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    Modulations on a budget - the Line 6 MM4

    I used one of these 15 years ago or so and then found a beat up one on eBay on the cheap and it is more than decent. I hardly ever use it live but it had a solid chorus, trem, and univibe. Takes up tons of real estate but for $35 I get a lot of sounds.
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    Rivera Amps ?

    Was able to mess with it quite a bit (have a six year old and a wife working from home so rare to get some volume in the house) and dropping the gain, boost on, and getting the master up got me into a nice territory.
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    Ultimate Dangerous Dive Bar Rig...

    So if nothing else, this thread makes me want to buy another guitar... Thx, needed the most mild of motivation. So I'm thinking a Godin "strat" type since I'm still a bit of a snob and they are a steal on the used market.
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    Best choices for an american-style 6l6 amp

    You guys realize this thread is from 15 years ago, right? Either way... Rivera's are STUPID cheap used. Cleans are insanely good and a great platform or spend some time tweaking the right gain tone. It's in there, just sometimes hard to find.
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    What happened to the Bogner Shiva?

    I'm on my fifth Shiva, have it for sale, and am now debating it...
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    Rivera Amps ?

    Bias I'm not sure... But, yes, tried all sorts of tweaking of the knobs. It's funny I remember there being a "secret" of sorts w/ my other Rivera's w/ the tone stack; well at least the M60 and Rake's, and boom, there was my tone. Can't find it w/ this Jake, though... Have also found that to get...
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    Rivera Amps ?

    The M60 was my first Rivera. Took a bit of time but it slayed. Built like a tank (kinda looked like one, too) and I wish I never sold it. Got it for stupid cheap.
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    Rivera Amps ?

    Kind of a muffled, barking... I recognize that I need to get the master up more, but it's just very "woofy" for lack of a better term. There's not a lot of clarity or "singing" quality to it. I've been using the amp has a clean platform with various ODs and that's fine, but I'd love to be able...
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    Rivera Amps ?

    I want a nice medium, singing gain tone. Jimmy Herring, Scott Henderson, etc. The Rake's I had were able to get there and I assumed I could get there with the Jake but it is just very "woofy" for lack of a better word. I know these love volume and that's part of the problem; I'm mic'd everywhere...
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    Rivera Amps ?

    Old bump... Been gigging with a Rivera Jake for a bit and the clean is absolutely perfect. But as with all Rivera's I've had (have had a M60 and two Rakes that I loved and a R55 that I did not like) I'm just struggling to get the gain where I want it. Anyone got any advice on this one?
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    Bogner Shiva Love

    Yes it does!
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    Bogner Shiva Love

    I'm on my fourth Shiva and this one is a keeper... Green back, custom wheat grill. Sounds fantastic. For those wondering about ODs for it I've found that the FD2 Mosfet and Tumnus are just delicious with this one. Curious though, are you all running the master high/channel low? Channel...
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    Pedal confessionals

    I have five delay pedals - including backups for the backups. And, for the third time in the last 10-15 years I've come full circle by buying boutique od after od only to plug my ancient SD1 in and realize it sounds better than all the others.
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    So, ever got grief for your pedalboard?

    The only “grief” I’ve gotten is from my current band where I am clean 95% of the time and truth be told, my large pedalboard was more or less useless. I’ve since gone to a smaller board but even then I basically need just a tuner, od, delay, and maybe a compressor and I’d be totally fine.
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    Quick vid of my "new" Yamaha SA 2200

    beautiful playing...
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    HK Duotone Footswitch Question

    I’m considering picking up a HK Duotone I found on the cheap. The problem is that it does not come with a footswitch and it’s a weird one - a three-pin XLR style input. Anyone know of a compatible switch?
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    Can anyone help me with Soldano models/questions

    Don’t have much to offer other than I wish I had kept the Lucky 13 head I had years ago. That clean tone was insanely good. Huge sounding.
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    Tube Factor Remote Footswitch

    The mod gives each “factor” separate vol and drive controls. Makes both factors usable and in unity vol wise. Still, the thing is so freaking big that it’s just dumb to try and put on my board.
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    I think I'm done with delays

    I criminally overuse delay because I like it... It's the 2nd most essential pedal for me after a tuner.
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    Tube Factor Remote Footswitch

    I found a modded Tube Factor that actually makes both sides usable but as always, real estate is a problem. Does anyone know what kind of switch I need to run remotely?
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    Cheap delays pedals on Amazon?

    I have the Yellow Fall on my cheap board and it sounds as good as my other delays that cost 3x as much.
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    FS Bogner Shiva EL34 1x12 Reverb

    Still here! Will listen to some trade offers for EL84 based amps or guitars; especially acoustic/electrics.
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    Boost pedal for Bogner Shiva?

    I’ve loved the tones I’ve gotten with a Tumnus, FD II MOSFET, and a Dual Fusion. Using a Harlow always on does some special tonal magic as well.
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