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    Hercules Guitar stands Beware!!!!

    So I own around 20 guitar stands in my studio. Most are from the Company Hercules. I now have had about 1/2 of them fail. What happens is the height changing mechanism which is made of a rubberized plastic starts to disintegrate. Eventually causing complete failure. The first warning sign is...
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    Hiwatt speaker replacement advise?

    I have an early 70's 50 watt combo Hiwatt (Bulldog) It has an EV 12l speaker that is now buzzing I need a replacement. Any recommendations? I was thinking about a new version EL 12 L they make 2 versions classic and regular other options Celestial 12 cream back alnico can handle 90watts any...
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    here is the new santa cruz cocobolo vs collings om1a

    so just forked out 7k for this santa cruz om cocobolo with italian spruce, seems dull compared to my om1a collinus. wanted to get you opinions? just took a few seconds strumming some g chords between the two? They both have the same light strings by pearson. no effect just a simple recording. (...
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    my new cocobolo OM santa cruz vs my collings OM mahogany 1a?

    So I ended up buying an om santa cruz with Cocobolo back and sides and Italian spruce top. So far I am still liking my collings om 1a better? To me its clearer more bell like where the Santa Cruz has more going on ( i am guessing more overtones) this leads to more of a "fuzzy " sound to my...
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    Santa cruz om Cocobolo?

    so i am in love with OM's I have a collings indian rosewood addy and a martin om 18 1933 remake they are both outstanding guitars. was looking to get a Santa Cruz OM. wondering if anyone out there has experience how they compare to others? I have seen several made from cocobolo how does that...
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    opinions on Fano TC6 with TV jones powertrons?

    Hi have been looking at the Fano TC6 TV Jones pickups tried one out at the local dealer and the bridge pickup sounded amazing, the neck pickup sounded dull and muddy? was wondering if this is common or that particular pickup was a dud. Otherwise I liked the guitar? Anyone else have experience...
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    The ball breaks off the string when i tighten it

    Hi I have a new martin ooo koa. martin recommends special lights they have an 11 on the e string. I went through ten packs today trying to string the guitar. every time I tighten the High e string the ball unravelled or popped off inside the guitar.Th pin staying in place. Finally gave up...
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    axefx 2 vs Bias Desktop

    Ok so I have been an axe fx 2 user since the beginning, I currently am playing it through an atomic active CLR wedge. I have experimented with all the 3rd party IR's. A few days ago I bought positive grids Desktop Bias plugin amp sims. I must admit I am completely blown away!! There is...
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    Taylor Koa returned it am I alone?

    I bought A Taylor K24CE Koa brought it home and after a few days couldn't bond with it? Although it is an amazingly beautiful guitar and plays like a dream, I found the sound a little blah, almost too perfect? Just wondering what others think, do these guitars take a long time to break in. I...
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    Ne w Martin CS OO 14 string question

    High I just picked up a Martin CS 00-14 a small OO body guitar. Do these guitars always need light strings which is what martin delivered it with. Can you use mediums or is the tension to high for a small guitar
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    would a built in pickup deter you?

    I have been looking at this guitar and have not had a chance to play it. seems strange they would put a pick up in this collectable beautiful guitar? http://www.elderly.com/new_instruments/names/martin-cs-00s-14-custom-shop-2014-limited-edition--CS00S14.htm
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    Info on the John Mayer Martin oo D42sc

    Hey just wondering if anyone out there had any opinions on this guitar I tried one today, Loved the sound but could do with out the signature and the bling.
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    My OM hunt continues does anyone own more than one?

    So I had been waiting for a bourgous aged tone Madagascar, it finally arrived and I wasn't blown away with it , I ended up buying a Martin OM 18 authentic 1933. it is a beautiful guitar although for some reason a little hard on my finger probably just need to get used to it. However I am still...
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    OM choices, Bourgeois, Santa Cruz, Martin?

    I have a D2H2 Collings Madagascar Varnish that I have decided to tarde for an OM, I find the Collings to bright. Also want to go with smaller body as I like the more focused, tighter sound of an om and they are easier to sing with. I have been looking at three guitars a Bourgeois Madagascar...
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    exercise to improve pitch in singing?

    Ok, just starting to sing for the first time in my life. I never even sing along when I hear music on the radio. I have been playing guitar for twenty years. I can easily match a tone when I play it on my guitar. However when I sing I notice the pitch can be off either flat or sharp by 25...
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    Gibson J 45 true vintage vs 1942 reissue?

    Just wondered if anyone has had any experience with these two? Went into the guitar store and played a true vintage J45 and a "1942 reissue banner" Gibson. I ended up taking the Banner 1942 reissue home because it had this whole guitar vibratory thing going on and killer sound. The only...
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    Madagascar vs brazilian vs Indian

    Ok So there is a lot of hype about Brazilian Rosewood. I currently have a Madagascar Varnish rosewood d2h colings. that i spent half my life savings on;) and to be honest after owning it a few years I am not that impressed compared to my Martin guitars. I was thinking of trading it in for a...
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    Acoustic guitar strap?

    usually I sit down when I play acoustic but I realize its easier to sing standing up. Does anyone have any suggestions for a comfortable guitar strap for an acoustic?
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    Ivy league V front?

    Just wondering if anyone has tried the Ivy league with a V front with 10's looks interesting?
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    Educate me on Fano guitars

    Have never played a Fano but have been thinking about getting one. How is the build quality? What is your favorite model? Do they hold their value? do they have their own tone or sound similar to fenders and gibsons?
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    wildwood guitars by mail?

    So I have been going back and forth in my mind. I usually believe one should play a guitar before buying it. That being said I found a Masterbuild John Cruz at Wildwood that I have been eyeing. So I asked them what they think and the sales person said he would play it and let me know. He...
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    Wildwood "10" guitars what do you think?

    Have a few masterbuild guitars that I love, always hesitant to buy a guitar unseen as I have played a few that IMO have been duds. That being said I have been eyeing some masterbuild "10" from wildwood guitars. Anyone have any experience with these 10 inch radius strats? Are they any...
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    Gooped Full drive 2, repair help?

    Hi I have a full drive 210th anniversary edition pedal Custom shop it has a toggle switch that seems to have a bad solder connection. something i can easily fix except: I opened the pedal and the switch is gooped! Now if I send it to Fulltone they charge $1.75 per min:thud I find that...
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    Speaker for old HiWatt?

    Just scored a 5o watt Hiwatt Buldog combo built in 1979 it has an EV12L that sounds like it soon needs to be replaced. Any speaker recommendations?
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    Help me buy a gretsch

    So I play mostly strats, tele, and LP Thinking about entering into the gretsch world. Thinking about a white Falcon after watching neil young video where it looks like he is playing a white falcon. Are the current versions of these guitars decent? What would be the difference between the...
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