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    Semi beginner at keyboards: is this long term goal a dumb idea?

    I’ve been doing Alfred’s beginning adult piano course. I suck, but I know things will get better. I’ll be playing bass gigs in popular music group this summer. I’d like to incorporate keys at some point when I’m ready. I will most likely always be responsible for bass lines because of the...
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    New mbp: Yet another dongle or new interface

    I just got a MacBook Pro and will need to add a THIRD dongle (thunderbolt to usb-c) to connect my focusrite saffire pro 24. I have no complaints about the unit but another $50 apple dongle and I'm 1/3 of the way to a new usb-c interface. Will a new interface work better or should I just keep the...
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    Headphone rig for practice

    I have an iPad I use for charts, videos and general practice stuff. I’d like to be able to plug in my electric guitar and listen to that along with a metronome, YouTube video, drum genius, etc. Looking for low latency, although I guess this depends on my iPad or some sort of device (pod) that...
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    Dual showman reverb Bass rig idea: nuts?

    i was rehearsing with a group I play with from time to time. I used my jazz bass>Keeley gc2>‘66 showman into a passive 12” Yamaha pa cabinet. Sounded awesome but I was right at the limit of it’s capabilities (for the mostly clean sound I want) and it wouldn’t work in a noisy bar. So idea is to...
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    ‘66 showman, excessive hiss/“wind” noise

    i have a ‘66 showman that makes a lot of wind-like noise with everything on “numerical 0” on the dials, once it is warmed up and on/on. Nothing is plugged in. I guess the power tubes could be the problem. I was wondering if experimenting with pulling pairs of power tube to try to isolate the...
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    Transformer Identification help needed

    This output transformer came out of a 69 bandmaster reverb and is not original. Any idea what it’s from? There are no visible markings on it. Thanks!
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    Do these symptoms point to a bad footswitch?

    i have a keeley gc2 that sometimes passes no signal or very reduced signal when engaged. If I switch it in and out I can get it to work. If it’s in bypass there is no issue. The problem happens about 25% of the time I turn the pedal on. I am assuming it is the switch. I bought it used and I...
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    custom molded earplugs—Is there a headphone I can plug into the hole where the filters go?

    I would like to use my custom molded earplugs as earbuds. Is this possible by inserting a headphone driver in the hole instead of the filters or do I have to do another set of molds?
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    Speaker suggestions to pair with v30 for use w/ bf showman

    i have a avatar closed 2x12 Loaded w/ v30 and g12h30. I was going to drag it out with the showman on the 4th for a pre fireworks show and I started worrying that I would blow the 30 watter, so I brought something else instead. Cab sounds great as is. I may get an open back for it, not sure. I’m...
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    Good all around guitar stand

    For stage use Under 100$ (Hopefully around 50) can handle bass, acoustic guitar, various electrics (including Tele). Id only use it for one instrument at a time. I’d like it to be durable and relatively hard to knock over. Thanks.
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    Combo-izing a bandmaster reverb options

    I sold my drri, so I have money for a combo cab for a 69 bandmaster reverb. The “smart” thing would be to get a pine 1x12 (Mather?) since I have a 4 ohm et-90 sitting here. I am tempted to go 2x12 though. Curious what others have done and why. Also, will the sound of the reverb pan change when...
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    Need to sell an amp, which Fender goes?

    I have a drri from 98 and a 69 bandmaster reverb. They both sound great and roughly do the same job. Obviously, the bmr is a bit louder before breakup. I also like that it has bright switches and a midrange knob. The drri being a combo is a plus I guess. Both have replacement classictone ots and...
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    Anybody ever get an old school fender clean from a Mesa?

    i have an express 5-50 and a 50 caliber + (both 1x12). I also have a drri, 69 bandmaster reverb and 66 showman and play a hrd in church. They all do the Fender clean to my liking. The Mesa amps certainly get in the ballpark but don't have the sparkle and the response is hard (not bouncy)...
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    ? About proco rat power jack

    i have a 90s reissue big box rat that would only work on battery power (yes I have a positive tip 1/8" adapter for the power supply). I had lost the nut and washer that screwed the jack to the box and recently got a replacement and now the jack works. Is this because jack is supposed to be...
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    repairing old Gibbs reverb tank

    The tank from my 69 Bandmaster Reverb causes the reverb to be weak. I know it's the tank because when i plug my deluxe reverb's tank into the Bandmaster I get surf-city. So I open the tank, touch up the leads. It looks brand new. I put a meter on the transducers. One reads 0 ohms. I would...
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    Question about multi tap tube amp output transformer

    Is the output of each of the taps consistent? On most ss amps the specs will state something like 100 watts at 8 ohms, 200 watts at 4 ohms. Does the output power change on a tube amp as well?
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    Pro reverb vs fryette power station

    I'm really digging my drri these days. I played a little wine bar sat (it was perfect), followed by a louder bar gig where it was a little overmatched, especially if I wanted a really clean sound. I was thinking a pro reverb would be the ticket but then I thought maybe I could "supersize" the...
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    Pair of 6l6 popping fuse

    I had a fuse go in my mesa express 5-50 and I put another set of 6l6 in with a new fuse and everything is peachy. I tried the original pair of 6l6 in a different amp and the fuse blew in that amp. Can I figure out which tube is bad with a multimeter so I can throw it away and keep the other as...
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    Rack preamp recommendations

    I've dabbled in bass (guitarist by trade) for many years and have recently started to get pickup gigs on bass. I picked up a nice 1x15 portaflex clone cab with a 300 watt JBL and have a crown XLS 602 (I know I have to watch the volume knob). I need some sort of rack preamp, preferably with a DI...
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    Thinking of picking up one of the Soundcraft u16 or Behringer x16-?

    Looks like a good solution for me on paper. I will be "mixing" from stage (set and forget cause I'm playing). My idea is to use my iPad (mounted on a mic stand doing double duty as sheet music) as the control surface. The only way is to connect to an iPad is via wifi, right? What if theres a...
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    PSA-Indy Area Jazzheads-Wes Fest

    Anybody going? Sick lineup-- Pat Martino, Russell Malone, etc. Details: http://www.indyjazzfest.net/?tribe_events=wes-montgomery-tribute-day-5-stages-30-bands#.V5wjnzbBUnE
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    Jimmy Smith "Root Down"/Arthur Adams gear used?

    I think it's a Es-335 type into medium size Fender amp but it's a guess. Does anyone here have any guesses or actual info? I did a search and came up with nothing. Great album at any rate. Sweet sounds everywhere but the guitar solo is around 2 mins:
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    No guitar noises but . . .

    Just wanted to share this from a project a while ago that is finally finished. I wrote the strings and horns and stuff (not the song). Thanks for listening. http://www.charismaticmegaphonics.com/like-you-really-care
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    MIM lefty strat whammy bar block stripped

    I have a MIM lefty strat. I really like the guitar but in order to have the screw-in whammy bar feel right I have to put teflon tape on the threads because the block is stripped out. Do I need a new block? I suppose there is a way to re-tap the hole and get a thicker whammy bar but I will...
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    Who uses a mac mini w/ Logic 9?

    If you would be so kind, please share your experience. I have logic Pro 9 and have no plans to upgrade the software if I can help it. I need another computer and have a couple monitors, kb, mouse so the mini seems like a good idea. Any/all comments are welcome and appreciated. Basically, I use...
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