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    What song will torture you for eternity?

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    Guitars with narrow necks? (for players with short fingers)

    Thin necks I owned that were compatible with my sausage fingers 69 Gibson ES-330 Hamer from the Chicago factory from around early-mid 90s USA made Reverends Godin Freeway edited to add Tom Anderson Tele I have a 1993 Strat Plus and a Heritage 535 that are narrow enough for my short fingers...
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    Any good instructional things to do in a car?

    Most anything you try is going to take some level of concentration/attention so I think it is dangerous to be distracted. What I would suggest is if there is a tune you are presently trying to learn or transcribe put it on a loop while you are driving. And just let yourself listen passively...
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    Standard tuning Slide player ?

    For learning slide in standard tuning on electric I would recommend the Warren Haynes Book/CD package and even higher recommendation for Geoff Hartwell's DVD
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    Where can I download background music tracks for jamming?

    I am sorry I am just looking around Vision Music, it looks like you must be a member to download any. There are many tunes there but I would not pay for a MIDI backing to practice with, just my opinion. I swear they used to be free
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    Where can I download background music tracks for jamming?

    Vision Music has some free MIDI backing downloads They used to have a lot for free now it seems they want you to become a member. But there are free ones here, the page organization is a bit hap-hazzard but if you look around you will find some. http://www.visionmusic.com/jamtracks.html
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    IMHO Bad Advice Jazz Improv method

    I received a spam from Jamey Abersold. While I was checking out the description for a book called "Target Tones" I came accross a new jazz improv series called "Know Before You Blow" . In the description of the method is this sentence>> "Every student eventually realizes the need to reduce the...
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    Field Recorder for Acoustic?

    Thanks for all the feedback The sample with the ROS606 guitar sounds very natural. I will look into this Sony and the Zoom
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    Field Recorder for Acoustic?

    Has anyone used one of those small portable field recorders for recording an acoustic guitar? Like the Olympus, Sony, Zoom etc Can they capture the acoustic tone decently? (Using the built in mike not direct from a piezo) Not for making real demos or anything but for capturing a perfromance...
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    Sinatra on PBS-what phrasing!

    Check out Jimmy Scott's phrasing>> When Did You Leave Heaven (ballad) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SRYJbaxwJ20&feature=related I Cried for You (swing) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZYG55t2JcIA&feature=related
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    Sent an email To Rodney Jones to try and get lessons.

    I can confirm Jon's experience as I was in the same class.
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    Recommendations please - Guitar for high gain tones - more detail inside (long post)

    I would suggest you look into a Godin Freeway http://www.godinguitars.com/godinfreewayclassicp.htm It does high gain well as well as blues and clean tones. Super clean is not it's forte. Very versitile tone wise with the H-S-H pups. I like the bridge pup sound the best. No coil tap. No...
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    Superlative jazz guitar / organ / drums trio recordings out there ?

    Andre' Ceccarelli w/ Bireli LaGrene and Joey DeFrancesco "Avenue Des Diables Blues" I really enjoy this album http://www.amazon.com/Avenue-Diables-Blues-Andr%C3%A9-Ceccarelli/dp/B000CCW2T8/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1253279926&sr=1-1-spell
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    ASCAP, BMI Fees killing local gigs

    I thought a few years ago when Congress voted to extend the years on a copyright that also attached to the bill was a provision that allowed the playing of a radio or live music in small venues where no there was no charge to hear the music. Maybe if it is a bar even with no cover it is still...
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    What EXACTLY Makes Jazz Jazz?

    "Jazz is a beautiful woman, whose older brother is a policeman." Progress Hornsby
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    Will all Fenders be made in Mexico someday?

    Just like Yankee tickets
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    60s reissue strat electronics question

    I tried a couple of new "60s" Strats (MIM) and a couple of Road Worn strats (which I also think is supposed to be model after 60s). When I tried the first one I thought there was a problem, the tone control did not work on the bridge pickup. Then I found on all 5-6 I tried at different stores...
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    Play Along CDs (Aebersold, Galbraith)

    If you look into the "Maiden Voyage" volume as Arthur suggested you should know there is a guitar comping version/supplement to this volume. It has the guitar comp on this veriosn and transcribed in the book (voicing and ryhthm in standard nottation and fretboard chord grids above the staff)...
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    jazzers- flatwound vs roundwound?

    Flatwounds: Thomastik-Infeld Swing or Pyramid I find the D'addario chromes too slippery for me, that being said I do have a set on my Gretch cause they were a lower cost alternative. They are definatley more treble sounding than other flats too, I think that is because they are steel and the...
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    What are you paying for strings per pack(electric)?

    just curious what people are doing with the economy being crap.
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    How to use the diminished scale?

    You can use the dim scale to lead to the I7, IV7 or V7 note: Gb (whole-half) dim is the same as F (half-whole) In a twelve bar blues in F: use F(h-w)dim in measure 4, this leads you to the IV7 (Bb) in measure 5 use G(h-w) dim in measure 8 to lead to the V7 (C) in measure 9 use...
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    Good book for learning to play over changes.

    Hal Galper's Forward Motion Mainly becasue it discuss the neglated subject of it where you target lines that matter. It does not have "this scale over this chord" theory you will learn to hear changes by playing chord tones on strong beats then tageting you lines to thos points. This...
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    Recommend a good book of licks?

    As far as book of licks Wolf Marshal "101 Must Know Blues Licks" good book I also like the Jazz one, I have not seen the Rock one but it was not reviewed favorably where as the Blues and Jazz versions were. I like the presentation, shows fingerings, identifies scales they were derived from and...
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