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    POD XT bean help

    I have a pod xt and it seems to be grainy and there is no actual clean settings anymore. would a firmware update be worth doing? any other ideas to help fix the issue would be greatly apreciated
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    Anyone ever play a modeler/cheap amp through a GREAT speaker cab/FRFR?

    Never seen a SS Peavey XXX last I checked, they were all tube
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    Line6 Pod XT - Still worth anything?

    I bought a POD XT a few months ago for $65. I use it mostly for silent practice at home, but it does work well running through the FX loop of my Windsor studio for a light small set-up to carry around. He you cant have too many musical toys now can you
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    POD XT

    Hey Karl you a member of the L6 forum? Your user name looks really familiar from when I was on there several yrs ago.
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    POD XT

    yeah thats what I was thinking, I can get them for $79ish. Are they onpar with the old Flextone models? because those were pretty good when compared to the spider series.
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    POD XT

    how good are the amp models on this POD? I have very limited use of any POD at all, but I do remember the 2.0 not being that great. How does the XT compare to them. I'm not looking for anything real expensive, I just need something for home use and band practice. I have a great stage rig, so...
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