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  1. peterdjp

    The sssssssss Strat.

  2. peterdjp

    Hey Deadheads

    Just got one if these awesome JG singles from Dan at DGN guitars. If you have an HSH or HSS and need a single for Jerry tone these are the bomb! Dan builds amazing guitars as well. DGN Custom Guitars - JGS Single Coil Pickup 2021 - Jerry Garcia Tone...
  3. peterdjp

    Welagen ODS

    Welagen ODS 1x12 extention Loving this new Welagen 80's high voltage ODS. Fat rich, touch sensitive, singing sustain, smooth liquid OD, chirp… its all there. I picked this one up here on tgp then sent it to Jelle for an update. He changed the power tubes to 5881's and reworked the preamp...
  4. peterdjp

    Welagen D-style amps

    New website. http://www.welagen.com/
  5. peterdjp

    Phil Lesh

  6. peterdjp

    Robben Ford w/ Bill Evens

  7. peterdjp

    Dumble 121

  8. peterdjp

    OxFuzz OxVibe UniVibe

    21axgHnmH14 EaSFsxtoQk4
  9. peterdjp

    Larry Carlton

    Trio sounding good. CuN6EcoKvX4
  10. peterdjp

    Tele saddles

    Just got some CJ Guitar Tooling 5/16" cold rolled steel compensated saddles. I like em! Really well made well priced saddles. I have them on an alder body maple neck american standard with a vintage conversion bridge. They intonate perfect. Big wide tone. The steel has extended treble and bass...
  11. peterdjp

    New Bludo Jon Herrington amp J Rod 50

    Just saw this. https://m.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=10151581840457613&id=153291892612&set=a.153323072612.118020.153291892612&refid=1 Bludotone Amp Works: Jon already has a Bludo Drive that he's been playing for several years now, for this one he wanted the Cream era Clapton sound at a...
  12. peterdjp

    Replacement vintage style bridge for American Standard Tele

    Just got a new vintage style bridge for my 2012 american standard tele. The american standard 6 saddle brass plate bridge works fine but I felt it was missing some of the real tele mojo. Found a guy on ebay modifying classic Fender vintage style tele bridges to fit american standards...
  13. peterdjp


  14. peterdjp

    Nice Dumble SSS tone

  15. peterdjp

    Sonny Landreth Playing Bludotone

    1K5a8cSp8b8&feature=youtube_gdata_player 1etoSlJ92Cc&feature=youtube_gdata_player Looks like Carlos has a new Bludo as well. 3uHxzm_GRSc
  16. peterdjp

    D style amps and bright caps

    I was recentley having a discussion on weather the bright cap in a D style amp is good or bad for the tone. Some love them, some hate them. Some amps come with them some don't. I am talking about the bright cap inside the amp on the master volume pot, not the bright switch. My amp has one...
  17. peterdjp

    Neutron Envelope Filter. Mutron III clone

    I love this thing! PRS bridge humbucker, Bludotone amp. 3L3uiDzolW0
  18. peterdjp

    Kr musical megavibe compared to 1960's univox univibe

  19. peterdjp

    Mutron III envelope filter clone

    Just got a Neutron, clone of a Mutron III envelope filter. Sounds great, really bubbly and funky. Works really well with single coils which is nice. This one has added tune and volume knobs. Very tweakable. http://www.geofex.com/PCB_layouts/Layouts/neutronpub.pdf Here's a quick test. PRS...
  20. peterdjp

    Butt Probe

    Only 999.99 http://www.ebay.com/itm/Metasonix-Tx-2-BUTT-PROBE-Tube-Filter-Distorsion-and-Overdrive-FUZZ-/270852854290?pt=Guitar_Accessories&hash=item3f10169212
  21. peterdjp

    Andy Summers delay tone on Don't stand...

    What a great sticky sound he got. It was still organic sounding even with two delays and modulation. Not a huge fan of most of the delay chorus tones that came after in the 80's but always loved the tones AS got. What are the ms settings for each delay?
  22. peterdjp

    Quinn SSS w/ OD

    No affiliation. Sounds good. http://www.ebay.com/itm/Quinn-Texas-Steel-Dumble-Steel-String-Singer-Overdrive-/320763689651?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_0&hash=item4aaf017ab3
  23. peterdjp

    Robben Ford on a Strat

    ...and a Boss delay. o830zJKsWBw&feature=related
  24. peterdjp

    Couple SOD II's for sale

    Not mine. http://cgi.ebay.com/Glaswerks-Rare-Custom-Tube-Handwired-SOD-II-Awesome-/250850442181?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_0&hash=item3a67d9fbc5 http://buffalo.craigslist.org/msg/2473521855.html
  25. peterdjp

    What flange or phase for Hejira tone?

    Love the modulation tones on this Joni Mitchell album. I know Jaco used chorus on his bass but all the guitars have such a great lush liquid flange/phase tone. Any idea if it was a pedal or studio, rack effect?
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