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    Please, RMC powering info!

    Hi everybody, I need an important answer to choose a new wah pedal! I'd like to buy an RMC, Wizard i think, but I've read on the website that is MUST be powered by a max 200mA AC Adapter. I use a 1Spot which gave me 1,7Ampere power, can I use it with the RMC or I'll have problem with it...
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    Maxon VOP-9 arrived!

    Hi everybody, my Maxon VOP-9 has arrived last week, I've tried it at home and some gigs...this are my impressions: It doesn't sound like an SD-9 in my opinion, as Scott Henderso said, it's different. It has more mids than the SD9, ina good way, it enhances the sound of single coil, the highs are...
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    Help me to find the right Overdrive/Distortion pedal!

    Hi everybody, I'm new of this wonderfull forum, I'm Italian so forget about my enslish!:crazy I need an overdrive/distortion, I've been looking for it since February and still not found anything right! I LOVE Scott Henderson tone, and playing of course, I have a Fender American Stratocaster...
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