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  1. urlkonig

    Sold Rutters One-Piece Ash Stratocaster Body -- Loaded (Fralin, Callaham)

    Sold. Parting out my long-time Strat. The neck has sold, and I'd optimally like to sell the body with all the components in place. Will consider selling them separately, depending on interest. Rutters one-piece swamp ash body -- very light. Mark Rutters told me that it was 3.5 lbs when I...
  2. urlkonig

    Sold PartsCaster Strat - Warmoth Brazilian neck sold

    The Neck has been sold separately -- moving the loaded body to the Parts and Accessories Emporium. SOLD--Warmoth Full soft-V "Boatneck" profile --Rutters one-piece swamp ash body -- very light. Mark Rutters told me that it was 3.5 lbs when I originally ordered it. I finished it with thin...
  3. urlkonig

    Sold Lovepedal Kalamazoo price drop

    Sold off-board. Lovepedal Kalamazoo, gold box, velcro on the bottom. image links: pedal velcro
  4. urlkonig

    Sold Redplate TweedyVerb - Updated Circuit

    SOLD off-board (Reverb): RedPlate TweedyVerb 1x12 combo. IMG_3019 by urlkonig posted Sep 27, 2017 at 4:07 PM
  5. urlkonig

    Sold Blackfaced Vibrolux Reverb (1970)

    SOLD: Blackfaced 1970 Vibrolux Reverb, loaded with two Celestion Greenbacks. Great sounding amp -- but I am once again several amps over my limit and something needs to go. No footswitch, Reverb and Tremolo work (you will need a shorted RCA jack or a footswitch to activate the Tremolo). Tolex...
  6. urlkonig

    Halloween Ghoulishness

    I hope this doesn't start Buck and Don spinning in their graves.... here's a minor key zombification for your Halloween amusement:
  7. urlkonig

    Sold Gibson ES-125

    SOLD: This ES-125 is in extraordinary condition -- none of the lacquer crazing that is often seen on these older archtops. I suspect that it may have been oversprayed at some point in its history, but if so, it was done well. I think it is a late 50's or early 60's model -- the neck is slimmer...
  8. urlkonig

    Sold Carr Skylark

    Sold, pending payment. I've been gigging with this amp for the past six months, mostly mic'ed in smaller clubs, and I've come to the conclusion that 12 watts just isn't enough for my needs. (I'm going to be replacing it with a vintage Vibrolux). I've experimented with a couple of different...
  9. urlkonig

    Germanium Fuzzes and Summer Heat

    I seem to have a thing for germanium fuzz boxes, but I struggle with them every summer with outdoor shows. I'm currently using an MJM Britbender -- can anyone suggest a non-germanium-based alternative that would give me the same basic sound and response and still function in the heat?
  10. urlkonig

    Sold Tone King Imperial MkII 1x12 Combo w/Ironman

    SOLD (on Reverb) Tone King Imperial MkII -- very clean, lightly gigged. This is the latest iteration, with the built-in Ironman attenuator. Comes with the original footswitch and a padded cover -- see the slideshow link for additional photos. Price dropped: $2,000.00 shipped in the CONUS. Not...
  11. urlkonig

    Tone King Imperial MkII or Carr Skylark?

    I had a late 90's Imperial for many years, and have been missing of of late. I was thinking about ordering one of of the new MkII models, BUT... I just heard a Carr Skylark up in NYC (at Rudy's), and was also intrigued by that one. List prices are in the same daunting range, and I haven't seen...
  12. urlkonig

    PE Yardbox alternatives

    Has Prescription Electronics closed up shop? I've been wanting to replace my old Yardbox for some time now, but it looks like they're not taking any new orders. Other than the Basic Audio Gnarly Fuzz, are there any viable Yardbox alternatives available?
  13. urlkonig

    Gigbag to fit a Jazzmaster / Baritone guitar

    Does anyone know of a gigbag specifically sized to fit a Jazzmaster? I have a Baritone Telecaster (basically the same overall length of a Jazzmaster) that I'm carrying in a bass gigbag, but the fit is fairly sloppy. I know I can get a hard case for it, but I'd prefer a high-end gigbag.
  14. urlkonig

    Using a Strymon Favorite Switch with an El Capistan

    I've been trying to set up my El Capistan with a Favorite Switch in order to bounce between two patches (rockabilly slapback and a long, warbling multi-repeat setting). So far I'm having no success. I've read the Favorite "manual", such as it is; I've followed the directions on the strymon...
  15. urlkonig

    Does Gibson make a "fat neck" SG?

    I'm looking for a humbucker/vibrola configured SG with a full neck, but I can only seem to find the slim-taper profile with this set up. I've played several P90-equipped SGs with dot necks/bound boards and stop tailpieces that had quite substantial neck profiles -- Does Gibson not offer the...
  16. urlkonig

    Vintage Princeton Reverb issue

    My old PR has had a charmed run, but it recently developed an issue I'm having trouble pinning down. Three weeks ago, last tune of a 3-hour gig, it let out a full-volume burst wide-spectrum noise. I immediately turned it off, then gingerly powered it back on. Seemed fine, finished the...
  17. urlkonig

    New Scott's Garage "Single"

    Just got this one mastered and listed with our other stuff on Amazon, iTunes and the rest. What it Takes The studio had a new Splawn Quick Rod that was a lot of fun...
  18. urlkonig

    Feedback Eliminators for Acoustic/Electric

    Is anyone using either the DBX AFS224 or Sabine FBX Solo 820 Feedback Elimination units for live Acoustic/Electric gigging? I'd be interested to hear recommendations or caveats.
  19. urlkonig

    New Record - October

    We just wrapped-up the final mixes & mastering on our Second "Album" and sent them off to be pressed. These were recorded at Bill Leverty's studio, and he engineered the sessions. I posted some early mixes of a couple of tracks a few months back, but here are some new tunes in final form...
  20. urlkonig

    Contacting Menatone?

    Anyone else having trouble contacting Menatone in the past few weeks? I can't seem to get a phone call or email returned.
  21. urlkonig

    "Small-box" Yardbox alternatives

    I had a PE Yardbox for years, let it go and now I'm missing it... The only thing that I didn't like about it was the footprint on my board. Does anyone make a germanium Fuzz / Yardbox circuit in a smaller box? (lunar module size, for instance).
  22. urlkonig

    Skreddy Echo "warble" question

    Skreddy Echo owners -- have any of you found a way to zero out the modulation? I find that even with the rate and warble knobs at zero, I still hear some chorusing. I've fiddled with the trim pot, but have yet to find a way to remove the warble entirely. I love the warble on longer delays...
  23. urlkonig

    Emma -- Reezafratzitz / Stink Bug

    Anyone have both the Emma Reezafratzitz and Stink Bug? How similar are they? Any news on when the Reezafratzitz II will be available?
  24. urlkonig

    New Tunes mixed & mastered

    I have a side project with a PowerPop/Rock band in town, and we're almost finished with the new CD we've been recording at Bill Leverty's studio. We've just posted a number of tunes to the band's myspace page, but the newest studio tracks are: High Above the Fray Kaleidoscope Soul Magnet...
  25. urlkonig

    Freeing Up a Sluggish Tele Volume Pot

    The volume pot on my Tele is a bit stiff/slow to turn -- there's nothing wrong with it, mechanically or tonally, it just has too much physical resistance, and I'd like to free it up a bit. Does anyone have tips or suggestions on how to make it turn more easily?
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