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    Gallien-Krueger 250ML: Does Anyone Still Have Theirs?

    I still have mine. It is fun to plug these into a couple of 4x12 cabinets and hear the stereo chorus with better separation than the onboard speakers provide. I have adjusted the trim pots for a little bit more gain so there is a tweakability factor. I also had to go through the exercise to...
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    How hard should it be to turn a truss rod?

    I have had good luck with just a dab or anti-seize on the threads making it very smooth as well as not freezing.
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    Great to see so much interest in Charvel lineage. Definitely lots of conjecture and guessing in a few previous posts. To bring some facts to bear; if you doubt the "original Dinky strat Charvel" lineage just check a factory work order from 1983 for a Charvel Dinky. The collector sites are the...
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    Oh that's great! That looks true to the old style! That is a fantastic guitar!
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    Some purists prefer the original San Dimas Charvel dinky shape that can be traced back to 1981. Perhaps the most prominent/famous example of the short horn, original dinky strat shape is Warren DeMartini's white "Frenchie" Charvel. Not the first, by any means, but possibly the most famous. Steve...
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    Sold Axe FX Ultra Price Drop - Sale Pending

    All's well. Thanks for the deal!
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    New Musikraft neck......

    I've been going in reverse and creating guitars from Charvel necks. If it helps any I have 2 1/4" necks on bodies by KNE, GMW, USACG, and Musikraft. They all seem to offer wide nut widths up to 1 7/8" so I'd think they'd have jig for 2 1/4 necks. Be sure to measure the body you have. Some...
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    Making my LP Classic sound like an R-Series LP

    I think weight relief makes a difference in tone and resonance to my ears. Comparing a friend's Reissue to my old early 90's Classic with similar AlNiCo pickups the difference was distinct. It is hard to convince some folks but my personal experience was enough to make me sell the Classic and go...
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    NGD: Warning! It's VERY POINTY in here. Safety equipment recommended.

    Awesome! Be sure to save that X2N for your next vintage Charvel restoration. Those came stock in many guitars of that day. ;-)
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    NGD: Warning! It's VERY POINTY in here. Safety equipment recommended.

    Really cool guitar! Did it ever have a string clamp? You could always find a hard tail Kahler bridge which would be kinda cool and not require and modification whatsoever.
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    Review of a wicked lil shop in Greensboro, NC. BadAxe Boutique

    This is awesome! I miss the G. Lived there from 88-92 while at school. So many great guitar stores around the area that I could get to from campus...Dave Shepherd's, Music Barn, Roscoe on Tate St, Zion on Holbrook St. There was a funny little place right across from Lucky 32 where you seem to be...
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    NGD: I'm a grown man and I play a pointy guitar...

    I vote leave it! It is amazing as is. When faced with a decision like that I try and leave it alone. You can always do it later but you can't undo it if you end up not liking it! Beautiful and rare guitar. We should get them together sometime. :-)
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    a PITTBULL amp thread

    I just picked up a 93 100CL. I had one back in the mid 90's and missed it. I think the hi-fi description applies and cab selection is important to offset this.
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    Ecstasy Classic vs Ecstasy 100B

    Just as another data point when I had to send my 100B back to Bogner for service I had a similar conversation where they told me the effects loop circuit was changed to decrease noise levels. This was a partial factor in the variance in tone with the 101 series. So "fixing" a problem of course...
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    Random parts, plus obsolete Floyd Rose trem, equals great guitar!

    Great guitar! I just finished one just like that a few weeks back; oiled body and all!
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    John Mayer just played a hot pink Jackson on network TV!!!

    It's nice to see a Soloist used in a non-shredding environment. Jeff Beck still has his two but I've not seen him play them in decades. The majority of TGP does not follow this market but the moment Charvel Mfg. started changing in 1986 to Japanese production lines and licensing deals there...
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    NGD: Pawn Shop Score of the Century!

    Great score! The PAF Kahler is cool, as well.
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    Shiva not loving it thoughts?

    This is interesting because I have the reverse experience with my Shiva (EL34, Rerverb, 1x12 combo). I don't love it by itself practicing but it shines for me tremendously live as well as recorded in studio situations. It cuts and is very present in the mix for me.
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    NAD - Bogner Helios 100

    That sounds awesome! Question for you....when on the 80's high gain mode, how clean is the clean channel when you switch over? Is it crystal clean or is there any dirt/breaking up at all? Do you plan to do a couple clean clips? Thanks and great playing & tone!!!
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    The eagle has landed. Bogner Helios in da house NOW WITH CLIPS

    To any current owners, I would like to hear the channel switch and transition from the Ch 1 as clean as possible to Ch2 Hi Gain. I agree with some of the comments above regarding the transition but I would be in a situation where I'd need chimey clean and high gain (using boost/front end for...
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    Charvel SoCal Pro Mod aftermarket body - recommendations?

    I just finished a retrofit of SoCal parts onto a Musikraft body and everything came together quite nicely.
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    Lets see some Mesa Boogie's TGP.

    Mark IIC pre-show.
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    What's the relationship between Fender, Jackson and Charvel

    Pretty cool that Eldred did the disassembly of the SRV guitar.
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    Need Reverb Tank for Bogner Shiva

    Solved: $40 from Bogner. I am looking for quick change with minimal screwing/unscrewing. My Shiva is a closed back so the tank connection cables are routed through the cabinet. The tank is mounted in a bag on the back of the amp.
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