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    Soldano SL60

    Has anyone else noticed the massive increase in price for these over the last 3 years? They used to run $800-1100 used as the asking price, now they are $1600+. They are not even a USA Soldano, they are MIJ so what gives?
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    Is Vertex the new 4 letter word in guitar electronics?

    Why are so many people surprised that this company has hosed so many people. If you really have bought one, how do you feel as a consumer?
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    POD XT bean help

    I have a pod xt and it seems to be grainy and there is no actual clean settings anymore. would a firmware update be worth doing? any other ideas to help fix the issue would be greatly apreciated
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    EAT tubes?

    Has anyone taken the chance and tried these? At $1800 for a matched quad of KT88 is even higher than a quad of NOS Genelex KT88. Anyone at all?
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    POD XT

    how good are the amp models on this POD? I have very limited use of any POD at all, but I do remember the 2.0 not being that great. How does the XT compare to them. I'm not looking for anything real expensive, I just need something for home use and band practice. I have a great stage rig, so...
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