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  1. Smacky the Frog

    FS Schecter PT Fastback w/Case - $650

    $700 shipped and paypal'd Continental US The Schecter PT Fastback II B Electric Guitar presents an incredible blend of modern flair and traditional playability. The PT Fastback II B is a classic T-style electric with a Bigsby Flat Top B50 bridge, making it clear that the designers at Schecter...
  2. Smacky the Frog

    FS Schecter Sun Valley Exotic w/Case - $1050

    Brand new, Schecter SV Exotic with Case, shipped and paypal'd at $1,150 Continental US Schecter's Sun Valley Super Shredder Exotic FR combines resonant and durable tonewoods with professional-quality electronics and a classic tremolo system to form an axe destined to be a Superstrat for the...
  3. Smacky the Frog

    Billy Idol - The Roadside

    New 4 song EP, this is the first single: Enjoying it. What do you think?
  4. Smacky the Frog

    Sold Coop Esquire - $1,000

    Not sure why my other thread on this guitar disappeared as it didn't sell so it's being relisted. $1,000 Shipped and paypal'd in Continental Us Olympic White Specs: Maple one piece neck    -chunky "C" shape    - .90" at first fret    - .99" at twelfth fret Body- Alder Finish - Distressed...
  5. Smacky the Frog

    Sold Charvel Super Stock 1888 $1,100

    Hard to find, $1,000 shipped and paypal'd in the Continental US. In excellent condition: Body Body shape: Double cutaway Body type: Solid body Body material: Solid wood Top wood: Body wood: Mahogany Body finish: Gloss Orientation...
  6. Smacky the Frog

    Sold Red Rocket Guitars Special w/ Brazilian board in Robin's Egg Blue - $2,300

    Continental US only, paypal is fine. Great guitar. I may be asked to hand in my TGP member card as I simply do not dig P-90 pickups This Red Rocket "Special" has looks, playability and tone on par with the finest boutique builders. Select tone woods, hand wound Lollar pickups, and premium...
  7. Smacky the Frog

    Sold Fender Custom Shop '52 Heavy Relic Telecaster

    $2,750 shipping and paypal included, bought earlier this year from Guitar Center. Excellent condition From 1950 to 1952, the guitar we know today as the Telecaster was without a name. Fender had to drop the original 1948 "Broadcaster" name due to Gretsch already making a product with that name...
  8. Smacky the Frog

    Sold $2,400 Fender Custom Shop Limited Edition Journeyman Relic Twisted Tele

    $2,400 shipping and paypal included. Bought earlier this year from Humbucker Music. Excellent condition the Limited Edition Journeyman Relic Twisted Tele is one handsome tone machine. The secret to this guitar’s tone is right there in the name; the hand-wound Twisted Tele pickups set the...
  9. Smacky the Frog

    Sold Positive Grid Spark - $235

    Used it a couple of times but it's just sitting around. Bought it for $210, figure shipping in the continental US could be anywhere be 25
  10. Smacky the Frog

    Sold Mesa Boogie Cab

    Mea Boogie TC-50 Head: $1,400 SOLD Mesa Boogie Cab w/C90: $300 SOLD Mesa Boogie Cab w/Gold: $350 Includes shipping and paypal. Does not include original boxes IMG_6903 by Smacky the Frog posted May 27, 2020 at 12:19 PM
  11. Smacky the Frog

    Sold McCloud Telecaster / '72 Thinline - $1,500

    McCloud Telecaster / '72 Thinline / Double Flame Caps / Revel Vintage Spec WRHB / Flame - RW Neck This highly custom '72 TL has a ton of beautiful features, along with an exceptional set of Vintage Spec WRHBs, hand wound by Jesse over at REVEL Custom Pickups. Check out the details.... Full...
  12. Smacky the Frog

    Sold Epi - Johnny A - $900 inc Shipping/Paypal

    I simply don't play hollows: Product Description A gorgeous guitar that pays tribute to Johnny A! It is beautiful to look at but wait until you play it. Epiphone presents the Ltd. Ed. Johnny A. Custom Outfit, the premier signature archtop by renowned guitarist, singer, and bandleader Johnny A...
  13. Smacky the Frog

    Sold Flux Liquid Tremolo

    Both in excellent condition, velcro on bottom. Boxes, etc included. Price includes shipping and paypal Dr. Robert Aclam - $250 (SOLD) Dr Robert by Smacky the Frog posted Apr 22, 2020 at 2:12 PM Flux Liquid Tremolo - $260 Flux by Smacky the Frog posted Apr 22, 2020 at 2:12 PM
  14. Smacky the Frog

    Sold Epi Bonnamassa 355 $850

    Shipped and Paypal'd Continental US Excellent condition. Volume knob on one of the pickups is loose but workable. Easy fix but I don't tend to touch anything on semi-hollow's Epi2 by Smacky the Frog posted Apr 22, 2020 at 2:12 PMEpi1 by Smacky the Frog posted Apr 22, 2020 at 2:12 PMEpi3 by...
  15. Smacky the Frog

    Sold Friedman Vintage T - P90's $2,000

    $2,000 Shipped and Paypal'd Continental US Excellent-Near Mint condition Left-/Right-handed: Right-handed Number of Strings: 6 Body Material: Mahogany Body Finish: Thin coat Nitrocellulose Color: Black Neck Material: Maple with aged Nitro Neck Shape: 60's Classic Radius...
  16. Smacky the Frog

    Sold Nash T-2HB $1,600

    Shipped and paypal'd continental US included. Excellent-Near Mint condition Body Wood: Ash Neck Wood: Maple, w/ Rosewood Fingerboard Features: Single Adjustment Truss Rod w/ Heel Adjust Rolled Fingerboard Edges Frets: 21, 6105 Nickel Nut Material: Tusq Nut Width: 1 5/8" Neck Shape: Medium C...
  17. Smacky the Frog

    Sold Fryette Power Station 2 - $550

    Shipped and paypal'd. Great device but I'm currently only using my Mesa TC-50 and it's "Global Volume" does enough to reduce the volume to bedroom levels. Ships in original box and is in excellent condition Fryette PS2 by Smacky the Frog posted Feb 16, 2020 at 8:40 PM
  18. Smacky the Frog

    Sold Mesa Lone Star Special Head - $1,300 (Now $1,150)

    Here you go, nice small box head in very good condition, shipping and paypal included: IMG_6512 by Smacky the Frog posted Feb 3, 2020 at 11:06 AMIMG_6516 by Smacky the Frog posted Feb 3, 2020 at 11:06 AMIMG_6517 by Smacky the Frog posted Feb 3, 2020 at 11:06 AMIMG_6513 by Smacky the Frog posted...
  19. Smacky the Frog

    Sold Hotone Ampero - Brand New $300

    Brand new Ampero, $300 shipped and paypal included.
  20. Smacky the Frog

    Sold LSL Soledita - $1,650 (Now $1,550)

    Specs and pictures below, shipped and paypal'd included. Continental US please. It’s a little dinged and there are scratches on it because of the satin finish. -Ash body -Alder top -Roasted maple neck (medium C profile) -LSL Humbucker in the bridge, TV Jones in the neck. Out of phase wiring in...
  21. Smacky the Frog

    Sold Suhr Custom Classic Tele Black Beauty $2,100 (Now $1,850)

    Specs and pictures below, shipped and paypal'd included. Continental US please. Excellent condition Suhr4 by Smacky the Frog posted Jan 14, 2020 at 10:30 PMSuhr3 by Smacky the Frog posted Jan 14, 2020 at 10:30 PMSuhr2 (2) by Smacky the Frog posted Jan 14, 2020 at 10:30 PMSuhr1 by Smacky the...
  22. Smacky the Frog

    Sold Cutthroat Audio Penguin - (Now $1,150)

    Cutthroat Audio Penguin: Six months old and this one is going to hurt to sell but I am not playing it and have given up on Fender circuits being what I like. Going for $1,350. Only reason it's this much off retail price is the tremolo does the clicking thing that Fender tremolos do. Someone with...
  23. Smacky the Frog

    Sold FS: Divided by 13 JRT 9/15 - $1,400

    Shipped and Paypal'd $1,400 Really the loudest 9 or 15 watt amp I've heard. El84 and 6V6 switch. From the /13 Site: Two amps in one? With an overly stout and painstakingly developed power supply made to accommodate two sets of power tubes, the JRT 9/15 offers the biggest sound in a low...
  24. Smacky the Frog

    Sold Lovepedal Blue Wave Tremolo

    All prices shipped and paypal'd: Lovepedal Blue Wave Tremolo $65 IMG_6025 by Smacky the Frog posted Sep 27, 2019 at 6:42 PM
  25. Smacky the Frog

    Sold Fender Tone Master Deluxe 100W - $750

    Friend got me a floor model (no manual, wrong box, amp is fully functional with footswitch) but I'm finding out I'm just not a Fender guy. I am surprised how close this is to a friend's Deluxe Reverb. No fizz, which is the most annoying part of modelers or solid state. PM me if you want it...
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