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  1. Young Dad

    When you buy a new amp, do you expect it to be rattle free?

    I have never bought a new combo. mom thinking of getting a hand wired Princeton. Is it unreasonable for me to expect it to be rattle free even when dimed? What have your experiences been?
  2. Young Dad

    Could you experts point me towards who makes this amp?

    Does anyone make this: Princeton circuit- black or brown face Reverb and tremolo 12” speaker Some kind of master volume/attenuator I’m assuming this has been asked before, my apologies. I tried searching and only came up with Milkman. Thanks
  3. Young Dad

    What effect is this? Radiohead

    Comes in at 0:07
  4. Young Dad

    What is the most bottom heavy fuzz?

    Which has the most low end?
  5. Young Dad

    Upgrading MacBook, any advice?

    My 13 year old MacBook finally died. I mainly use it to run Logic Pro and make my home demos. I was going to replace it with the most basic 13” MacBook available. Bad idea? Anything I should look out for? I figure even the bottom of the offerings has way better specs than what I’m accustomed...
  6. Young Dad

    Anyone know what amp this is? Mesa?

    It sounds great in the YouTube video I pulled this from but I just don’t know what it is. maybe a mess dual rec but I have never seen one that looked like that. Anyone know specifics?
  7. Young Dad

    NPD: Craigslist score!

    After watching Tom boukovac express his love for his GE 7 I was bummed to see their new unobtainable status (and high prices). At least upgraded ones. Until I found on this my local Craigslist for $135. Modded with upgraded components already.
  8. Young Dad

    Best Octavio pedal?

    Is the MXR any good? Would love something that could do Jimi stuff but maybe an option for more as well.
  9. Young Dad

    Dice works overture :: who can build me one?

    https://files.effectsdatabase.com/gear/pics/diceworks_ouverture_001.jpg Dice works boost + finale. The ultimate boutique muff. Unobtainable. who could build one?
  10. Young Dad

    EHX tube zipper changed my life.

    I took it into my heart and now I am happy.
  11. Young Dad

    Cheapest dotted eighth tap tempo pedal

    I want to try tapping quarter notes and having dotted eighth come out but I don’t want to drop $400 on a timeline or whatever. Are there cheaper options? Thanks
  12. Young Dad

    It’s 2021: what are the best patch cables?

    I need reliability above all. Customizable lengths, affordability, and ease of use are important as well- I would rather spend my free time writing/recording! Anything new on the market? A google search quickly yields way too much info to sort through, a few friendly suggestions would be...
  13. Young Dad

    Epi LP gets muddy when you turn the volume knob down?

    Do I need new pots? How do you know short vs long? New caps? Where do I begin with this?
  14. Young Dad

    My first EP... Polaroid

    My first collection of recorded songs ever!
  15. Young Dad

    Good refin tutorial?

    Can anyone point me towards a good source on how to refinish a guitar? I have a telecaster I want to refinish but there are so many sources online for how to do it. Of course they all say slightly different things lol.
  16. Young Dad

    How to patch chips in poly finish?

    I have a guitar with a couple chips in the finish. I think it’s poly, that’s the newer type correct? Older guitars are nitro? Anyway, is there a product I could apply just to the chipped part to prevent it from getting worse?
  17. Young Dad

    How and what did you name your first album/EP?

    Mines done. Can’t think of a name!
  18. Young Dad

    How can I make this better?

    https://soundcloud.app.goo.gl/ETtnaW5MpV6tThh66 This is my best recording (so far). It’s three tracks: 1- Sm81 in front of my guitar amp. 2 and 3- sm81 and a kick drum mic on the drums. My interface only has two inputs. I recorded the drums first and then the guitar on top of them. Any tips...
  19. Young Dad

    What is a good boost with EQ to put after a fuzz?

    I have a couple vintage fuzzes that need a volume boost when kicked on. I figure I can put them in a loop with a boost/EQ. Would be awesome if I could boost certain frequencies too.
  20. Young Dad

    Hx stomp-how to balance different guitars?

    I stupidly created a bunch of patches using a single coil guitar, they sound amazing. When I play with humbuckers it sounds like digital crap. I’m sure there is a fix but I can’t figure it out. Can someone help?
  21. Young Dad

    Boost for tall font Russian ?

    I have a EHX Russian reissue that is amazing. I wish I could sometimes boost it to about 13 though. Any suggestions?
  22. Young Dad

    Can the HX Stomp be used as an amp in a box?

    Specifically, can you use the amp modelers into the front end of a clean guitar amp? They sound great on YouTube but they are always into a DAW
  23. Young Dad

    Power station with HX stomp- has anyone fone

    I am considering using my hx stomp in conjunction with my amp and the loop of my power station. The hx stomp would be running into the front of the amp and through the loop. According to the manuals this should work but I’m wondering if anyone has ever actually done it? Apologies if this is the...
  24. Young Dad

    What’s a Good multi fx unit go get crazy sounds with?

    I don’t want a chorus pedal. I want something I can tweak and come up with all kinds of freaky inspiring sounds for recording. Any options?
  25. Young Dad

    What kind of amp does this sound like? (YouTube link)

    The reverb doesn’t sound exactly fendery to me. Maybe I’m wrong tho. What do you guys think?
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