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  1. cbguy

    Sold Ron Kirn Nashville T $1,250

    It states in the ad that the neck pickup is RW (reverse wound, I'm assuming). Do you mean the middle pickup instead? Also, how much noise are those pickups susceptible to? Kirn generally sets up his guitars with very low action. How would you describe the setup on this guitar? Thanks in...
  2. cbguy

    What are some 2 or 3 channel "Swiss Army Knife" amps? Clean, OD, Dist. for $1500-$2500

    Another favorite of mine is the Bogner Duende for full cleans and creamy OD.
  3. cbguy

    What are some 2 or 3 channel "Swiss Army Knife" amps? Clean, OD, Dist. for $1500-$2500

    Have you tried a RedPlate? Great Fender-ish cleans and great OD (Marshall-ish or Dumble-ish by request.)
  4. cbguy

    The current tread of 25 watt amps vs full size amps questions. (Some Mesa content)

    Bogner Duende (18 watts) sounds pretty darn big.
  5. cbguy

    Jackson Ampworks Thread!!!

    I can relate to dragonfly66's problems. When I ordered my Newcastle30, they had just started making the newer/smaller (non-vented) cabs. It arrived extremely poorly packed with a few cardboard "wedges" that absolutely didn't fit, the amp was askew in the box and could easily have hit the side...
  6. cbguy

    Redplate RP40 vs, say, Shiva for Cleans

    I think the Shiva is a fine amp. The only reason I sold mine was due to practical reasons. After 7 knee surgeries and back surgery, the amp was not that easy to transport. The 1-12 6L6 model was 68 pounds by itself. To make it more portable (and to protect it) I bought a flight case, but...
  7. cbguy

    Redplate RP40 vs, say, Shiva for Cleans

    I owned a 6L6 Shiva and loved the cleans (and really liked the OD, also.) I traded it for a Carr Rambler (that I liked the cleans on, also/better, but didn't think it had enough headroom.) I have a RedPlate BlackLoop and a BlackVerb. I've had a Magic Dust Duo ad a CD2, also, but prefer the...
  8. cbguy

    combo with reverb, trem, blackface, tweed...

    This may seem like it's from out of left field, but... Bonner Duende, 6v6, great reverb, great trem, loop. The "clean" channel is robust and fendery in detail and, though I use channel two for a creamier Marshally gain, it can be dialed back and give a compressed, tweedish character. It's one...
  9. cbguy

    Wah Magic

    wow! really enjoyed that. Thanks for posting.
  10. cbguy

    What makes a pickup sound "woody"

    I'm with Muzzy. I find that, to get the sound I consider "woody" (which, to me, is a good thing), low-powered pickups or dialing back on the guitar volume knob(s) is what gets the essence of the body wood to come through. That my take on it.
  11. cbguy

    New Redplate Blackverb owner here

    I have a BlackVerb with a KTS-70. Killer amp with lots of tone options. Clean sounds are the best. I find that I can get a wide variety of sounds from the OD by keeping the guitar volume lower to start and riding it while using different pickup combinations.
  12. cbguy

    Buffer after passive volume pedal?

    I just got one of these a few weeks ago; a modded Ernie Ball VP Jr with added buffer and taper mod. Sounds great. http://www.buyanalogman.com/Ernie_Ball_VP_JR_Active_Volume_Pedal_6181_p/ebvpjr6181.htm
  13. cbguy

    Good cleans; high headroom; tight bass; reverb

    RedPlate BlackVerb or variant such as BlackVerb Jr., RP50R.
  14. cbguy

    Princeton Reverb on steroids?!

    I like the vids I've seen for the newish Louis Electric Princetone... 2s9lBotsv4o
  15. cbguy

    Can you fellas (and ladies) suggest to me some lightweight amps?

    Maybe a RedPlate TweedyDrive or RP40. Ask Henry to install the M-style drive.
  16. cbguy

    VP jr mods

    I just ordered the modded VP Jr. with the buffer and travel mod from Analogman to mount on a board. I'll report back after I try it.
  17. cbguy

    Why use Volume Pedal rather than volume knob?

    Personally, it's easier to do volume effects such as swells with a pedal. I use the knob for tone settings and rhythm versus lead settings, but interrupting picking to adjust volume is something I prefer not to have to think about.
  18. cbguy

    Speakers in Red Plate amps

    A Celestion Blue would be seriously underpowered for most any RP amp I would think. In my BlackVerb I've tried WGS Retro30, a V30, a Scumback M70, a Scumnico, and ASW KT70. It currently has the KT70 (which I like a lot), but the Retro30 and V30 both sounded "right", also. I'm curious to hear...
  19. cbguy

    Volume pedal for swells

    I tried the Mission and, while really a great sounding pedal, the travel was too narrow. I didn't find it useable for swells. I'll be trying out an Analogman modded ernie ball VP Jr. With a buffer and travel mod.
  20. cbguy

    RedPlate question - pros/cons

    I have had 4 RedPlates to date; the BlackLoop, a BlackVerb, a Magic Dust Duo, and a CDS2. I no longer have the MDD (too much power/amp for me) or the CDS2 (not a fan of the control layout but still an outstanding sounding amp). I still have the BL and the BV and am considering an RP40. The...
  21. cbguy

    Any current storytellers out there?

    +1 This was my first thought from the OP's question.
  22. cbguy

    A Blackface and a Tweed

    I hate to repeat what others have said but, really, you should check out TDarian's recommendation of the RedPlate RP40. Blackface and Tweed preamps in the same easy-to-transport cabinet with the added bonus of a superb overdrive section. RedPlates get absolutely wonderful Fender-style cleans...
  23. cbguy

    Volto - best thing since sliced bread?

    I use Voltos on a couple of boards. Obviously, the more pedals (generally), the more draw and the quicker the board runs down. One board (w/ 5 effects) I only use for shorter (2 to 3 hour) gigs though I'm confident I could make it through 5 hours fine. Another board could make it through 8 to...
  24. cbguy

    Just ordered a Simble

    It's a great sounding pedal. It sort of has a flavor all its own among the D-style overdrives.
  25. cbguy

    Envelope filter decisions: Proton, Wonderlove, Neutrino

    I just got my Neutrino a couple of weeks ago and played it at a few gigs. Really nice sounding. I find I have to make adjustments when swapping guitars with pickups differing in strength. Pretty easy to dial in, though.

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