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  1. gitapik

    National Radiotone Reissue

    I was considering selling my Radiotone. Hardly playing any acoustic, nowadays. It's not the Bendaway...it's a re-issue of the original. So I was looking for an idea of what to sell it for and kept coming up with that Bendaway. Nothing on the re-issue. Sat down and played it for the first time...
  2. gitapik

    DI Box

    Hi. I have a UA OX. I just found out that I can run a parallel dry signal to my DAW while recording with effects from my board by using a DI box. I'm wondering if "all DI boxes are created equal" and, if not; is there a good bang for the buck unit out there. Most all of my recording...
  3. gitapik

    Question about Choices

    I'm looking into buying a modeler/effects processor. I'm more of a pedal guy...though I have had rack and midi gear, over the years and am plenty comfortable with it. Looks like they're all pretty great. I put my name on the Sweetwater list for the Quad Core, as I liked the reviews, size, and...
  4. gitapik

    Quad Cortex Recording Question

    Hi. Can you record a track, complete with amps, cabs, effects, parallel to a separate dry track, to your DAW?
  5. gitapik

    Sharkfin Picks

    Friend of mine turned me on to the Landstrom Sharkfin pick for funk. I thought it was incredible for rhythm work but preferred a Jazz III for leads. Ended up landing on a V Picks Emerald Lite that I still play to this day. Fast forward to last night. I found a stash of the fins and started...
  6. gitapik

    Empress Nebulus / Pedal Board Change (?)

    I'm into my bigger board: Thinking I might like something midi programmable for the modulation stuff (like an H9). I've read *meh* reviews and posts about the Nebulus, but I really like it. And it's easy to get to for quick, non-midi switching. I've had it for awhile, now. This Tom Quayle vid...
  7. gitapik

    Wet v5 Reverb Buffered?

    I like and have the original and would like the trails option on v5. I put the Wet last on my board. Does it stay buffered when trails are chosen?
  8. gitapik

    Bypassing Amp/Cab/Speaker Sims (?)

    I've got a small and semi-large pedalboard. Both are great. But I'm checking out the floor unit processors and thinking one (or all) of them might be more manageable, still sound awesome, etc. Been thinking about this for awhile...but keep coming back to my stomp boxes. (Bet you've read this...
  9. gitapik

    Travelcaster or Steinberger Spirit GT Pro

    I’ve got a set of ‘57/‘62 pickups to put in the Travelcaster if that’s an issue. Is it? I don’t have a preference btwn humbuckers/singles or maple vs rosewood board. Just want a good travel guitar to keep my hands busy. My main needs are: 1) Stays in tune 2) Comfortable standing and...
  10. gitapik

    MIDI Tutorial

    Just picked up a Strymon Volante. Revamping my larger board and going MIDI with the pedals that are capable. Going to use an RJM Mastermind 6x as a switcher. Decades ago I had a small rack with a Roland RSP-550 and Marshall JMP-1 MIDI setup which was routed to a Roland pedal system. It was all...
  11. gitapik

    Which Will I Choose?

    I’ve been playing through El Cap since it came out. BIG fan. So much like the Roland Space Echo I played through and loved in the ‘80s. But I’ve love(d) all delay types through the decades. Loved and still have my BOSS DD2. Many styles. I’m not married to anything. A musical bachelor. Going...
  12. gitapik

    Three Echosystem/Nemesis Questions

    I'm going to get one or the other. Both look and sound great on the YouTubes. At first I was put off by the phone app aspect with the Nemesis, but I'm warming up to it and can see some cool aspects of that as a platform. I have three basic questions: 1) Do they both do Slapback, well? 2)...
  13. gitapik

    Room Humidifier Question (Electrics)

    Hi. I live in a wood frame row house in Brooklyn, NY. I've got an LP hanging on the wall, two Silhouettes on stands, and a Strat in a semi hard case, all neatly tucked into the corner of a parlor floor room. The room is 15x12x12. The adjoining room is the same and there are no doors separating...
  14. gitapik

    Change in Plans (?)

    I’m about to retire from teaching. I promised myself years ago that I would buy a guitar from an unnamed boutique builder when this time came. I’ve saved up for it. Can make it happen. But a funny thing happened on the way to the forum: I picked up a Silhouette Special, used. Low price. Took...
  15. gitapik

    Silent Pickups vs Noise Gate (suggestions?) vs Nothing

    Two of my axes are full humbucker. Another is an HSS with Area 61 and 58 singles. All of them are quiet. All sound great. My '57 AVRI Strat, however, has the Duncan SD-1 in neck and middle and a Twangbanger in the bridge. It's also my only one with a maple board. I love the overall tone of this...
  16. gitapik

    Sadowsky S Style: Old and New

    Roger Sadowsky makes wonderful guitars. I'm thinking of buying one. Question of new or used. I'm looking at an S Style from 1991. HSH. Original Sadowsky/Dimarzio PAF pickups Sadowsky preamp and electronics. Hoping someone can chime in on the differences between the electronics back then...
  17. gitapik

    iPad Air Recording

    My computer needs will be changing a lot, soon. I’ll be retiring from teaching. No more presentations and movie making. I have a three-year-old MacBook Pro which I’m going to dedicate exclusively to recording at home and my iTunes and Photos libraries. Put all my past school projects on to an...
  18. gitapik

    MBrace Guitar Holder

    Anyone played with the MBrace guitar holder? I’m thinking of using it exclusively for my Les Paul which weighs about 10 pounds. Wondering how stable it will be, attached a three legged microphone stand? Can’t imagine my sinking heart if that ax was to fall. I’m wondering if there’s a way of...
  19. gitapik

    UA OX Question

    Very interested in the OX for all its features. I’ve got three amps: Port City Pearl 50w Head Modded Blues Jr (30w) Quilter Micro Pro Mach 3 combo Two very basic questions: 1) The Pearl is a single channel clean amp. I use some nice pedals for all the dirt there. Will the OX be as true to...
  20. gitapik

    Tyler Secret Humbucker

    I’ve got a HSS Silo Special. Two Lollar Blackfaces and a Tyler Secret. It’s a really nice ax. Quiet. But the silent circuit is giving me problems. Thinking of abandoning it and either putting two silent single coils in there or getting a new HH faceplate and putting another humbucker in the...
  21. gitapik

    Maxon SD9 Questions

    I'm curious about this pedal. Love the tones that I hear coming from it but have some questions. I like to run my pedals into a very clean amp. I also like to have my dirt pedals at unity gain with my clean tones. AKA: I like my clean tones as a base for my playing. The demos I've seen that...
  22. gitapik

    Excellent Pup Swap for a Silo Special

    I bought a used 2009 Silo Special. Had been considering a very expensive boutique but I like the MusicMan guitars, in general, especially when you find a gem. This Silo is a beauty. I put some of the money I "saved" (lol) into Lollar blackfaces in the neck and middle and a Tyler "Secret"...
  23. gitapik

    Port City Pearl / OS Wave 1x12

    I've got the 50w head and am running it through a Port City OS Wave 1x12 with a Warehouse ET65 speaker. I bought a used HOF mini and am running it as an on most of the time reverb, plugged into the effects loop. I love this amp. It's a very big clean sound that still stays tight (the...
  24. gitapik

    BLue Chip and Timber Tone Lignum Vitae Picks

    I took the plunge and went for a couple of Blue Chip picks (Jazz50 and STP50) and they really are all that. Literally "keepers" because you really don't want to lose a $35 pick. The fact that they're so durable, sound great, and don't slip is very, very cool. I know that there are a lot of...
  25. gitapik

    XACT Tone Solutions Multi-Drive = Great Versatility

    I've got two boards. Neither of them is particularly "BIG", but one's a grab and go and smaller than the other. It's my orphan board. The XTS Multi-Drive unit was on my bigger board until I got their Preamp, which has the same Multi-Drive, the Pegasus Boost, and the Atomic Overdrive, all in one...
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