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    iStomp Glimmer drive into Royal Atlantic......WOW!!!

    There was a poster here who mentioned he was using his Glimmer Drive iStomp into his Royal Atlantic..... I tried it and MY GOODNESS!!!!! AWESOME!!! Thanks:bow On the Clean and Blue OD....it is just wicked.
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    Should I sell my guitar???

    Hey guys....bought a bunch of equipment a while back....so I have been trying to sell one of my guitars.....listed both my 2013 Gibson SG Standard and my Peavey HP Signature Select.....well now a guy wants to buy my SG today and I am having second thoughts.....it is in very nice shape....would...
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    Tell me about the Kerry King Marshall 100 watt head

    Just looking for reviews, opinions, critiques on the Marshall Kerry King Signature head. I might be doing a trade (long distance) on one....never played one. I know the YJM is an awesome amp....but what about these? Thanks
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    What amp did you replace your Mark V with?

    Just wondering for those guys who sold their Mkv......what did you replace it with.....and are you happy you did?
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    Marshall YJM 100......

    Just wondering if I should trade away some gear to aquire a used but nice YJM100? Some gear would perhaps be a Mesa Royal Atlantic RA100 head, or a Gibson SG Standard and cash????
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    Ernie ball classic nickle strings high tension?

    Just wondering if anyone else has had issues with higher tension between brands of same gauge strings? Just changed the factory gibson strings on my new Les Paul over to ernie ball classic nickle wound and...holy smokes they feel a lot tighter?
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    Delay Pedals....what am I missing???

    Hey Guys: So a while back I bought 2 istomps....and I have the jet flanger on one and I have tried the different delay's on the other.....BUT....really not jelling with any delay?????? I am trying a subtle short time/limied repeat setting just to add some depth....but it sounds assy on...
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    Scammer and my Peavey HP Special guitar serial number!!!

    Well I posted the other day about some supposed buyer wanting the serial number of my Peavey HP Special guitar...... Folks here said it wasn't a big deal, and really, I thought so as well.... Well anyways it seems like this guy was just a dirtbag scam artist.... SO, I would expect the...
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    Potential Buyers asking for Serial Numbers?

    Just curious why people responding to craigslist ads, for example, would ask for serial number of guitar???? Is this a potential scam, or are they just using due diligence?
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    Shipping Floyd Equipped Guitar?

    Hey guys just wondering how you ship your floyd rose equipped guitars? I am assuming just to leave it in standard tuning....the spring system should handle any stresses. Also.....is there any pitfalls or dangers to shipping guitars C.O.D????
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    Oil your fretboard or Not?

    Fret Doctor sure makes the rosewood dark and rich, but am I actually better off not oiling the rosewood?????
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    I am in Love with my new Les Paul!

    Damn......Gibson is doing things right with the new Les Paul Standards! Fit and finish is bang on, the flame tops are spectacular, the asymetrical neck is sooo comfy....... AWESOME!!!!!:banana I had a Heritage H150 that I sold a year or so ago.....and frankly.....my new Gibson...
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    Is the used gear market dead?

    What is up with selling used gear right now? Seems not much is selling.....even when priced reasoably?
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    NGD: Les Paul Standard

    Well.....I got my Les Paul Standard Heritage Cherry Sunburst today....I am BLOWN AWAY! Gibson has really stepped up the fit and finish on these....stunning flame top as well. Plays like a dream......I am keeping this one. I have to say that I am totally BLOWN AWAY by the awesome customer...
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    What a difference a room size makes.

    I had my amps in a very small room......9 feet by 15 feet.....and my 4 x 12 sounded great.... Now I have moved my gear to a much bigger room and wow....now when I stand about 15 feet infront of the 4x12 I get hit with this lazer focused beam of sound....take a step to either side...it goes to...
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    Certain strings harder on frets???

    Just wondering if certain strings are harder (wear quicker) on your frets? IE/ Nickle on nickle???
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    OK Marshall Guys: what is THE ONE Marshall to have?

    What is the Holy Grail of Marshall? ONLY ONE AMP.....
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    Blackstar HT-5 vs HT-5R

    Hey guys: I have a Blackstar HT-5 head when they first came out.....LOVED that little guy....should not have sold it. Any way.....I find myself playing WAAAY too loud with my 100 watt boogies....my hearing is starting to drop off..... I think I may buy another Blackstar HT-5 to run through...
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    Going from 10's to 9's on my SG=Religious Experience

    Cannot believe how much more I like my SG Standard strung with 9's!!! Holy Crap!:dude
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    The BEST amp ever made.

    What is it in your opinion.....ONLY ONE CHOICE PLEASE. My choice: Mesa Mark V. Here is some of the reason why.....just using volume knob on guitar: http://m.youtube.com/watch?v=B1YANbeMsrI
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    Stock pick-ups that just blow you away.

    I played my Peavey HP Signature USA guitar last night after a few weeks....DAMN....I forgot just how GOOD those handwound Peavey Custom Shop Pick-ups are in that guitar! The neck pick-up has by far the best clean tones I have heard in a pick-up. My Peavey HP Special Custom Shop has some...
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    Hamer USA studio doublecut?????

    I am interested in these....found one for sale.....looks MINT.....What are they like and what do they fetch for $$$$$$ This one os a nice AA Flames amber top.
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    Trying to figure out delay...not jivin????

    Hey guys........I am a newbie to pedals.....just picked up a couple of istomps and I have settled on the Mistress Flanger Clone for one of them....I am trying out the various delays for the other.... Really, I am not bonding to delay for some reason? I thought I could set it up to fill the...
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    What are your ESSENTIAL pedals every guitar player should have?

    OK......BESIDES a tuner pedal, what are the ESSENTIAL pedals that every guitar player should own?
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    Best istomp pedal APPS.

    My 2 new istomps are in transit...... Just wanted to start a thread where istomp users can rave about good pedals to download. Thanks
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