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  1. Custom 24

    Should the Stones have finally broken up after the death of Charlie Watts?

    Saw them in St. Louis last night, it was wonderful. They also did a great tribute to Charlie
  2. Custom 24

    NGD! Les Paul Reissue

    My fiancé kept urging me “get the Goldtop. They look so classy”.
  3. Custom 24

    NGD! Les Paul Reissue

    Absolutely. The high E is the only string that touches the back of the bridge when I have the tailpiece all the way down (the way I prefer). But still, I perceive a looser string tension with top wrapping.
  4. Custom 24

    NGD! Les Paul Reissue

    Right! Lots of wave. Very 3D too!
  5. Custom 24

    NGD! Les Paul Reissue

    Arrived 2 weeks ago….have been playing it everyday and have been through 3 gigs with it so far. Absolutely loving it! My only other guitar with humbuckers has a trem along with hot pickups, so this is quite a different beast. It is a bright guitar…lots of bite with a huge amount of sustain. The...
  6. Custom 24

    10 favourite records of all time ?

    No particular order: CSNY - Deja Vu Peter Gabriel - So Hotel California Rubber Soul Chicago Transit Authority Tom Petty - Wildflowers Gaucho The Royal Scam Grateful Dead - Dead Set (live) Rush - Different Stages (live)
  7. Custom 24

    What was your first live music experience?

    The Eagles when I was 14. Joe Walsh blew my mind!
  8. Custom 24

    Wanting a new delay pedal; All recommendations welcome!

    Update: I didn’t get around to buying one yet. I did however receive an MXR Carbon Copy Deluxe for my birthday a few weeks ago. This wasn’t a pedal I was really considering, but it does sound good. I especially like the normal/bright options and the tap tempo. Still tweaking and figuring out the...
  9. Custom 24

    What Amp(s) Did You Buy in 2021?

    Traded in my 45 watt, 70 lb Mesa for a Deluxe Reverb. Loving it so far!
  10. Custom 24

    Buyer on Reverb claims his new pickup is broken

    I politely told him "sorry, there's nothing I can do at this point since a month a passed and my policy is 7 days." He comes back saying "I've been on the road a lot, and I had to wait for the lacquer to dry on the guitar...30 day warranty is pretty standard, but if that's how you roll I'll...
  11. Custom 24

    Buyer on Reverb claims his new pickup is broken

    Just checked in with Reverb support and they agree that it's too far past the delivery and they cannot help, nor am I obligated to provide a refund. Guess I'll tell this guy "Sorry, Bud"
  12. Custom 24

    Buyer on Reverb claims his new pickup is broken

    So, a month ago I sold a set of strat pickups on Reverb. They worked perfectly the last I used them. The buyer messaged me this morning saying he finally got around to installing them, and one of the pickups is dead; and he claims upon further inspection he sees that the wire is broken. I...
  13. Custom 24

    The best of the best of the best lines in songs, EVER

    Throw down a rope from heaven And lead the flock to water. The man in the middle would have you think that you have no other choice but to wonder in the wilderness of all the upturned faces. If you stop and listen long enough you will hear your own small voice.
  14. Custom 24

    Wanting a new delay pedal; All recommendations welcome!

    At this point, I’m kind of leaning towards the Boss DD-200. The TC Alter Ego v4 is something that looks cool but it doesn’t seem to get a lot of praise here.
  15. Custom 24

    Wanting a new delay pedal; All recommendations welcome!

    I really appreciate the responses thus far! I had some time this evening to watch some demo vids and do some research. So far I really like: -El Cap - seen it on boards for years and haven’t ever heard a bad thing about it, really. I wasn’t aware it has secondary functions. Only thing that...
  16. Custom 24

    Wanting a new delay pedal; All recommendations welcome!

    Let me start by saying that I don't know a ton regarding delay pedals...overdrives have always taken most of my attention! In 16 years of playing I've only had two. First was a Boss DD-3 and currently a TC Flashback. The tones I know I want are darker Echoplex-style tape delays and clear...
  17. Custom 24

    What Male Vocalists Do You Like?

    Don Henley Peter Gabriel Burton Cummings Paul Rodgers Roger Daltrey Ray Charles
  18. Custom 24

    Plimsoul EJ setting

    I had the Plimsoul years ago....It definitely didn't get as fuzzy as a Fuzz Face + Marshall combination. I'd say its an approximation of his lead Marshall tone but can't say for sure whether it's an emulation of his Tube Driver as well, like how the Hermida Dover Drive is.
  19. Custom 24

    Show your pedalboard: 2021

    This is such a great board. Are you getting all your dirt sounds from the Rat? I just bought my first and can definitely hear the versatility
  20. Custom 24

    What Pedals Have You Bought in 2021?

    I just bought a Rat, should be delivered tomorrow. I figured I should see what all the hype is about
  21. Custom 24


    I really enjoy stacking my Fuzz Face into a Klon-style boost. Sometimes I'll use a Tube Screamer instead of the Klon if I want a more gainy/compressed flavor.
  22. Custom 24

    A good bedroom amp for $600 or less

    Egnater Tweaker
  23. Custom 24

    Show your pedalboard: 2021

    Yes, I’m using pre/post. Signal chain is: Guitar>Fuzz>Tuner>Comp>Pre input of the Terraform. Then from the Terraform’s pre out>D&M>Sparkle Drive>input of my amp. Then my amp’s effects loop send goes into the Terraform’s post in, then from the Terraform’s post out into the Flashback, and finally...
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