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    New Strat Recommendations

    Must be new. Price: up to $1200 new. $1,500 if there is an overwhelming reason. Certainly would buy a $500 if that’s just as good. 3 Single coils. Strongly prefer American if possible. Neck feel is important I really like the modern C neck found on the Mexican fender performer. I was just...
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    Guitars w/ Necks similar to Fender modern C

    I played a fender performer strat recently and I’m about to pull the trigger on a new guitar. Loved the neck, and played great. My only hesitation is that I felt that $750 for a Mexican strat seemed a little much. I am not sure if that is where the market is now or if you’re just paying for...
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    People who built Warmoth Guitar with little technical abilities....

    I’m weighing my options on getting my next strat style guitar. I want to get a strat to eventually give to my son. I’d like the quality to be on par with Carvin or American strat. What was your experience the first time you built a warmoth guitar? How idiotproof is it? I am more of a computer...
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    Stiff, (preferably not leather) strap recommendation....

    Any brand recommendations? I want to get a couple replacement straps. I don’t like the ones that bunch together or twist up easily that come typically with the ones that designs. I have a levii and Dunlop strap that are nylon but thinish. I’ll settle for those if there isn’t something else...
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    Envelope filter preset help - Helix

    I’m new to my helix HX, and I’m having a little trouble dialing in a decent auto wah. There are so many parameters. The treble can get overbearing, and when I try to make adjustments, i remove all the fun, and quack out of the pedal. I just want something I can strum funky rhythm, and possibly...
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    HX Effects Question about Volume...

    Thanks. You’re right. It’ll act like volume was set at 5. I have a Princeton reverb. No loop. I guess I’ll get an accentuator at some point. big help. Thanks!
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    HX Effects Question about Volume...

    If you used one of the effects as "volume" and defaulted it to, say, 50% volume, and always kept it on, would that act like a global volume setting? Basically, I have a fender reverb that I'd like to set around 4.5-5 to get a natural breakup. I am hoping I can run my guitar through he HX...
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    Are there any versatile alternatives to the PRS hollowbody?

    9fingers, I've been on the fence about getting the new version of the M900, Cort m-custom (for some reason I only see them being sold in Europe) Are the f holes chambered or is it more like the prs hb2 where there is just a small block, and the rest is hollow. Overall, I'm just curious whether...
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    Trey Anastasio tone - help me get it - pedal order game...

    Any actual guitar recriminations, especially for that clean, airy sound? I'd especially like to see Schecter C1 e/a, and some of the ibanez artcores, like the Awd or fwd series. The Eastman t184 seems like a good option. I've only heard samples on YouTube. Any others?
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    EDIGREG's Koa Equator Instruments Standard Build

    I'm not sure how soon I'll be pulling the trigger on my guitar, but keep me posted. Your equator looks amazing so far. I hope to one day get a completely custom guitar. I did a carvin, but there were only so many designs to choose from... Two other quick questions, if the neck is thicker than...
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    EDIGREG's Koa Equator Instruments Standard Build

    Congrats on your build. I saw your YouTube channel. Are you just upgrading or was there something about the t184 that didn't do it for you? How was the neck of the eastman, like a strat? I'm am looking at getting an eastman t486. It sounded like the tone was spot on with Treys... Was it not?
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    Can someone explain fretboard radius/thin necks?

    Thanks guys. That was very helpful. 12-14", and definitely a thin thin neck for leads/wankery!
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    Can someone explain fretboard radius/thin necks?

    Ultimately I'd like a semi hollow/hollow with a neck that's easy to play fast/shred/play notes instead of chords. I read that a 16" or 14" fretboard radius is good for this (my carvin has a 14", & I agree) So I was looking a schecter online that wasn't available at my locL store. It has a...
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    Flat neck/shredder Semi-hollow?

    I’m looking for a semi-hollow/hollow guitar with a shredder neck that is smaller than a ES355. My budget is around $1000-$1500 range, but I’d prefer to get a used beater guitar in the 200-600 range, & swap out the electronics/get set up professionally. I’m currently have Schecter c/sh-1...
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    Carvin guitars, compared to Fender and G & L

    I wouldn't put them in the mediocre group. I own a HSS Strat version which I use as my workhorse, and a CT-6, which is like a PRS. Very good for the money. Well built, nice finish
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    A chord's relationship to modes

    My main goal is that I'm trying to learn the fretboard "the right way" so I can just play notes anywhere on the fretboard, instead of moving from one box to the next. I'm learning about this, but now I'm confused Say I'm playing over D minor, & E major. From what I'm understanding at this...
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    ISO: Double Cut full hollow, thin/fast neck with Humbuckers

    After trying out a few guitars, I’ve made some adjustments on what I'm searching for. I am getting ready to test out a used Hagstrom Viking, & Eastman T486 over the next couple weeks, but didn’t know if there might be a different guitar to check out as well. Must haves (in order) A...
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    Anyone Heading to the Charlotte NC Guitar Show This Weekend?

    Wow. First I heard of this. I live in mt holly. 20 minutes away from downtown Charlotte. Seems very exciting. See y'all there
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    Semi-hollow/hollowbody w/ Bigsby & fast neck

    I should say that I'd prefer to have easy access to the top of the neck
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    Semi-hollow/hollowbody w/ Bigsby & fast neck

    I’m looking for a Semi-hollow or hollowbody guitar with a Bigsby. I’d also prefer a fast neck like an Ibanez (I guess a thinner neck), or at least a fender strat feel. Bonus if it comes in wild colors/sparkles or crazy shape like a V-neck. I’d rather not have a singlecut, I’ll take what I...
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    Your favorite guitar tricks/theatrics

    Of course the first time I saw tomo bust out slapping on guitar, I thought it was just sick!
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    Your favorite guitar tricks/theatrics

    I always thought it was cool when SRV spun around and played the guitar behind his back. I didn't know if anyone had any other favorite tricks. Playing wise (maybe over the fret neck for example) or just theatrics in general. It can be something you do, or something you've seen done.
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    Powering m9 plus 4 9v pedals - Help

    My father is down for the weekend & were tweaking (again) my pedalboard. I was hoping I could buy something that would allow me to power my all of gear, and clean up the rats nest inside my board that we could pick up at a nearby guitar shop. Currently, I run a GCB95 wah -> ts9 -> od2 ->...
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    Basic fingerpicking Question...

    My goal is to learn how to play the acoustic finger style for modern popular songs. I've started learning with the book "contemporary Travis picking". Someone told me a while back that I should use my ring finger on 1st string, middle on 2nd, index on 3rd, thumb on rest. This doesn't seem...
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    Popular HSS pickups swap recs for superstrat?

    I am swapping out my pickups in my carvin. The ones that came with the guitar are a little dull & lifeless for my taste. This guitar is kind of my Swiss Army knife gigging/go to guitar. I play a lot of classic rock/modern rock/80s/90s and blues on this. I don't really play metal or country...
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