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  1. Bluesidae

    New Larrivee Day!!

    Love Larrivees P-01 and OM-50. Wonderful tone and the craftsmanship is impeccable!
  2. Bluesidae

    recommend a 12 fret parlor guitar for blues finger picking?

    Another vote for the Larrivee parlor. I play blues (acoustic and electric). I recently purchased a P-01. Great guitar and crazy fun to play. If possible, buy used.
  3. Bluesidae

    Martin 2018 Ramagined 00-28

    ^"Thinking Man's Parlor Guitar"... Please explain?
  4. Bluesidae

    Please recommend a OM or 000 size acoustic

    Are Larrivee guitars available in Sweden? I have an OM-50 that "plays itself" (to quote Mojo - I like how he said it!). I was primarily into electric guitars. I can't put down the Larrivee... perfect elixir for my Blues!
  5. Bluesidae

    Larrivee Aficionados: l's vs. Dreads vs. OM's

    Love Larrivees. I have only played L and OM models. The L is very versatile. I use my acoustics for fingerpicking and my OM-50E is fantastic. It is a great strummer as well. Right now it is my 95% goto guitar. Almost addictive!
  6. Bluesidae

    Delightful Guitar Alert

    wow! beauty
  7. Bluesidae

    NHD!!! (New Humidifier Day)

    I just purchased a humidifier. So far the RH is sitting at 40% and I am hanging the guitars on the wall. Normal RH is 20% so my guitar room feels like I am playing guitar in the tropics!
  8. Bluesidae

    NGD: Taylor 322e

    I played that guitar yesterday. I gravitate to Martins. I started with the 000-15SM and the fella in the shop brought over the Taylor. I was very impressed. Easy player and great tone (big sounding). Great for finger picking, country blues. It is on my list.
  9. Bluesidae

    Suggestions for Low-Mid Price Acoustic

    Check out the Godin acoustics (Simon and Patrick, Art and Lutherie, Seagull, La Patrie, Norman)
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