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  1. Bluesidae

    HX FX and MS-3... the same but different?

    Hi, I have a Deluxe Reverb that I am really happy with, so I have no need for amp modelling. I am a Blues/Rock player who likes to dabble with ambient sounds. I am not a serious pedal guy but would like to enter the realm of multi-effects. One reason to purchase is to simply provide a bit of...
  2. Bluesidae

    Line 6 M9 vs HX Effects

    Hi, I had posted a thread about purchasing a M9 or HX effects. I am a non-gigging player. I have a dilemma. I can get the HX Effects for $535. The M9 is available for $320. The HX price is a bit more than I want to spend, but....well you know where thus is going! I think the M9 looks a bit...
  3. Bluesidae

    Line 6 M9

    Hi, I am a non-giging guitar player. I have been thinking about a multi-effects pedal. My goal is to dabble with something new and to be creative. I am interested in something that is straightforward. I came across an M9 for a very good price. It is less than half the price of a HX Effects...
  4. Bluesidae

    I have been 'Telefied'!

    I have been playing for 15 years. I have been through many guitars. Never have had a Tele. Have a Les Paul, Strat and 335. I was content and believed that my guitar quest was complete. ...I stumbled upon a '09 American Deluxe Telecaster. Simply WOW! The body is light and the neck is fantastic...
  5. Bluesidae

    Tele: American vs MIM, black RW vs blonde maple

    Title says it all. Have a 335, Les Paul and Strat. Play at home. Nothing but the Blues. I am in the hunt for a used Tele. I like the traditional look (blonde, black pick guard, maple neck). Found a MIM classic player that fits the bill. Also, came across 2012 American Tele. But... it is black...
  6. Bluesidae

    Fender baja (50's)

    Came across a 50's fender baja (with a gator case) for 450 USD. Not in my town. Too good to be true? It has been awhile since I have played a Baja. The reviews are positive. Thoughts? thx in advance!
  7. Bluesidae

    Deluxe Reverb or Mesa Express for Blues?

    Hi, Subject line says it all. Two used amps (DRRI Mesa 5:25 (not plus) up for sale. I play at home...may play with others. I know a few things about the Deluxe...Mesa is new to me. I associate Mesa amps with rock tunes. They seem to be versitile. Will it work for Blues? Will I spend more time...
  8. Bluesidae

    Deluxe Reverb or Princeton?

    Hi, I have a '69 Vibro Champ. Perfect for at home Blues. It can get 'down and dirty'! It sounds great with my LP, 335 and Strat. I am after something that will give me a cleaner tonal option. Considering a used DRRI for $625 vs a new Princeton for $1000. I realize both are much louder than my...
  9. Bluesidae

    Home Blues... Katana or Princeton

    Title says it all. Play the the basement. Play mostly Blues. Guitars are a 335, Les Paul and a strat. Have a 69 vibro champ. It is awesome! I want to change things up. Looking at a used Princeton. I think a DRRI will be to loud. Also looking at a Katana Artist. Thoughts/advice? Thanks
  10. Bluesidae

    Clapton unplugged - guitars

    What acoustic guitars did clapton play on this video? I am particularly interested in what appears to be a mahogany acoustic that he plays in 'Tears in Heaven' Thanks
  11. Bluesidae

    Godin 5th Avenue Kingpin revisited

    I am a huge fan of Godin. The kingpin version of the 5th Avenue has been out for at least 5 or 6 years. Not sure if any Godin model has been around for that long! Early reviews were very favourable for this archtop. I wonder what people think of it now? Is this model like fine wine and aging...
  12. Bluesidae

    Did Leo build Fender amps for Fender guitars?

    My '69 vibro champ sounds awesome with my Les Paul's. That said, it sounds absolutely heavenly with my Strat and Tele. I realize that this is a small sample size! I once read the Leo built his amps to compliment his guitars. I think I would have to agree with this idea!
  13. Bluesidae

    Strat plus?

    Have been looking for a Strat or Tele. My search has settled on a used American Strat. I came across a Strat plus. It was unknown to me. Seems to be a respected model from the late 80's and 90's. Came with Lace pickups. Anyone have one (past or present)? Thoughts? Post pics! Thx
  14. Bluesidae

    Strat or Tele... American or Mexican?

    I am a basement player who loves the blues. I am looking for something new. I have a couple of Les Paul's and want to get a Fender. The options are daunting. Want to keep it under $1500 US. I will probably go used. Yes I will try before I buy, but I would like to narrow the field a bit. I am...
  15. Bluesidae

    Cig smell... Help!

    Got a SFVC. Great amp but the smoke odour is awful. What do you do to get rid of the smell? Thx
  16. Bluesidae

    Basement Blues... BDRI or SFVC?

    Play at home. No drummers! Have a BDRI. I can control the volume for cleans. Sounds great. I want a more gritty sound, Bluesy. Not a huge fan of pedals. Options: 1. Have a line on a early 70s SFVC. Would sell the BDRI. 2. Keep the Blues Deluxe and add a pedal. These are my options...
  17. Bluesidae

    Bedroom amp... Yamaha THR10 or Fender SF Vibro Champ0's)

    Strictly play at home. 12 bar Blues. I have a Yamaha THR10. It is great. I also have a Fender Blues Deluxe. Too loud! Hankering for a tube amp. Interested in a SF Vibro Champ (late 60's). Would this scratch my 'tube itch'?? or is there anything else I should consider. Is the Vibro Champ still...
  18. Bluesidae

    Fender Champion 600... not in Canada???

    I was looking into buying Fender Champion 600 and it seems that they are not available in Canada. Are they available at all or are they no longer being produced? thanks
  19. Bluesidae

    NOGD - Godin Montreal... last guitar for a bit!

    I have wanted this guitar for years, but I couldn't justify the cost. Luckily used Godin prices are pretty good. Its a beauty and it sounds better than it looks! The neck is like butter and the tones are amazing. There is a L.R.Baggs bridge transducer that provides excellent tones. I am really...
  20. Bluesidae

    where are we on bolt on vs set necks??

    This one seems to go back and forth. Share your thoughts on pros and cons of each. Be nice!
  21. Bluesidae

    Godin Montreal

    I have always been a fan of Godin guitars. For years I have wanted a Godin Montreal. They were priced beyond my ability/means! The original version, not the new Montreal Premiere. It is a carved mahogany body with a mahogany top. It is a beautiful guitar. I haven't seen one for years. Anyway I...
  22. Bluesidae

    Three P90 guitars... Yay or Nay?

    Intriguing configuration... Thoughts and pics! Please share
  23. Bluesidae

    SD P-rails

    Thoughts on P-rails? Looking at a Godin Icon that has them. The guitar is awesome (body, neck). Just not familiar with the P-rail pu's. Appreciate thoughts and experiences. Thx
  24. Bluesidae

    Thr10 connection with Ipad

    Interested in the Yamaha THR. Can you connect it to an ipad to modify settings? Seems like you can... Pity
  25. Bluesidae

    Modelling amps. Mustang vs THR10

    Considering a small modeller. Just a small fella for around the house. Have a Fender Mustang. How does the THR10 compare?
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