from...
  11. Gridlock

    Rare Marshall JMP 2100 Combo (NAD a few weeks ago)

    A 1976 Marshall model 2100 JMP Lead & Bass, 50W 2x12 combo. Taken from another post from here that I found in a google search, "This amp was in production from 1973 up to 1976. It is pretty rare as it was only available through mail-order. This is a two channel amp, one channel is that of an...
  12. Gridlock

    Marshall 1962hw (lower volume overdrive help needed)

    Hi, I bought a brand new Marshall 1962hw on a recent Black Friday deal. I saved approx $1000, then had Eric Collins grill cloth installed. I am really having trouble getting good Marshall overdriven tones jamming with friends at moderate band volumes. I've tried all kinds of overdrive pedals...
  13. Gridlock

    2x NAD(s) within 2-weeks Mesa Mark Series Amps

    Got these two Boogies a week apart. One is a Mark 1RI and the second a Mark IIB. Both sound good, but I'm liking the IIB a little more... I think that the RI is due for a tube change.
  14. Gridlock

    Vintage Marshall 1930 JMP Combo

    1969 Marshall converted to 18 watt circuit (1958).
  15. Gridlock

    NAD '69 Fender (Drip Edge) Twin Reverb

    Got this yesterday. The amp has been recently serviced and blackfaced. New filter caps. Original Transformers, Speakers, and Reverb Tank, RCA Pre-amp Tubes. I got three of the four vintage RCA 6L6's (one was bad) and the amp has a new set of Ruby's. Sounds glorious. Hard to decide which Fender...
  16. Gridlock

    I might have finally found my sound...

  17. Gridlock

    Guess that I now have too many amps... My Signature is too long

    1966 Fender Princeton Reverb 1968 Fender Vibro Champ Amp (black line) 1969 Fender Super Reverb Amp (BF'd) 1976 Fender Deluxe Reverb (BF'd) 1989 Mesa Boogie Mark III Combo (blue stripe) 2006 Marshall 1974x 2007 Marshall Vintage Modern 2266C Combo 2012 Marshall Class5 Combo 2016 Marshall Astoria...
  18. Gridlock

    Marvel Drive Experience?

    I just purchased one of these used (and untested) and the pedal is on a 30 day hold. I have tried quite a few OD pedals with my Marshall 1974x trying to get the amp some improved fullness and bottem-end for low and moderate volume playing without a lot of success. I have read some good things...
  19. Gridlock

    NAD Astoria Dual

    Just picked this up tonight. No chance to really see how it sounds.
  20. Gridlock

    NAORD Friedman Dirty Shirley Combo

    New Amp On Order Day, a Friedman Dirty Shirley Combo. I owned one of these for a short time last year for about a month. I returned it when I found a good deal on a Marshall 1962hw Bluesbreaker, my dream amp. Probably should have kept the DS because the BB was just too big and too loud for my...
  21. Gridlock

    Marshall Astoria Classic Experience?

    Close to buying one of these. A Marshall 1962hw Bluesbreaker has my favorite Marshall tone. I played an Astoria recently and I think that it might be able to get BB tones from the amp and the Astoria is in a much smaller, lighter, and less loud package. All help appreciated. Grid
  22. Gridlock

    NAD Mesa Boogie Mark III

    Just got this yesterday, a Mark III Blue Stripe. Pretty mint. All the goodies, Simul-Class, Equalizer, Reverb, and an EV12M. Like it so far. This is my second Mark series Boogie. Recently sold my Mark IIB.
  23. Gridlock

    Just Ordered Friedman Dirty Shirley Combo

    The title says it all. I tried the Dirty Shirley Head/Cab and Combo at the NYC Times Square Guitar Center two months ago and was pretty impressed with both amps, even at lower volumes. I got to A/B them against a Marshall 1958X and a few other Friedman amps. I liked the DS the best. I've been...
  24. Gridlock

    Retro King 45 Watt Combo “Bluesbreaker” (Knowledge/Experience)

    I’ve been wanting to add the perfect Marshall style Bluesbreaker amp to add to my collection that would meet my mostly at-home guitar playing needs. Is anyone familiar with these Retro King amps? They seem to be good value for the money, with real point-to-point wiring, high quality...
  25. Gridlock

    NAD Marshall 1962HW Bluesbreaker

    A pretty amazing sounding Marshall. I've never seen one of these until the amp arrived. I could not believe how big this thing is, 32 inches wide. Sounds great. Not as super loud as most articles state, at least it is not as loud as my 50 watt Marshall 1987x. The only negative of the...
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