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    When do you all believe music started to decline?

    It never has. There’s more great music being made today than at any time in my 50 years
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    I think of him as like a Michael Myers of drummers - he never stops, never gets in a hurry, and just kills it every time. Khruangbin are one of my absolute favorite bands of the last few years. I am constantly amazed that such a simple 3-piece band can sound so unique and fresh and nothing...
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    Tonebender-esque Fuzz That Sounds Good with Already Gainy Marshall Amp?

    Another vote for the Fulltone Soul Bender. Sounded heavenly thru a cranked 50w plexi style amp I used to own. IIRC, the Soul Bender is maybe a mk 3 or 4 version of the Tone Bender
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    Elliot Easton breaks down Cars solos and talks gear

    I've had a couple of PM chats with him there about various lefty guitars and he was always gracious and kind. Love his playing, too.
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    Lefty Guitars: Fact or Fiction?

    I had always heard that back before they all had CNC machines, most manufacturers would do just one production run of lefties each year as it took a lot of time and effort to switch the machinery around, thus they only wanted to do it once. Can't remember where I got this stat but it always...
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    Gigging a mic'd 5 watter?

    I remember seeing Robert Earl Keen a few times many years ago and his guitar player (I *think* it was Rich Brotherton) had a couple of Vibro Champs at the time, a BF and a SF iirc, miked up playing fairly large venues and his tone absolutely killed. So much so that I soon after bought a BF...
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    What's your rarest pedal?

    Very cool! I also posted a Klinger / Dazatronyz collab Pink Muff as my rarest pedal a page or two back.
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    Your bucket-list pedals

    The Echoczar was a bucket list pedal for me for years, but was way more $ than I typically like to put into a pedal. Traded for one earlier this year and love it.
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    What's your rarest pedal?

    And here's how it sounds...
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    Why Jimi Hendrix swapped his Strat for a Fender Telecaster to record his Purple Haze solo

    I'm a lefty player and I always play lefty guitars strung lefty (played righties strung lefty when I first started), but after almost 40 years of picking up other people's righty guitars I can bust out a few licks that make it seem like I'm a way better player than I actually am. People seem to...
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    Suhr Roasted Maple fretboard: does it feel sticky at all?

    I had a Suhr Classic with roasted maple neck and it was satin finished and not the least bit sticky
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    Help finding a switchable stereo line mixer ?

    I don't recall seeing any pedal-based mixers with an EQ/tone control, but I've looked at some of these recently and here are a few pedals that might be worth checking out: Musicom Parallelizer Old Blood Noise Endeavor Lehle Parallel SWII DPFX Stereo Mixer GigRig Wetter Box
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    What amp have have you bought 2 of (for stereo)

    2 blackface Deluxe Reverbs in the early 90s fed by a Chandler SDE Now running a pair of Savage Macht 6, signal split at a stereo chorus
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    Lance Keltner Music

    That's awesome, Lance! Look fwd to seeing you playing live somewhere here in ATX soon. But it'll prob just make me want to buy some new amp I haven't heard of before. ;) jimmy
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    Do we have any fans of Thee O Sees here?

    Love pretty much all of their many albums and most of Dwyer's side projects, too. Witch Egg is freaking awesome and in heavy rotation these days. I've heard Dwyer was also kinda instrumental in helping Ty Seagall take off, another amazing musician who just cranks stuff out non-stop. So much...
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    Tube Driver clones that can run off Dv DC power supply?

    I had a BK Butler Tube Driver and using the exact same settings as EJ along with a TTE and a pretty much dimed 50w plexi clone (Bruno Pony) it was slightly below unity output and added a tiny bit of gain and smoothness to the bottom end, but man did it nail his violin lead tone. It was loud...
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    Stomp Under Foot 1971 Melodee Music Big Muff

    I had one of the large box SUF '71 Tri Muffs and it was awesome, also had a '69 that sounded woolier, but the '71 had some nice bite and clarity. Always wanted to try out the '72 that got so much love. He makes some killer pedals.
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    What's your rarest pedal?

    Klinger Pink Muff built into a Dazatronyx enclosure, 1 of 5 made and a killer ram's head style muff.
  19. IMG_4373.JPG


    Pink Muff front
  20. IMG_4374.JPG


    Pink Muff back
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    Favorite FENDER Non-CS Strat

    Those late 80s/early 90s Strat Ultras were really nice guitars IMO. I'm a lefty and bought a righty Ultra in Tangerine thinking I would string it lefty and not realizing there was no such thing as a lefty Wilkinson but back then, so I traded it off instead of hacking it up. Those new American...
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    High on Fire

    Loudest band I have ever seen. Had earplugs in and still had to hold my fingers over them at times. But a rockin' good time nonetheless.
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    Records that nobody wanted to record -- and records that were ALREADY recorded -- that became huge hits, long after nobody wanted them.

    Yep, that's kinda what I had heard, but I hadn't even heard of his name until ~2013. Also heard substance abuse was a major factor in his career fizzling and my cousin went to see him in Houston around 2013 and said he'd slipped away from the group before the gig and no one knew where he was...
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    Records that nobody wanted to record -- and records that were ALREADY recorded -- that became huge hits, long after nobody wanted them.

    Shuggie Otis - Inspiration Information Was originally recorded and released in 1974 and underperformed, was re-released in 2001, then again in 2013 which is when I first heard of Shuggie and wondered why I never had before. Wouldn't call it a huge hit, but it's an awesome album and his songs...
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