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    Turbo tuner - I’m a convert

    I love my Turbo Tuner. It tracks so fast that I find it useful to help memorize note locations, notes in chords and notes in scales.
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    Dripping wet eighties chorus. Where can I find it?

    I've got a DOD FX65. It's hideously ugly, but it sounds great.
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    NPD Maxon SD-9

    Can you guys share your settings and the amp you're using it on?
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    Suggest a compressor for me, please

    The Diamond compressor is pretty great.
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    Like a Sparkle Drive, but smaller?

    If you've found a pedal that you consider essential to your tone you find a way to make it fit on your board.
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    Is there an analog delay that sounds like a DMM with longer delay time?

    Have you checked out the DMM 1100 Tap Tempo?
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    Good simple Delay with Tap Tempo

    Another vote for the Memory Lane Jr. Also, there's an upcoming ML Jr. Dlx which adds an eq control for the repeats and separate depth and rate controls for the modulation. That'll make a great pedal even better.
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    Is Strymon stuff ever on sale?

    You have to take a written exam and have 3 letters of recommendation from current rock stars in order to qualify for a purchase.
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    Is there a better compact analog delay than a Boss DM-2w for under $300?

    EHX Memory Boy and Memory Toy are both worth a look. I like the repeats better and they also have modulation.
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    How do you remember your favorite pedal settings?

    What I liked yesterday will probably sound like crap the next day, so I don't even bother to remember.
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    Took a great shot of the "Gear Corner" - share yours too!

    Judging by the pearl tuner buttons, it looks like a John Mayer Black1 Strat.
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    New Ibanez NTS Nu Tubescreamer

    Sweetwater has it up for pre-order at $249.99 https://www.sweetwater.com/store/detail/NuTubeScreamer
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    Should I go Helix?

    Nobody would play guitar if the only time they ever heard one was a Saturday afternoon at Guitar Center.
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    That Pedal Show keeps getting better and better

    The Kingsley episode with Simon has some fantastic playing and guitar noises.
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    Cioks vs Voodoo

    My original VL Pedal Power is 17 years old and still working flawlessly, so I'll be sticking with VL. :aok
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    Battle of the Power Brick Elite- Strymon Zuma vs. Truetone 1 Spot Pro CS12

    I'm still using an original Voodoo Lab Pedal Power that's 17 years old.
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    Carvin Legacy Preamp Pedal?

    Carvin posted $499 on their FB page.
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    Kirk Hammett now building effects pedals ...

    KHDK Pedals. The name just rolls off the tongue. o_O
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    Neunaber Tremolo

    I saw that, too. :aok
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    Deluxe Memory Man Mod - 4 X MN3005 - Who still does it?

    I have an Analogman modded 4 chipper. Awesome pedal!
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    Favorite "used car salesman" lines we use to describe pedals

    This thing kicked the Timmy right off my board.
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    Favorite "used car salesman" lines we use to describe pedals

    And let's not forget "original box". That's a must have for any serious pedal collector.
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    Black on Black Sick As - what is it?

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