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    Versatile fuzz? Skreddy lunar module? Others?

    Hi I'm looking for a versatile fuzz, never tried/owned a fuzz before. I've been considering the lunar module mini deluxe. I'm looking for a big variety of sounds. The dead weather, jack white. The crazy fuzz factory sounds that sounds lika a video game or something. The classic fuzz...
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    Trying to get contact with Josh Grove of Protocaster

    Haven't heard anything from him since 27th september and I am starting to get anxious. He is building me a Telecaster. If anyone had any contact with him lately, please just tell him to answer some emails!
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    Fender Custom Shop 60's Custom Tele Relic 3-tone sunburst 2005

    Hello there I played this guitar today and I'm curious regarding the specs. However, I'm experiencing some trouble finding them with google. Could anyone please chime in and let me know what the specs are? (radius of the fretboard, neck profile etc.) Thank you!
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    Custom built telecaster; What builder?

    Hello there I’m interested in taking the leap and ordering a custom-built telecaster. Though I am unsure what builder I should use. My budget is around 2000-2300 dollars. Here are some pics to show you what I'm aiming at. [/IMG] The pictures show quite accurately what I'm after, the only...
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    Headphones for tracking budget below 80 dollars, possible?

    Title pretty much tells the tale. It would be convenient to use them for mixing too, occasionally. Thanks!
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    Alternatives to Stone Age Cabs? Are there any?

    Hello there I'm tossing with the idea to acquire a Stone Age 2x12C cab. I'm curious, are there any competitors? Regarding sound and build quality. From what I understand Stone Age is the top of the line when it comes to guitar cabs, who else is? Thank you for your help!
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    dedalo tremolo?anyone have any experience?

    Just discovered this tremolo. Seems pretty neat and it's really cheap as well. Sounds good to me. Though, I'm curious whether someone have any experience with it. Please share your thoughts! Cheers:boxer
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    El Capistan; How close? (It's been asked before, I know)

    Heads up! This post is LONG and a lot theres a lot of questions. I'd be very thankful if you could try to answer them all!:boxer I know this has been done before but I'm still curious. Though I have watched the majority of the clips on youtube I still have some questions. First of all, how...
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    Patch cables for the pedalboard

    Hello there Lately I've acquired some pedals and I find myself in need of some cables to assemble a pedalboard. However, I'm not so familiar with patch cables. Therefore, I need your help. (I have used the search function) I have the following requirements: 1 - I tend to unplug my...
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    Hartman Flanger power consumption?

    Hello there I'm curious regarding the Hartman Flangers current consumption, how much mA does it draw? Also, does it sound better on 12v than 9v? Thanks! :bow
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    Logic or Pro Tools?

    Hi I'm about to learn Pro Tools or Logic. However, choosing which one to use seems hard. Which program is used most frequently? I recently purchased a macbook pro 13 ", given that computer, which program is the best? Is Logic usually better if you own a mac?
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    Macbook pro 13"?Good enough for serious mixing?

    Hi I've intrested in buying this mac: http://www.apple.com/macbookpro/specs-13inch.html 2.4GHz Intel Core 2 Duo 4GB 1066MHz DDR3 SDRAM - 2x2GB 250GB Serial ATA Drive @ 5400 rpm SuperDrive 8x (DVD±R DL/DVD±RW/CD-RW) Would this mac be enough for mixing with pro tools or logic with...
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    Timmy power consumption?

    what the power consumption for the timmy? can you push it with 12v or even 18v?
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    Hartman Flanger: Internal trimpots?

    How versatile can the hartman flanger really get? I'm curios whether it can do more intense flanging sounds, van halen sounds for instance. I've heard the trimpots can be quite difficult to work with, is this true? I've heard it can be hard to get back to the original settings?(should this...
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    Styrmon Orbit Flanger vs. Hartman Flanger

    First of all; can the hartman flanger be set for a swosching jet sound with the internal trim pots? How do these to compare regarding sound quality? I've heard that the hartman flanger is musical sounding and that it's very "transparent", how does the strymon compare regarding these aspects...
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    t.rex room mate vs WET Reverb vs Strymon BSR

    I'd like to know which one of these have the superior sound quality. I know that the Room mate and the BSR have a lot of diffrent options. However, I'm intrested in the sound quality. Which one do you think sound better? Thanks!
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    Overdrive/boost suggestions needed!

    I'm looking for a overdrive/boost that can work as a very clean clean boost, (did that make sense?:jo) without effecting the tone, yet have gain and tone knob and can be used as an overdrive too. In conclusion I need a overdrive that can get very clean and not effect the original tone...
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    A simple Tremolo

    I'm looking for a simple yet effective tremolo with true bypass. I'd like to be able to nail both vintage and mordern tones, it's important that the speed can go real fast. I also want the tremolo to be able to do both hard and soft sounds ( square or triangle wave form). My budget is...
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    the WET reverb vs. ?????

    I'm looking for a simple (and small) great sounding reverb pedal. So far the WET reverb seems the best. Is there a pedal in the same price range that has better sound quality? How does the WET compare to the T.rex room mate and the Strymon BSR? Thanks!
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    Wilson wah - is there a model as versatile as the RMC 3 wah?

    Perhaps the Tunable Colorful Clone or the Rippah Q-Wah? anyone? Cheers!
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    A boost that doesnt color the sound, yet has gain. Possible?

    Would the xotic RC booster be able to pull this off? I'm looking for something simple, and not too expensive Thansk!
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    Good Gigbag for a Les Paul?

    Hello I'm tired of walking around with a big bulky hardcase for my gibson les paul. I'm looking for a nice (softcase) gigbag that support and take care of the fragile neck. Something that really can protect my guitar and yet not weigha ton. I'd like to have a case which I can wear on my...
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    RMC vs Wilson, regarding quality..

    I'm curious regarding the sound quality and the overall quality. Are they just diffrent and not necessary better? Is it all about preferences? Cheers!
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    Versatile Wah?

    hello I'm shopping for a wah. I'm looking for something versatile. Something that can cope everything from clean wah to full on high-gain, the vintage sounds ton the modern metal. What do you suggest? I've been looking into RMC wahs, are they prehaps what I'm looking for? I'm playing...
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    Analog Delay with tap tempo

    Hello I'm looking for a "natural" analog sounding delay pedal with tap tempo,self-osciliation and modulation. Simplicity is needed too. And naturally I don't want it to affect the signal sound. The sound quality is the most important criteria. Could you please suggest some delays and tell...
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