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    Your 1st guitar

    late 70's, made in Korea, my dad bought this for $35. Later I found out he bought it for himself, and when he couldn't figure it out handed it down to me. Frets are almost done, but it seems wrong to put any money into it. I have already spent more that it's original value replacing the tuning...
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    Silliest guitar I want right now

    couldn't resist this one a while back. also a bit tough to play sitting down.
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    Older Larrivee solid body... approx value??

    thanks for the info, people.
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    Older Larrivee solid body... approx value??

    kind of a closet classic, my friend has had this for about 20 years or so. anyone have any expertise? I didn't see a model number on it apologies for crappy cellphone pics, I was distracted by the Floyd Rose lookin' thingie
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    Thornley and Thorn, Suhr NAMM 2014 party

    I love that song. I love that soooong I love that soooong great work Pete. a couple of good Canadian kids blowing the roof off!
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    John Mayer's on SNL right now backing Frank Ocean....

    I learned of Frank Ocean via the Afghan Whigs' cover of Love Crimes. It led me back to the source material, which is really good stuff. looking forward to SNL on the west coast
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    Solos 101?

    make your fills way longer. ;)
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    Mark Knopfler live. enjoy!

    well that was a pleasant hour. thanks for the link!
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    I once played guitar so well that....

    I once asked Chuck Norris to re-string my guitar.... you remember that scene from Ghost Ship? yeah, that was the result.
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    Santana dances the night away

    no sir, I do not like this at all. there is zero of that 'edge' that made the original great.
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    Most perfectly realized rock album ever?

    odd - DSOTM has always been "the perfect album, except for that one song" I always thought "Money" was a crappy song the first time i heard it, and I still do. a couple of perfect albums for me: Afghan Whigs - Gentlemen AC/DC - Highway to Hell Van Halen - I The Cure - Disintegration
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    Favorite Unknown or Underrated 80's Band

    Concrete Blonde - it's a shame they are mostly known as the "Joey" band, because their two albums that came out in the 80's were terrific. Hoodoo Gurus - just fun guitar rock from Australia. Mars Needs Guitars a great album. So was Blow Your Cool.
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    Any Love for Kim Mitchell?

    oddly, i like Max Webster, but not Kim Mitchell.
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    Goofy looking dudes with great voices!

    the first time i saw Screaming Trees (early 90s), Mark Lanegan was so skinny he was pretty effectively hiding behind the microphone stand. Then came this booming growl of a voice. Incongruent, but flat out awesome. 9z6_zqk7V10
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    Eric Johnson - Ah Via Musicom - 1990 - Where You There?

    I was about 20 when that album came out. i had heard Cliffs of Dover, and is was something special for sure. I saw him open for Joe Satriani, and spent the break wondering why the hell Satch would have someone THAT strong setting the bar every night. Satch came out and killed it as well...
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    Want to buy a guitar - but your pictures suck!

    is it ironic that this thread was made in the Sound Hound lounge?
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    Bands who have released alarming number of best of compilations ?

    Clapton has a whole mess of 'em The Cure does, as well. both of them at least have the discographies to back them up.
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    I know, I know - the Turbo Tuner is the best. But what are you actually using?

    this ------------^ also the read-out is bright enough for outdoor use.
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    Anybody ever thought of getting a guitar from their birth year?

    yeah, i'd love to get a 70 LP. some day.... some day....
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    What was the name of your first band?

    awesome story ---------^
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    AIC: Dirt

    me too. my first intro to Smashing Pumpkins, too. I bought the Soundtrack and just played the hell out of it, then pretty much went through the catalogues of every artist on the soundtrack. Jar of Flies is the only EP to make my desert island disc list.
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    What was the name of your first band?

    Stool. the debut album was to be "The First Movement" :aok
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    Best music films and/or Rockumentaries?

    I quite enjoyed Flight 666 (Iron Maiden). also, Soul Power was interesting - it was about the concert featuring James Brown that was set up as part of the Ali / Foreman fight in Zaire in 1974.
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    Black Country Communion (Bonamossa content)

    I rather liked the first album. It got a little self indulgent towards the end, but for the msot part, it's just good, straight ahead rock.
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    What's your favorite non-guitar instrument?

    I've always liked trumpet. give me some Chet Baker and a good bottle of wine, and I'm happy.
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