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  1. Matt Novak

    Luthiers: what's on your workbench?

    Almost finished this up....
  2. Matt Novak

    One of the worst relic jobs I've seen (Knopfler signature Strat)

    Thank goodness they've rested it on a pad to avoid damaging the finish.
  3. Matt Novak

    Anyone build offset guitars with set necks and 25" or 25.5" scale lengths?

    I'm only a hobbyist, but here's something I'm building which seems to fit the bill (25.5 scale, set neck, etc) And a rough mockup:
  4. Matt Novak

    What percentage of used guitars for sale are dogs?

    Most, if not all canine attributes can be remedied with a set up and different electronics. I gigged a Squier (including TV appearances) for years, had a set of SD 1/4lb-ers in it and a decent set up, it was great. Prior to that, it would have been viewed as a dog.
  5. Matt Novak

    Show your custom-built guitars Thread!

    Some great guitars on display here. I've scratch built these during lockdown (every cloud etc). Clearly I'm not a great photographer, but they've been a lot of fun and more are planned: (mines the one on the left, obviously) Currently working on this one (pickguard is just paper on...
  6. Matt Novak

    Luthiers: what's on your workbench?

    Again, not a luthier, just a hobbyist - real neck is currently gluing up and the 'pickguard' is only a piece of paper - but I like the way this looks so far:
  7. Matt Novak

    remember gibson 2015

    I have a baked maple fretboard on my number 1, don't notice it at all and I've played about 1000 gigs with it (does it show?)
  8. Matt Novak

    Post a singlecut that’s not a Gibson Les Paul

    Have almost finished this build:
  9. Matt Novak

    Luthiers: what's on your workbench?

    I'm no luthier, but here's a couple I'm currently building: Smaller NRFB / tele mashup: And a Zemaitis / FB ''thing'':
  10. Matt Novak

    Share your Junior guitars

    Hi Giorgio - thank you! The body shape is approx 9/10ths the size of a 'proper' NRFB, so its more manageable - and yes, the neck is huge! Surprisingly comfortable though. Construction is mostly LP Jr style... Next to a tele for reference: I am halfway through building another, and, while...
  11. Matt Novak

    Share your Junior guitars

    I built this:
  12. Matt Novak

    Routing tenon/neck heel for Firebird Non Reverse confusion

    For what it's worth, I built a 9/10th scale NRFB recently, and I took a similiar approach - I disregarded how it 'should be done' and went with a much simpler neck join:
  13. Matt Novak

    9/10th scale NRFB (ish) build

    Hey @Jayyj - yup, smaller body and standard length (although this one is a Fender scale). Guitar is aboout the same size as a Tele. Cherry was red grain filler with cherry nitro over the top.
  14. Matt Novak

    9/10th scale NRFB (ish) build

    95% done - just need final tweaks and a polish.
  15. Matt Novak

    Luthiers: what's on your workbench?

    A smaller non-reverse Firebird style I've been building....
  16. Matt Novak

    9/10th scale NRFB (ish) build

    Hi all, I hope you're well. Been a while since I posted on TGP despite being a member for over a decade! Thought you might get a kick out of a lockdown scratch build I've almost finished... I have a ton of pics from raw wood to almost complete, but here's a couple of recent progress shots. If...
  17. Matt Novak

    How'd you save enough money for your first Gibson?

    Oh, so 8 years ago - when you were 7.
  18. Matt Novak

    Has anyone shopped online at musicstreet.co.uk?

    Totally legit, it's my local shop - and Andy, their sales manager plays bass in my band! Let me know if there's anything specific you want checking out.
  19. Matt Novak

    What the fu schnickens is THIS...?

    And Mazak / pot metal trem block. Not saying it couldn't be great, but am leaning towards it not being a Gibson. I'm not an expert though! Either way, who wouldn't buy a $50 guitar??
  20. Matt Novak

    What the fu schnickens is THIS...?

    Cheap tuners suggest non-Gibson to me.
  21. Matt Novak

    Eric Clapton's stolen 'Beano' Les Paul is "in US collection", claims Joe Bonamassa

    Which sounds like a quote from The Pubs' 'Deliverance' thread, but from a parallel universe: ''I'm gonna paint you pink and route you for a Floyd''
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