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    Guitar teachers in Nashville, TN

    Does anyone know of some really good ones?
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    Ebony availability.

    Is an ebony top even an option these days? According to some builders I have talked to, it's not. What's the deal with it?
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    Anyone heard of Taku Sakashta?

    http://www.sakashtaguitars.com/ I have never been more in love with a guitar ever in my life without having played it. He has stopped taking orders, and prices are no longer listed. Heres another: I want.
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    Vox Valvetronix ad60vtx or Pod xt?

    Im looking for something to play in an apartment/bedroom setting. I was inititally going to just go ahead and get a pod, but I have a bit more money now and am wondering about the vox. I played the 120vtx a while ago and from what I remember, I really liked it. Although, I dont need a 2x12...
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    Is modeling the best option for bedroom playing? Maybe Maven Peal?

    Well, our drummer called me up last week to tell me he was selling his drumset because he just wasn't into it anymore. He is getting married, working 60-70 hours per week and is really passionate about computers, so I'm not THAT dissapointed.:( After I told the rest of the band, they all just...
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    Special Edition Hamers

    http://www.willcuttguitars.com/hamerspecialedition05.asp :dude
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    Phiga guitars

    http://www.philgawen.com/phigaguitars.htm So, I e-mailed Phil about possibly building me a singlecut based on a certain guitar I found, by a hobbyist luthier. The specs were pretty on pay with an lp, with the exceptions of a wenge top, 1 vol, 1 tone and a single stop bar with adj. saddles...
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    Does anyone own an Anderson Cobra S?

    Well, I am now looking for something with a H/S/S config, but I dont like humbuckers coupled with the 25.5" scale. I play bluesy space rock, and single coils are a big part of my sound. I need a guitar that can do incredible mildly broken up sounds and beautiful cleans, but I want a hum in the...
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    What kind of LP is this.(interesting content)

    Here are some pictures of Isis. Firstly, look at the inlays and I am sure you will see what oddness I am talking about. Also, the headstock doesnt look like it says Gibson. Thanks ahead of time.
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