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    Line6 Helix

    There is one in both the Legacy and Helix delays... in less I missed something?
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    Line6 Helix

    I poked around on your instagram for a bit - really dig some of the tones you were getting. Curious what amp model(s) you use to get the Van Halen tones typically?
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    Line6 Helix

    I'm subscribed to your YT channel and just watched that this morning. Saw the Helix on the floor and was wondering if it was going straight to the board or if any of the amps in the background were being used. Cool to know it was straight Helix!
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    Line6 Helix

    All it took was bumping the treble up to about 3/4 of the way for me to fall in love with the Texas Clean Ch 1. Dang, sweet amp just like I remember!
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    Line6 Helix

    I've been trying to stay up on the latest and I haven't seen a definitive list yet.
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    Sold Gibson Les Paul Traditional Goldtop w/ Lollar Imperials

    2009 Les Paul Gold top with Lollar Imperial Humbuckers Pickups are coil-tappable via the tone controls. Frets are in great shape. Setup for 10's. Gibson USA case with white interior Weighs 9 lbs 6oz Excellent condition Only trade interest in a Duesenberg Starplayer TV or Fullerton SOLD...
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    Sold L.R. Baggs Session DI preamp / direct box

    LR Baggs Session DI acoustic guitar preamp/direct box - asking $190 shipped Mint condition -Analog Saturation enhances warmth and harmonic content -Compression / EQ smoothes out common problem frequencies -Garret Null notch filter tames resonate feedback -Variable high-pass filter attenuates...
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    Sold Strymon Bigsky

    *** NO TRADES*** Mint condition with box, power supply, rubber feet, manual & sticker. Still has plastic over the screen. $435 Paypal'd and shipped USPS Priority mail with tracking Bigsky by mattekelly posted Sep 12, 2017 at 8:11 AM
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    Sold Digitech Ventura Vibe

    All pedals have tastefully applied velcro. I ship within 24 hours of payment via usps priority mail. Source Audio Nemesis - $OLD Original box, cables, etc. Bought used from another TGP member. Mad Professor Little Green Wonder - $OLD No box. Digitech Ventura Vibe - $105 Original box. Sweet...
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    Anyone use a Vox AC15 HW1 with a Deluxe Big Muff?

    I have a Pharaoh fuzz coming in tomorrow that I will be trying out through my AC15HW1. Not a Deluxe Big Muff, I know, but it's in a somewhat similar vane. I'll try to remember to come back and post some thoughts.
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    Source Audio Nemesis Delay

    Wicked cool sound.
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    Sold ***price drop*** 1996 Gibson Custom Shop Historic 1959 Reissue ES-335

    On Reverb https://reverb.com/item/2494832-gibson-custom-shop-historic-1959-reissue-es-335
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    Sold Line 6 M9, Xotic Scott Henderson RC Booster & Xotic SP Comp, Boss DD-5, Polytune2 Blacklight

    Line 6 M9 - SOLD Shows some wear (scratches, some of the labels are starting to wear off) but fully functional and works great. Xotic SP Comp compressor - SOLD Mint condition Xotic Scott Henderson RC Boost - OFF THE MARKET Boss DD5 - OFF THE MARKET Has some wear but works/sounds awesome...
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    Sold Strymon Dig, Caroline Meteore

    FYI don't know if you're on Gear Talk on FB but there's a guy looking to trade a Nemesis for a Dig.
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    New Andy Timmons Rig Rundown

    Off topic, but John Bollinger (sp?) seems like kind of a strange dude. I get that feeling everytime I watch one of PG's videos.
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    Mooer Reverie Reverb

    Mr. Mike Hermans just posted this. I was surprised to not find any other threads on here about this pedal, though I did stumble upon some others from the series. Sounds decent to my ears.
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    Sold Boss DD-500 - Mint, all original packaging $240

    Boss DD500 - TRADED Just too much delay for me. I'm a simple man. Includes original box, manual, rubber feet, batteries. Has extremely tastefully applied velcro (see pic). I ship USPS Priority Mail within 24 hours of payment.
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    Sold Strymon El Capistan V2

    I have a Strymon El Capistan V2 that I would sell for $270 shipped & Paypal'd OR trade for a Boss DD-500 I ship USPS Priority Mail within 24 hours of payment. Regular Paypal a-OK! Thanks
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    Strymon El Capistan issue - get multi/dual delay in Fixed mode

    Ever tried spraying contact cleaner in their and working it around a bit? That's usually one of my first solutions if it is a hardware issue. I may give that a go this morning.
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    Strymon El Capistan issue - get multi/dual delay in Fixed mode

    I tried two different outlets on my voodoo labs 4x4, both isolated. Guess I could try to dig up a standalone supply. I'll give that a shot! Thanks!
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    Strymon El Capistan issue - get multi/dual delay in Fixed mode

    Before anyone climbs down my throat for not contacting Strymon support first, I have done so already and haven't received response quite yet and, seeing how its Friday evening, I probably won't hear anything back until Monday at least so I figured I see if anyone around here had any ideas...
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    My new favorite pedal demo guy: Brendan Mowat-Smith

    Made the same comment on your YouTube video but it's worth repeating.... That LZ solo is just phenomenal!
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    EHX Uni-Vibe - Another home run for EHX?

    What's the US release date? I've seen these online but they appear to be retailers outside of the US. EDIT: Just did another google search this morning. Sam Ash has them available for pre-order with an estimated availability of 3/24 :(
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