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    Understanding types of Minor Scales

    I know the relationship between Major Scales and Minor Scales(Natural Minor Scales), A Minor Scale is built starting from the sixth note of the relative Major Scale .i.e. A minor Scale is relative to C Major Scale B minor Scale is relative to D Major Scale .... (W-H-W-W-H-W-W - >...
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    Understanding C Major Scale Patterns

    I read some articles about 3 notes per string pattern for constructing Major Scale. With this construction we will have 7 different Patterns in C Major Scale (Say), As we select 7 different roots (C,D,E,F,G,A,B). I'm having a little doubt, Why in Pattern 3,4,5,6 roots are choosen more farther...
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    Major Chords ?

    What about B Major and F major chords. Do they are basic chords or they are different. How many total major and minor chords are there please name them.
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    Major Chords ?

    Thanx everybody for help
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    Major Chords ?

    Hello Friends these are the major chords that I found to be correct. But When I was watching lecture on www.coursera.com i.e Berklee College of Music Introduction to Guitar I got confused they showed some other way of playing the major chords. Please help does above are the correct...
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