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  1. bbe_rev

    Wrap bridge intonation

    No, don t think the guitar is vintage, PJE Macon Special.
  2. bbe_rev

    Wrap bridge intonation

    Cool, thanks for the help. I think I'll give it a go. This is the manufacturer of the bridge, looks to be good quality: https://abm-guitarpartsshop.com/ABM-GUITAR-PARTS/Wraparound/Modern/ABM-3025/Glocken-Messing/ABM-3025n-Nickel::214.html. The guitar maker is from the UK, pretty reputable...
  3. bbe_rev

    Wrap bridge intonation

    Greetings, I've been considering purchasing a guitar with a wrap bridge, no experience with that type of bridge. How do you set intonation, it looks like it has no moving parts, am I missing something? Does the guitar have to just be made perfect? Attached is an image. Thanks.
  4. bbe_rev

    I will never have another NGD

    No more NGD's, boo, thats no fun :(. I hear ya, but I look forward to a few more NGD's, not that I need them, but I do enjoy them!
  5. bbe_rev

    Friedman JJ Jr vs Pedals

    Nice, enjoy!
  6. bbe_rev

    Friedman JJ Jr vs Pedals

    I have the BE-OD, great pedal, and I had it on my board for a year or so. Picked up a JJ jr. a few months ago, it's a killer amp, no more need for the pedal for me. The BE-OD is different than the JJ. The clean channel on the JJ is great, you could throw the BE-OD in front of it, and have the...
  7. bbe_rev

    Anyone know lead time on the Atomic CLR?

    Update, so I got an eMail from Atomic, last week: "Apologies for the delay and thank you for your patience. We has an issue with our system that is now fixed. Your CLR is packed, labeled and ready for pickup it. It will go live in the UPS system by tomorrow night. Enjoy!" I received it a...
  8. bbe_rev

    Anyone know lead time on the Atomic CLR?

    Thanks Tim, Yeah, I just checked my bank, money came out on Jan 15, 2021. I'll send another eMail, and keep my fingers crossed.
  9. bbe_rev

    Anyone know lead time on the Atomic CLR?

    Uggg, don't like reading this. ! went to their site a few weeks back, the sold out banner was not up, I purchased a CLR, transaction went through, money came out of my account. No word from Atomic in 3 weeks, not even an email confirmation, I waited a week, sent an email to support with my order...
  10. bbe_rev

    Modeller users: FRFR or Real Cab and power amp?

    Been experimenting with this lately, really like PowerStation into various cabs, sounds great, but can't use IR's, (not that I really love them), but modeling an AC-20 into a Greenback/V30 cab is a bit odd. So picked up an F12-X200 have it in a 1x12 cb ported cab, running the Axe through the...
  11. bbe_rev

    20 watt amp for exquisite classic rock tones?

    I love it, 66 years young and rocking a pink taco, that's awesome!
  12. bbe_rev

    Bogner Ecstasy 3534

    Super, thank you! Really appreciate it. Cheers, Matt
  13. bbe_rev

    Bogner Ecstasy 3534

    Mine didn't come with a manual, and I can't find any schematics, and I want to try some different preamp tubes. Looking at the amp from the back, from left to right, can you tell me the positions of V1,2,3,4 please. Thx.
  14. bbe_rev

    Holy NGD!!!

    Congrats, very nice!
  15. bbe_rev

    NGD: Martin 000-15m

    nice guitar, congrats!
  16. bbe_rev

    A Suhr and it’s Knaggs

    Love my Suhr's, would really like to have a Knaggs, never played one but they sure seems nice. Got my eye on a Severn X, just gotta work up the nerve and pull the trigger!
  17. bbe_rev

    Have You Found The Amp For You?

    AXE-FX III has kept me busy/entertained/satisfied for awhile , and my gas at bay...
  18. bbe_rev

    NGD! Suhr Custom Standard

    Beauty, congrats!
  19. bbe_rev

    Suhr Guitar replacement pots

    Thanks, unfortunately I bumped it, and the knob, and post broke off the pot. What's the best way to reference when communicating with customer service, serial number of guitars (you guys have specs on electronic options?) or just describing what I want/need?
  20. bbe_rev

    Suhr Guitar replacement pots

    Super, thank you!
  21. bbe_rev

    Suhr Guitar replacement pots

    Greetings, I've got a few Suhr Guitars, and I want to change the electronics on one (add a push/pull Humbucker split), and replace a broken pot on another. Where do I get those parts, I've looked on Suhr's website under tools & parts, but nothing there. Any help is greatly appreciated. Cheers...
  22. bbe_rev

    Are you over 50 and still like high gain?

  23. bbe_rev

    New for 2018 Bogner Helios Eclipse and Goldfinger Super Lead

    Right??? I've been waiting for some more reports on these as well, no inventory at SW or MF, so there may be a few out there, I saw someone in this thread got one in early July, but it was quickly in the emporium...IDK
  24. bbe_rev

    New for 2018 Bogner Helios Eclipse and Goldfinger Super Lead

    Up on the Bogner site: http://www.bogneramplification.com/helios-eclipse
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