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  1. delay dude

    Pigtronix Infinity 3

    Imho, the pigtronix infinity is the best sounding looper available! Another great feature of the new infinity 3 is, that it has top jacks! (A feature, that everyone at tgp is raving about :) ) And I like, that the buttons seem more intuitive, than the v1 switch/LED. And there are some mono...
  2. delay dude

    Help! Strymon Volante vs Free the Tone Future Factory (for stereo delay goodness)

    I definitely would choose the volante. It sounds awesome and has way more "character". You can pan each head to left or right and get some great edge style dotted ping pong delays. Imho, the buttons of the FTT are not very handy. While it looks a bit like a small 2290 it sounds different ...
  3. delay dude

    Strymon Nightsky

    It sounds huge! And finally a pedal with a great low pass filter with tweakable resonance! And it has so many modulation options. I´ll definitely get one. Imho, it´s great, that it´s not just another plate/hall/spring reverb pedal. This is more inspiring and creative. I think that this might be...
  4. delay dude

    ChaseBliss/Benson Automatone Preamp MKII is here.

    If I were you, I would buy it. Here in Europe, the pedal is about 870 Euro (which is about $1030) due to taxes and shipping... Buying the pedal in the USA is kind of a bargain :-)
  5. delay dude

    Walrus Audio D1 vs Boss DD-200

    The Boss DD-200 is a great pedal. I really like the analog and tape modes.
  6. delay dude

    What are the earliest pedals you bought and still kept???

    Boss DD-5. My first delay pedal ever!
  7. delay dude

    Hologram Electronics Microcosm

    Thanks for the hint! I bought PORTAL and it´s dope! I use my kaosspad 3 as a controller for PORTAL and it works great.
  8. delay dude

    When did you get taken for a ride upon hype?

    Cry Baby Wah - I mean ... it does not sound like a trumpet at all! :hide2
  9. delay dude

    What pedals are shockingly under-priced new/used in your opinion?

    Dod Rubberneck and Nux Time Core Deluxe. Both sound awesome and both are (way too) cheap, imho.
  10. delay dude

    BOSS DD-8 and DD-3T Released

    As far as I know, all Boss delays have an analog dry path.
  11. delay dude

    Favorite Non BED Tape Delay Pedals

    I use the volante or el capistan the most (when I don´t want to carry my TTE arround). Both sound awesome. Sometimes, I use the first version of the wampler faux tape echo. It has the (pretty unique) envelope modulation which lets you simulate random wow and flutter (controlled by your playing)...
  12. delay dude

    What are the Tube Pedals that have blown you away?

    Kingsley Page (it´s the only boost/drive pedal, that I´ve been using for the last 2 years). Fulltone TTE Vox - over the top boost (a pretty decent vox top boost preamp in a box. Most people don´t like it - but imho, it has the vox chime)
  13. delay dude

    To install buffer in vintage Clyde or not?

    imho, it sounds way better with a buffer. But I put a buffer next to my clyde instead of modding it (easier to remove).
  14. delay dude

    All your pedals are stolen - you get NO insurance money

    Cali76TX, Kingsley Page, Moog MF-104SD, Empress Echosystem, Source Audio Ventris
  15. delay dude

    Way Huge Supa Puss - Mix Control

    Has anybody already removed r79 (I´ve read, that it might change the mix taper)?
  16. delay dude

    Schematic for a WEH707 Way Huge Supa-Puss

    Has anybody else removed r79? Does it change the mix taper?
  17. delay dude

    What´s the brand of this guitar?

    Yes, when I removed the pickups, I could pull the wiring through the pickup openings (just like on a hollowbody guitar). Absolutely! Personally, I find it hard to spell rhythm, too. But I would doublecheck, before I put it on a guitar :)
  18. delay dude

    What´s the brand of this guitar?

    Thanks for your replies! Maybe I can glue the nut back on. The pickups are unlabeled. The body is slightly carved and the body is almost hollow. The guitar is pretty light and the neck is really fat not angled (which I like). The pots are made by "elcon", which is an indian brand. The code on...
  19. delay dude

    What´s the brand of this guitar?

    I bought a cheap les paul copy and would like to know more about it. Has anybody ever seen this "brand"? I think, it´s a les paul copy from the 70s. The trussrod cover says "echo musicos" and the pickup selector is labeled with "rythem" and "treble". Here are some pictures:
  20. delay dude

    Hologram Electronics Microcosm

    The thing is, that most users prefer a louder effect signal than the dry signal, without lowering the volume of the dry signal (which results in a slight boost). Sounds with effects often seem to be a bit quieter than unaffected sounds. I this case, it´s usefull to get a slight boost. With mix...
  21. delay dude

    Hologram Electronics Microcosm

    btw: Has anybody already contacted hologram electronics and asked, if it would (technically) be possible to solve the volume issue (or add a volume boost option) with a firmware update?
  22. delay dude

    Hologram Electronics Microcosm

    I highly recommend the "lehle parallel sw". It has stereo jacks.
  23. delay dude

    The BEST pedal Reverb ever

    I´m pretty sure, that you can change the behavior of the mix knob of the slate v2 (with the app).
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