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  1. John Bell

    FS Seymour Duncan YJM assembly.

    Complete with all connecting wires. Ready to drop in your strat.$200 shipped with paypal.
  2. John Bell

    Anybody else not like when bandmates are in another band too?

    Players go where the money is.
  3. John Bell

    Hypothetical: If Jimi Hendrix was still alive today...

    Possibly gotten into politics.
  4. John Bell

    Bar owner says don't bring anyone to the gig

    Sounds like you just got booked for a private function for club money. Typical bar owner BS.
  5. John Bell

    It's kinda sad how many people waste their youth chasing a music career

    Conviction..........The ones that failed are the ones that quit.
  6. John Bell

    Suhr quality control question.

    Suhr is the only guitar I'd still buy without playing it first. With Suhr guitars....Specs are the key. Decide what specs you like and go from there.
  7. John Bell

    Totally subjective, but what amp has the best cleans you have heard?

    Best for me would be the amp I've owned for the past 5 years. Mesa Lonestar Special. I've heard other amps sound great ,but for me it's the LSS.
  8. John Bell

    John Bell is One Bad Mo Fo~This live cut would get him a lot of gigs all by itself

    Not sure I could sing and play it at the same time.:huh
  9. John Bell

    John Bell is One Bad Mo Fo~This live cut would get him a lot of gigs all by itself

    That's not my voice. That's Tommy Lepson. That band dissolved a few years ago.I was in it for 11 years...Good times.
  10. John Bell

    Have you ever caught a guitar pick from a guitarist on stage? If so, who?

    Got one while at a Cheap Trick show in 1979......Rick was throwing dozens of them and one landed right on me. I think I still have it somewhere. It was a Fender medium with the band name on it several times.
  11. John Bell

    Looking for some HSS Strat config ideas

    The areas will work fine with 500k pot
  12. John Bell

    The most "musical" amp you played for up to about $1300?

    The one I bought and have gigged with regularly since 2010...Mesa Lonestar Special. Paid 1,100. Worth ever penny and more.
  13. John Bell

    Am I wrong, or is he? this isnt a am std, right?

    American Special. I prefer it over the American Standard.
  14. John Bell

    Mesa Mark V 25 Head

    Finally a good demo of the drive channel. Thanks for posting.
  15. John Bell

    If An Elderly Neighbor Offered You A Guitar....

    First off...I wouldn't mention a word here. Work out a deal and it would be mine bitch..............
  16. John Bell

    After seeing him play either you go home an practice or put your guitar under the Bed

    Practice. Something to be learned from every player IMO.
  17. John Bell

    RIP Jeff Golub...

    Sad day indeed. A great all around player and a gem of a person. He will be missed.
  18. John Bell

    Emporiums = Death Valley

    For folks posting gear at or more than dealer prices...yes. I've not had a problem selling anything due to realistic prices. Yep...you have the undeniable right to ask what ever you want....just know what you're selling is used and only worth what someone is willing to pay. When selling...
  19. John Bell

    Post a pic of your #1

  20. John Bell

    You guys play loud

    Settin the walls a blaze with my 30 watt Lonestar Special..............:rockin
  21. John Bell

    An Apology....

    I learned to read typos long ago. It's all good........all the best for your health.
  22. John Bell

    NGD: Switchback Guitarworks Cityboy v2.0

    Nice guitar.......enjoy!
  23. John Bell

    Post your fav metal song

  24. John Bell

    Axis Wah Announcement - Coming Clean

    What a mess.... Big note to self.

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