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  1. Jeff Michael

    Recording in a big studio, any tips?

    No partying. It's a work zone, not a resort. Have fun, but don't have the kind of fun you can hear on the record for the rest of your life. JAM
  2. Jeff Michael

    Inexspensive camcorder for youtube demo's

    Shoot, just last night I saw a digital video recorder hanging on the wall at a chain drugstore for $29.99. Had software built in for YouTube and Facebook uploading too. JAM
  3. Jeff Michael

    Can a mic be too old to use?

    If it sounds good it is good. Nothing else matters: age, price, materials, place of manufacture, color...all that crap is good for is music gear discussion website traffic. :hide2 JAM
  4. Jeff Michael

    Cascade mic bundle, too cheap/good to be true?

    We recorded our last CD making heavy use of Cascade condensers: two M39s over the drums, and vocals into a M20u. The disc usually gets positive feedback. I strongly suspect that any weakness in audio quality is due more to yours truly manning the virtual board than any of the equipment in...
  5. Jeff Michael

    Quick phantom power question (sm57)

    That's why they call it phantom power: there if you need it, invisible if you don't. JAM
  6. Jeff Michael

    Mixing 101.....Help!!

    +1 on the Owsinski book (don't know the other). That was all I needed to hear. JAM
  7. Jeff Michael

    Pops in Sonar

    jimfog speaks the truth. I tried all the latency and I/O hoops and the only thing that fixed our intermittent drops was disabling all the network connections. I guess the connections were trying to lock on and stealing processor cycles to do so. JAM
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