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    Which delay comes close to the Memory Lane...

    I wouldn't call the memory lane 2 dark. The tone control can quite drastically change the feel of the ML2 from very dark and muddy to very bright and chirpy. But I do think the deluxe memory boy is a good suggestion. Even if it's a bit dark for my tastes, it has the best modulation of the...
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    Mooer mini wah?

    Yeah the MosaiTone LoFi sounds fun. I'm guessing it will be based on their existing lofimachine
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    Mooer mini wah?

    These are super exciting, especially how many they're doing. I wonder what they're based on and how the Limulus, Golden Age, and Lemon Wahs differ.
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    Diamond Memory Lane 2 is now out of production.

    An BBD chip better than the MN3005?
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    Ehx Microsynth, Bit Comander, or Pigtronix Mothership?

    While these pedals are all grouped together as synth pedals, they're all quite different. The bit commander is simply a glitchy octave-fuzz like an MXR blue box. The microsynth is basically an octave-fuzz, but much tamer than the bit comander, with an on-board envelope filter. The filter is...
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    Had no idea my Flashback was a Chorus pedal...

    "Flashback and the other TonePrint pedals are true stereo. This means that they have sensors on both the stereo input and output. If Flashback is connected in stereo on the input side it will process the effect in stereo." The effect would be like two flashbacks pedals in series
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    NAMM 2014

    I stand corrected. Still quite a non-standard list of voltage requirments for their product line, which has put me off their pedals before.
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    NAMM 2014

    I guess because all the Pigtronix stuff frustrating uses 15v
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    Any 'mid hump' mods out there for a CE-2

    I have to agree that the eq of the CE-2 is exactly what makes a CE-2. If you want a flatter eq you should try a Small Clone, but it doesn't sound like a CE-2. Sounds good, but different.
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    Always on delay question

    I typically stack delays in order of delay time. So a shorter delay before a longer delay. I don't ever use slap back, but if I did I would put it before another delay. I think sounds more natural that way.
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    Anyone else not crazy about fuzz?

    I know exactly what you mean. For a long time I just did not get all the fuss about fuzz. It just didn't work with my rig/sound/style/whatever. It was the huge change between clean and fuzz in terms of volume, tone and compression. But lately I've been making a deliberate decision to use more...
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    Sonuus Wahoo

    I too had problems, with my first unit - which was apparently due to a bad batch - but my second unit work flawlessly. I really like the Wahoo. The filter itself is really good. From my interaction with them I found out that it's based on a transistor ladder design, similar to a Moog style...
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    Sonuus Voluum Pedal

    I had a bad foot pedal on my first Wahoo and from what I understand there was a problem with one of the early production runs such that a part used in the foot pedal sensor had a very high failure rate. When I dealt with their customer service they were well aware of the problem and claimed to...
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    Amp for synthetizer

    I prefer my analog synth arsenal - DSI Mopho, SC Sixtrak and Vermona Mono Lancet - through guitar amps. Specifically clean American/Fender amps. I think the limited range/EQ/etc helps focus the sound and makes it feel more organic. Maybe it's different for big digital pads, not sure.
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    New Boss OD1X and Boss DS1X

    From the product brochures That's a shame
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    Monotron experimentation?

    Oh it's doable. The only complication is that the monotron output is mono over a stereo head phone jack, so you need to either use a stereo to mono adapter or a y-cable and leave one end unplugged. I have the first monotron and monotron delay. All three are basically the same, but...
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    Monotron experimentation?

    The filter sounds great on guitar, but it's way too noisy and a bit of a faff to use regularly.
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    build mini pedals

    Mad Bean has boards for mini pedals http://www.madbeanpedals.com/projects/index.html
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    POG 2 and Synth

    A POG can get really synthy, just not on it's own. A POG through a Muff and a low-pass filter, like the Subdecay Prometheus DLX, is pretty much a polyphonic (well paraphonic) EHX Microsynth with way more flexibility. It's the filter that's key to analog synth sounds. A classic analog synth...
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    Help me find a random mod FX

    The Subdecay Prometheus DLX does sample and hold LP filtering as does the Subdecay Proteus http://www.subdecay.com/prometheus-dlx-deluxe-resonant-filter Can get really synthy with a fuzz in front
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    Pigtronix Philosophers Tone

    I think this is interesting I'd be interested if someone wants to elaborate on how the the blend function on the Tone Press and Philosophers Tone differ/compare. Does it relate to the tone of the compression vs the dry signal?
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    Analog delay with dual delay

    The red Witch Titan isn't analog There isn't any analog dual delays that I know about. The best bet is a couple of carbon copies or memory boys if you need tap.
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