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    Mods: please move this if it's not in the right section. Today between 9am and 6:20pm, my car was broken into in Oakland, CA. My stereo face plate was stolen, as was a sunburst Levinson Blade Texas Vintage electric guitar in its SKB case. If you see it (long shot, I know) please let me and...
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    Who is singing that Simple Man cover?

    I've heard a recent cover of Simple Man at the store quite a few times recently. Who sings it? It's probably the most oversung and overwrought performance I've ever heard, and it completely misses the point of the lyrics. Simple. Not histrionic. Anyway I'd like to know who that is so I never buy...
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    TGP changed the world

    In recent issues of the Musician's Friend catalog, I've noticed more and more companies are offering hand-wired or hand-painted pedals. I have to believe this is due to cork-sniffery and TGP, since they sound exactly the same as the (much) cheaper production models and there's no objective...
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    PRS S2 Custom question

    I just found out about the PRS S2 Custom. How much does it differ from its older, much pricier brothers?
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    Eno pedals = Mooer clones?

    Looks like there's another player in town for super tiny pedals. The brand is Eno and I don't know anything about them. Has anyone heard of them? . In this demo, it looks like they're using the *exact* same packaging as Mooer. bkkONrQup1U Looks like they're also known as "EX" and some of the...
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    Big neck preference?

    Casually browsing TGP, I get the sense most people here prefer bigger necks, and many say they find them more comfortable. That made me curious, because I find big necks uncomfortable and prefer thinner, flatter necks myself (though I like them wide). I have big hands, so it can't be just about...
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    NPD: Digitech Delay

    I've been looking for a delay pedal for a tiny budget pedalboard for when I don't want to lug the rack. Today UPS brought a Digitech Digidelay and so far I'm impressed. It plays well with a dirty amp and has the following capabilities: * straight up digital delay (automatic ping pong when in...
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    Confused about people's "tone quest"

    I've been on TGP for a couple of years and something still puzzles me. Observation: a lot of people here worship guys like Clapton, Hendrix, Page, Beck, Trower, Kossof, etc. Observation: a lot of people are trying to emulate those guys' tone. Observation: a lot of people are obsessed...
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    Altoid tins on pedalboards?

    I've now seen quite a few pedalboards on TGP that have Altoid tins on them. What are those for? I use one to carry picks, but it's in my guitar case. :huh
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    fender american deluxe telecaster question

    I'm looking for a tele. I tried the classic vibe, standard, American something (not am STD, the other, cheaper us made one) and wasn't impressed. The American deluxe looks perfect on paper: compound radius fretboard, fancy pickup circuit, staggered locking tuners, and contoured body. Are those...
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    Are Agile guitars good guitars, or good cheap guitars?

    I did search the forum and didn't find anything recent about this. I'm a bit surprised folks here seem to be crazy about Agiles, which are incredibly cheap, while also being famous (notorious?) for cork-sniffing and dropping $5K on a Lester like it ain't no thang. So I have to wonder: are...
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