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    Friend of mine has never heard of the Ramones

    Your friend is lucky.
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    Do you like Alice in Chains and Cantrells playing?

    Best "grunge" band by far. The Staley-less albums are excellent too.
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    "The Blues", what it is, it's diversity and it's massive influnce in other genres

    The problem is you're answering a question nobody cares about, righting wrongs that only exist in your mind, and ignoring basic social cues that copying and pasting tens of thousands of words will not change anybody's mind about the blues (but it may help them make up their mind about you)...
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    The Three Best Musicians

    Robby Pagliari plays bass in Ohm. Tremendous. And Ohm features Chris Poland, not Jeff Young.
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    The Three Best Musicians

    Michael Hedges Allan Holdsworth John McLaughlin Vicente Amigo Charlie Hunter Michael Manring Zakir Hussain John Jorgenson Bireli Lagrene Guthrie Govan Frank Gambale Chick Corea Steve Vai Mike Keneally Jaw droppingly proficient and musical.
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    Doo doo, do doo do.
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    Saddest story in rock n roll

    To contribute something that doesn't get me insulted, how about Michael Hedges? Most brilliant acoustic guitarist ever. Dies in a car crash at ~44 years old.
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    Any clips of Guitar Gods playing traditional jazz?

    What a weird thread. It's supposed to be about rock guys playing jazz, and people are mentioning Bireli, who's a jazz guy through and through and has dabbled in rock a bit. Or Gambale, who's absolutely a jazz guy. Once I complimented him on a metal-ish tune he'd played at a gig and I thought he...
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    Any clips of Guitar Gods playing traditional jazz?

    Vai can play jazz just fine. Listen to his version of Christmas Time is Here where it hints at it. He can play anything.
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    Any clips of Guitar Gods playing traditional jazz?

    Frank Gambale a metalhead? :roll "A talented player" is putting it mildly. Gambale is one of the top 10 jazz guitar players to have come out of the 80s. He has an incredible technique and broad vocabulary. Chick Corea doesn't hire average people.
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    Saddest story in rock n roll

    Y'all aren't very good at identifying jokes :D
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    Scott Mishoe Appreciation

    I have that record. Lots of great playing on it. Mishoe is a beast.
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    "The Blues", what it is, it's diversity and it's massive influnce in other genres

    I'm tempted to report these posts for copyright infringement to make the OP stop.
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    Tommy Bolin vs Steve Morse

    Bolin was a fiery but sloppy and very limited player. Morse is less fiery but there's nothing he cannot do. Morse over Bolin by a million miles.
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    "The Blues", what it is, it's diversity and it's massive influnce in other genres

    Nothing racist about it. You can say the same thing about white blues musicians today or follies or whatever. Get your head out of your ass.
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    "The Blues", what it is, it's diversity and it's massive influnce in other genres

    Music is great these days. It's this thread that sucks. Thousands of words debating what something is or isn't. One thing that never comes up in the great 12 or 13 or 14 bar discussions is that, maybe, just maybe, the variability in the number of bars was unintentional, due to intoxication...
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    Professionals vs. The Rest of Us. The difference

    If this is indeed .38 Special, the OP's secrecy is hilariously ridiculous. Almost as ridiculous as the fact Beyonce has a guitar player. :D
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    What's Glenn Hughes up to now?

    Best voice in hard rock, ever. Cannot be topped. His output is very uneven but his voice, good god, what a gift.
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    Looking for some new guitar-centric music

    Ohm: with Chris Poland.
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    Do you honestly believe the audience "can't tell the difference"?

    The audience can tell what brand of batteries is in your Klone. And what direction your cables are plugged in. Truth.
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    Scott Henderson and VERTEX

    Freedom's door: Mason Marangella is the owner of Vertex effects. He sold a bunch of equipment he claimed to manufacture by hand in California, and had a number of high profile endorsees or users plastered on his site (Michael Landau, Scott Henderson, etc). Someone found his expensive Vertex Wah...
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    Jean-Marie Ecay

    Ecay is a killer player. Amazing tones.
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    CIA Uses Metallica as Torture - (also not an Onion article)

    St Anger and Lulu make grown men cry.
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    Not Inspired to Play by Shredder Guitarist Thread

    These threads always rehash the same fallacies. 1) that a shredder's motivation is to show off. 2) that all slower players somehow magically have more to say than faster players 1) is bs. I play fast and complicated lines and don't care about showing off. I play like this because that's...
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